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Hey folks, Bacon_SlayerX here I wanted to share my Pekka Poision Deck to help some folks want to use the awesome PEKKA to move up the ladder. She’s my favorite card to use in Clash Royale, just because the victories are very rewarding. This is my first strategy Pekka Poision Deck post  so any feedback is welcome.

Pekka Poision Deck

Pekka Poision Deck Card Role:

PEKKA– She’s the centerpiece of the deck, and especially against Giants and other tanks does very well to dish out the damage while forming a counter-push. She can be easily distracted, which is frustrating when they also have an Inferno tower. Remember she is valuable on defense as well, so when you need a tank to buy you some time AND dish out some damage, don’t hesitate to drop her. Once she does reach the tower and gets more than 1 swing off, it’s tough for your opponent to recover.

Zap– Great card to deal with a host of enemies, whether it’s frying small units like fire spirits/goblins or resetting sparky. It’s also great to use if you need PEKKA to sneak in another huge swing. A game-winning card when used correctly, but can easily lose you it if you don’t time the placement correctly


Lumberjack– This actually used to be the Mini PEKKA until I was fortunate enough to win a Legendary chest from a battle and get this guy. I find that he fits in with this deck well due to his sheer speed and DPS; he can help clear ground units that can distract the PEKKA or be a force of his own if they are targeting the PEKKA instead during the push. And of course, if they make the mistake of focusing on him first and he drops the rage off on PEKKA with supporting units…let’s just say you never want to see a PEKKA run full speed at your tower.

Musketeer – A really strong troop that is good on defense and offence, if protected. It can out-range plenty of units, can kill tanks troops quite quickly and does a lot of damage to towers (especially if she’s caught in the LJ rage spell). This is also one of the few anti-air cards in the deck, which helps cover one of the PEKKA’s weaknesses. Typically she will get a few shots off on the tower if the PEKKA is taking all of the hits, or will help take out other units engaging the PEKKA. She’s also dangerous when you defend with her and then counter-push with LJ. Versatile card in this Pekka Poision Deck! 

Ice Spirit – A great cycle card, but also really friggin effective; it can help defend against incoming weak units with its damage and freezing ability, and also used to accompany LJ and Musketeer when you’re not using PEKKA. I used Fire Spirits before, but once I got more used to Ice Spirits I never looked back.

Poison – The dreaded spell works the same way here as it would in the currently popular “Goison” decks. This is also the main defensive spell to deal with a huge push, so don’t always feel like you need to use this offensively. This spell is even more important when you know your opponent has minion horde; if they make the mistake of deploying them too close to their tower, catch them both and watch everything slowly melt for your PEKKA push or LJ push.

Mega Minion– This is a stupidly good defensive card; has been the main answer to hog riders, miners, backline units, etc. It’s slow movement speed makes this card only effective at counter-pushing when paired up with other units like LJ. If he’s not too injured, I’ve taken a lot of HP off towers with LJ rushing in to rage MM. If you happen to toss an Ice Spirit in there for good measure, most defenses won’t last long unless it’s a large number of troops. Pekka Poision Deck

Elixir Collector – One of the best, if not the best card to start with. When placed in the middle of the map, it can distract most troops and force them to get hit by both towers at once. At the same time, this card also gives you some Elixir back, so after your opponent kills it with their hog/miner, you would’ve already gained 1 or 2 Elixir back from the collector, resulting in either an even or positive Elixir trade. Especially with an expensive unit like PEKKA, this helps finance a large offensive snowball or a great counter-push. Pekka Poision Deck

Pekka Poision Deck Gameplay Strategies:

If your opponent is not super aggressive then you need to build a push starting with a PEKKA in the back, especially if you can put elixir collector down first. Musketeer is good to play not too far behind the PEKKA, and if you can get LJ in there then you have a pretty scary push. Pekka Poision Deck

Poison and Zap will help clear any other fodder, but you’ll want to figure out how your opponent defends before you choose the right spell. If I know they have buildings (like the stupid Inferno Tower) I’ll also have Mega Minion join the push and fly across the river closer to the center. Pekka Poision Deck

The other tempo you can play this deck to is when you need to strike fast; this typically happens when they play a really expensive unit on one side, or even potentially an elixir collector. When you want to do this, you will want to lead with LJ + Ice Spirit at the least.

Depending on how they defend, you’ll want to use Zap or back up the push with a Musketeer (especially for LJ’s rage effect). You can easily cycle this combo until you’re forced to defend with Mega Minion or even PEKKA, and then once either of those units survive for the counter-push, you toss in LJ + Ice Spirit. If you have a bunch of elixir then toss in Musketeer too. Pekka Poision Deck

So to summarize, play this deck as a control deck. You win when you build elixir advantage using EC or good defense, then counter push with the main offensive units like PEKKA, LJ or even Musketeer. Poison, Zap and Ice Spirit help create some great moments on offense and defense, while Mega Minion should only be reserved for defense. As long as you do this with the fundamentals of not overextending and figuring out your opponents deck, then you’re good to go. Pekka Poision Deck

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