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Hi Guys  Just wanna share my achievement and Pekka Miner Deck. I’m surprised I reached 4300 trophies With this deck IT has become more rampant. Spell bait, Graveyard, Infernos, Skarmy. Call me obsessed with PEKKA cause she never left my deck ever since I got her in Arena 4 XD. let’s take a look on this deck

Pekka Miner Deck

Pekka Miner Deck Card Role:

PEKKA – The Core of this Deck Some people say this card is dead due to the increase of swarms in the game. But beatdowns still exist so with her damage and tankiness she can mow down tanks and take a beating. Very effective when your opponent places a tank at the back and you place her in the same lane. Be sure that when the Giant crosses the bridge you have something to deal with supports like Mega Minion or Miner, as leaving her to Send a push off a tower alone will lead her to have low hp which makes her useless for a counterpush afterwards. 3 Musketeers split in the middle work too as altogether they will mow down the push and create a devastating split push.

Three Musketeers – I generally split them to 1 behind PEKKA and 2 on the other lane. People say this card is dead due to the prevalence of Lightning everywhere. I have learned that the best way to use them in this stormy meta is to split them at the back of the Kings tower, as it prevents your opponent from striking them all down with one spell. You can also use them to defend against a LH push, but place them a the back of the tower so they couldn’t Lightning all of them. If your opponent has Fireball it’s fine to split them at front if needed. Never go all in one lane if your opponent has ways to deal with them, like Fireball, Valkyrie, Fire Spirits, Skarmy.


Miner – An integral part of this deck, Knight or Goblin Barrel will not work. He can snipe backlines, Elixir Collectors, tank, switch tank and get aggro from Inferno. Sometimes it’s better to save Miner while your lone 2 Musketeers are crossing the bridge as it may be important to use him to support the PEKKA and Musketeer lane. You will usually do this if your opponent overcommits one lane or the other. Can be also used defensively to protect your tower and pumps,

Elixir Collector – I still find this card is a lot weaker than before but no other card can perform the role of Collecting Elixir for a big push. PEKKA needs a lot of support to deal with all the defenses she’ll face when she crosses the bridge.

Ice Wiz – my answer to swarms. Was Minions before as they synergies well with PEKKA and Miner but turna out I needed a defensive glue to protect myself from overleveled RGs and Barbarians. Works very well at lvl 2 as he can oneshot Lvl4 Skarmy. Can also be used as a Collector defender as his high HP and slow effect makes him difficult to kill.

Zap – Synergises well as it can switch aggro from the win conditions to the Miner. Kills Fire Spirits and Minion Hordes if you expect it. Generally, when my push is crossing the bridge I ready this card over my Musketeers to protect them from overleveled defenses. Pekka Miner Deck

Mega Minion and Ice Spirit – These two are too good to pass up atm. Mega Minion can serve as a powerful support for PEKKA as he can deal with a defending Mega Minion or Minions. A great defender too as it flies and doesn’t die to spells with lower elixir cost than him. In conjunction with the Ice Spirit they can stop almost any small push for a positive elixir trade. Can be also used to protect an Elixir Collector unscathed. Ice Spirit behind a push protects them from incomming defenses. Minion Horde, Valk and Barbarians get rekt if they don’t use Log or Arrows. Pekka Miner Deck

The goal of this deck is either to make devastating split pushes or unstoppable counterpushes. You would want to gain a large amount of elixir to make either happen so you need to be patient and accept a lot of tower damage. One wrong move of your opponent will mow him down entirely if he doesn’t expect it.

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