Pekka Miner Balloon Deck

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Hi Guys rekthard here and today i am going to show you Pekka Miner Balloon Deck which is took me to 4500 throphies This deck works extremely well against cheap cycle decks (e.g. Hog Cycle), since most of the non win-condition troops in said decks can be taken out with The Log, Zap, or Arrows. It also fares extremely well against tank-beatdown decks, since PEKKA and Tesla shine as defenses. Arguably the most trouble of this deck has is against Lavahound + Balloon, since positioning the Mega Minion can be a challenge, and a screw-up can cost a tower. so come and take a look at this Pekka Miner Balloon Deck guide

Pekka Miner Balloon Deck

Pekka Miner Balloon Deck Card Role:

  • Miner – Excellent distraction. The Miner should always be paired with Balloon during pushes to tank for glass cannons and other high DPS units that will make short work of the Balloon. When not paired with balloon, the Miner serves as a decent defense, being able to re-target Musketeers, tank for Archers, distract and stop charging Princes, reduce Barbarians to a sliver of health and save ~1000 tower damage, and counter Princess. It also fares decently as a kite, being able to lure troops like Mega Minion and Minions away from your tower and force a lane switch.
  • Balloon – As the main source of damage, it is this deck’s win condition. At level 5, a balloon has 1536 health, does 876 damage per shot every 3 seconds, and has a death damage of 299. Due to the punch it packs, expect a considerable amount of resistance on the way to the opponent’s tower, whether from minions (regular, mega, horde), as well as defenses such as inferno tower. When pushing, always make sure to pair the Balloon up with an ice spirit and miner (and prediction arrows the location where the opponent is likely to place their counter). With the last death damage buff, Balloon now has the ability to kill equivalent level archers, as well as other cheap low-health units (e.g. Spear Goblins, Princess) within 2 tiles of the death bomb. If your opponent baits out your arrows and sends in a Miner + Minion Horde combo, Balloon can now be used on defense as a last resort against the Horde (note, this will not work with 3 elixir minions since they won’t kill the Balloon before it exits the death radius). A death bomb from a level 5 balloon will kill max level Minion Horde.
  • The Log – An excellent defensive and offensive spell. At a cost of 2 elixir, The Log is filled with value. It is nearly impossible not to make an even or positive elixir trade, provided that you don’t miss or waste it on lone Skeletons/Ice Spirit. On offense, The Log can severely weaken or destroy Tombstones and their spawned Skeletons, crush Goblins and Spear Goblins, and obliterate both types of Spirits. In addition, it may also provide supplement to the Miner, and allow it to survive for a few more seconds by stunning the opponent’s units. On defense, The Log can be used to stun and push back a Royal Giant or Hog Rider locked onto one of your towers, saving potentially thousands of damage. It can kill around half of the spawned Skeletons from a Graveyard (potentially more depending on how, when and where you drop it), and completely steamrolls Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Goblins and Princess (up to 1 level higher) for a positive elixir trade.
  • PEKKA – More often than not, people on this subreddit keep on saying PEKKA is a shit card. To some extent, they are correct. No other card takes a century to walk 4 tiles and get destroyed by swarm after swarm of defensively placed units. However, where PEKKA really shines is on defense. With the onset of the Elite Barbarian meta, I had to switch out Giant Skeleton from my deck, since the bomb couldn’t even hit the Elite Barbarians, regardless of where they were placed. PEKKA does not have this problem, as it can completely shut down Elite Barbs with over half health remaining. Against tanks, PEKKA will shred through them in little time, and even survive long enough to take out enough supporting units or provide a counterpush. When it manages to reach the tower, PEKKA dishes out tremendous damage,
  • Tesla – At 4 elixir, this building will completely shut down small and medium units, including Valkyrie, Mini Pekka, Mega Minion, and Hog Rider. Tesla also shines against tanks (Royal Giant not included) if put in the middle of your base so that both arena towers are targeting them. In my scenario, level 11 Tesla and arena towers have a combined DPS of 475.5, higher than that of a equivalently leveled PEKKA. In addition, since Tesla isn’t resettable, this discourages the opponent to use Zap.
  • Mega Minion – An excellent high-DPS defensive unit in this deck. On defense, even after the recent nerf, Mega Minion, with the tower’s help, will almost completely shut down Barbarians, devastate Hog Rider, severely weaken glass cannons, and deal considerable damage to tanks. With the help of The Log, it will also save thousands of damage from Elite Barbarians. It is a good idea to place Mega Minion after the opponent has deployed a high-damage spell (e.g. Lightning). On offense, Mega Minion can destroy Tombstone and prevent additional Skeletons from being spawned, distract Inferno Tower, annihilate Minions, and reduce defensively-placed glass cannons to just a sliver of health.
  • Arrows – A useful spell for eliminating low-health units, such as Minions, Minion Hordes, and Princess. On defense, it is a good idea to wait for the opponent to put down as many low-health troops as possible, so you can get the upper hand on elixir. On offense, provided that the opponent counters with Minions or Minion Horde, pre-firing arrows can potentially save the balloon, and allow for thousands of extra damage and possibly the whole tower.
  • Zap – Even after the recent nerf, Zap is still one of the most used cards, and for very good reasons: taking out / crippling swarm troops and resetting defenses. For only two elixir, Zap will completely shut down skeleton army, as well as reset inferno tower, inferno dragon, and Sparky (not to mention that on ladder, it will still kill goblins due to overleveling), providing both offensive and defensive value.

So This is Guide and as i said above This Pekka Miner Balloon Deck works extremely well against cheap cycle decks (e.g. Hog Cycle), Tank-Beatdown decks,Zap Bait Deck I hope you all like this Pekka Miner Balloon Deck

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Thanks for reading this Pekka Miner Balloon Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.