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Hi Guys  PyroPandaMan Here and Today i am going to show you Pekka Mega Minion Deck I’ve been playing it for a few months now and It got me to 4k trophies with level 10 towers and 9/7/4/1 cards. Here is proof Deck and Trophy high: Click Here 

Pekka Mega Minion Deck

Pekka Mega Minion Deck Card Role:

Pekka Pekka is your tank killer in this deck, I almost never play pekka on an empty board, rather I play her into my opponents push. Pekka melts giant, with an ice spirit can do okay against hog, handles miner, and is the best counter out there for a PPP push, knowing when to use your pekka on defense is the key to this deck. Sometimes the pekka play is obvious, if your opponent plays giant in the back, you play pekka in the back. Simple and easy. The difficulties come against hog rider or miner decks, but I’ll go over those later.

Xbow Xbow is your main win condition. In this deck knowing when to play xbow is very important. Your ideal push is to reuse your defensive pekka to defend your xbow, using supportive cards to clean up cheap trash troops and the pekka to kill any tanks or high damage troops like mini-pekka. You can play xbow alone though. If xbow is in your starting hand and you have the right supportive cards like log, ice spirit, and arrows then you should play it, but if you have xbow pekka and rocket in your starting hand you should hold off. There are also good times to play xbow alone in the mid-game, but that depends on the deck you are up against so I’ll go into that when I talk about matchups.


Rocket Rocket is one of the best cards in the game. It works well in this deck for a lot of reasons.

  1. You can use rocket to take out your opponents investments, I rocket all collectors and often rocket behind the tower spawners.
  2. Rocket lets you dissect pushes. You don’t want a mega minion or musketeer chipping away at your pekka while you take out the giant, so a rocket catching both of those cards, or sometimes one of those cards and the giant is tends to be a good play.
  3. End game range, this deck has 695 spell damage at tournament cap, and you can finish the game off with this.

Tombstone Tombstone plays an interesting role in this deck. The main reason it exists is to handle hogriders, but it can also be used to distract hounds, giants, mini-pekka and prince.

MegaMinion This card is in the deck simply because its actually just OP right now. You need it to take out lava hound decks and opponent mega minions attacking your xbow. Megaminion is more of an enemy than a friend in this deck, if the card didn’t exist at all the deck would be better and you would put musketeer in this spot.

Arrows Not much to say here, takes out minions and lava pups. Anti zap bait.

Ice spirit Ice spirit helps slow down tanks so pekka can kill them before they get to the tower. It also helps you win mega minion duels in front of the xbow.

Log I use log to counter zap bait, clear out chumpy troops in front of the xbow or pekka, and mess up the hog rider when he’s locked onto my xbow. I also sometimes run furnace in this spot.

Pekka Mega Minion Deck Overview

So this deck is a little out there, so I figure I should explain the overall idea of how the deck works and how I built it. I wanted an xbow deck that could beat giant. I had never used pekka, but knew it countered giant very well, so I decided to use that. Pekka Mega Minion Deck

This means that the overall goal of the deck is to play the pekka to counter an opponents push, let your pekka walk forward, and the play the xbow forcing your opponent to engage the pekka at the bridge so they can get to the xbow quickly. By doing this you get double value for your pekka and avoid the issue of how useless pekka is once she’s across the

Pekka Mega Minion Deck Matchups 

Giant Beatdown This is where this deck shines, you use the pekka to counter the giant, sometimes use rocket to take out support troops, and then make use of your leftover pekka with xbow. Giant probably doesn’t have what it needs to counter you, and this deck was built to counter giant.

Hog Rider Chip or Hog Lightning Against hog rider you want to use tombstone to counter the lone hog riders, and look to use your rocket against towers when you can find extra value with them. If they push with hog rider and a few supporting troops you can use the pekka to tank and kill it all, then counter push with the xbow. Additionally, you can play xbow alone if you gain a big enough elixer advantage, using log+tombstone to take out the hog. Hog decks don’t tend to have a great counter to xbow.

Miner Control Against a miner control deck with inferno tower, you want to look for a push where you can play the pekka defensively. The most common situation for this is when they play a miner+something arrowable, and you can pekka on the miner and arrow the other junk. Then you can play xbow, taking out the inferno with combo of tombstone and ice spirit. Pekka Mega Minion Deck

Rocket Cycle This is the only deck where you want to spam xbow. Often rocket cycle can only counter your xbow by rocketing it, and your xbow will still get a couple hundred damage off. At this point, you can just out rocket cycle them.

Lavahound So the pekka is obviously often useless in this matchup, and you will often never play it against LH. The reason you can still win is xbow is an inherently good matchup against lava hound. When they play LH you play xbow in the other lane. Don’t over commit to that xbow, but if they play a MM or minions you should take them out. Then you defend against lava hound with a tombstone to soak dmg, mega minion if you have it, and then kill the pups with the arrows. Another thing to keep in mind, rocket can take out MM, baby dragon, inferno dragon, all that junk. If you need to you can rocket the lava hound and its supporting troop.

Zap bait There’s not much to this one, you have arrows and log, those are your answers, don’t mess it up.


Good luck with this Pekka Mega Minion Deck guys! I promise its not a troll, but it is the toughest deck I’ve ever learned, so expect to be trash when you first try it, but after getting good with it I am doing very well on ladder