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Hey guys Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ Dexter Here and today I will share Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ , which got me to 3800 Trophies this season. This Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ is Very Good in Current Meta For Arena 9 Players and We all know that The Hunter is an absolute beast on defense and can take out most units.Due to his spread attack, he does very little damage to an arena tower, with only 2-3 bullets hitting So This Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ is perfect for you And This Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+  will help you get your New Pb so come and take a look at this This Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ guide

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Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+

Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ Card Roles:


Pekka: One of the (if not the best) defensive cards in the game. Excellent tank killer and good tank for the rest of the cards in this deck.. She works extremely well on the counterpush, meaning you can kill a Hog with her, then push with Hunter or Miner ! She is also your main counter to your opponent tanks like Giant or Mega Knight. would not suggest using it as a win-condition because as well all know, Pekka is easily distracted and killed by swarm units.

Miner Miner is the main win-condition of this deck. Miner can deal hundreds of damage with ease, taking out a chunk of the tower HP most of the time. Keep in mind when using miner Always try to Change his placement every time.Try to use all 16 tiles for placing him. Don’t forget to use him to destroy pumps and assassinate princesses.

Hunter: Hunter This card is very Good For 4 Elixir though, he has a lot of health and It can actually take out a Mini P.E.K.K.A if it’s dropped on top of the Hunter.The Hunter is an absolute beast on defense and can take out most units But you have to Use this card to support You Pekka

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Poison: Poison is one of the strongest spells in the meta right now. This is because of the cards like Guards and Bats which can be easily countered with Poison. Use Poison to clear out the area and restrict the opponents moves. It has a great synergy with Miner as well as PEKKA making it a great choice of spell to have in this deck. Use it destroy buildings, glass cannons, swarms and finish of towers.It is also an extremely good and definitely the safest counter to Graveyard.

Bats: These purple critters have insane DPS, and are amazing against any high DPS troop. Paired with the Miner they form an amazing push as it forces your opponent to split their troops or suffer massive damage from either Bats or Miner. AND that mini-push only costs 5 elixir! Acts as zap bait so your Inferno Dragon can do its job.

Ice Spirit: This Card is incredible for 1 elixir. It freezes the troop it hits for a whole second. It works great with the Goblin Gang on defense to kill a Hog Rider, as well as the Goblin Barrel to freeze the tower.This Card is also a solid choice if you need to cycle, or defend a Minion Horde if a Princess is not in your hand. Couple it with the Goblin Gang to defend the Hog Rider

Bandit: Second Win condition and split-push card. If one lane is congested with troops and you’re having trouble getting past something like exenado, a bandit supported by zap or bats on the other lane can force your opponent to use elixir and ignore your pekka or Hunter on the other lane. Usually a split push with bandit results in a significant amount of damage to both towers, or the opponent losing a tower altogether.

Zap: Not too much to say about this card because Everybody knows how to use this card and when


Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ Tips:


This Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ is currently used by some Top players also.This Deck is nothing but a variation of Miner Poison deck where Hunter replaces Princess and Pekka added to Take out Thanks and

Then go for Counter Push The objective is to get as many Miner Poison as possible while defending with the remaining troops.

 this Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ has the strongest defense on this entire game for now. (while it suffers a bit against aerial decks I can define this deck so

 Defend with any  cards and Throw in Miner on the counter push and Poison for Area damage along with Miner


Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ Substitutions: 


Zap: You could use the log, but I would advise against that, because then you’ll be without a way to stun charge-up units or kill bats.

Bandit: You could use battle ram or Royal Ghost, but because the Ram is so slow now, you’ll be losing that bridge-spam surprise factor.

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Thanks for reading this really good Pekka Hunter Deck Arena 9+ Guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments