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Hi all poopascoopa69 Today i am going to show you my Hog Electro Wiz Deck but I have modified that Pekka Hog deck (Check Out Here Full Guideover time into the deck I currently use this deck for ladder.The basis of this deck is simple: Tank with support, and a quick attack for the other lane. If you can get a tower out before Double Elixir, you can easily win. But I often (maybe 1/3 of the time) get a 3 crown in less than a minute.this deck takes patience and practice. You can’t rush too early so come and take a look at this Hog Electro Wiz Deck guide

Hog Electro Wiz Deck

Hog Electro Wiz Deck Card Roles:


Hog: Win condition and distracting unit. Good for jumping the river to clear buildings in the middle meant to distract the Pekka. Alternatives: Goblin Barrel, Skarmy, Goblin Gang


Witch: Part 1 of my main win condition. A good Witch setup can help you win on your first push. Alternatives: Wizard, Goblin Gang, maybe an air unit

PEKKA: This is part 2 of my main win condition. This unit, while easily distracted, is a great tank. My favorite metaphor is the Pekka is like the boulder that breaks the flow of the river. Except this boulder has a sword. Alternatives: Golem, 3M, Giant Skeleton, Giant, Royal Giant

Miner: A win condition, especially when used with Hog. Or you can push with one lane and then drop Miner on the other tower for a quick 1-2 punch. I also use Miner on the King tower if I have a really good push that is just about to take down one of the other towers. Miner is a good little tank that will allow the push to reach the king tower. Alternatives: Goblin barrel. I ran Princess before I had the Miner to great success.

Minions: Air unit. Susceptible to arrows, zap, wizard, and all the other splash damage troops. This card is the one I am least confident in. But it works well against Lava Hound and Balloons. I chose Minions for a quick, cheap killing unit to drop on large targets. Alternatives: Minion Horde, Mega Minion, Princess again, Baby Dragon

Electro Wizard: I was very hesitant to add this but I am really happy that I did. Splash damage on entry helps with groups, and the zap can force units to re-target. This is card is an indirect win condition. Use it to change attention from PEKKA to Hog/Miner/Skeletons/Minions. Keeps the PEKKA alive and moving. Alternatives: Wizard, Executioner, Valkyrie


Log: The log is obviously used to clear groups. I also use it to push enemy troops around. For example, some people will drop troops in the middle to distract my PEKKA. Use the log to push the troop(s) towards the PEKKA to minimize walking time. Also good for a Princess kill.

Zap: Good for clearing groups, again. I try to save it for Skarmy and Minions/Minion Horde. Good timing with Log and Zap can clear or damage most problems. The key for this card is to (almost) clear Barrels and Minions.

The Playing Style

Often I will use PEKKA to beat up on Hogs or EBarbs. But I usually try to get the Witch or EWiz to do it. While they kill the push, I get elixir and then drop the PEKKA. This Hog Electro Wiz Deck is very big on counter push. Overwhelm the opponent while they’re gathering elixir. One misplay by them and the game is yours. PEKKA can also handle Bowlers and clear them while you build up another push (Hog, Miner, Minions).

You can push two lanes in double elixir. You need a total of 12 elixir for one lane and 7 for the other, so it’s a lot, but they have a lot to defend against. Witch + PEKKA one way and Hog + Miner the other. I’ve been down 0-2 in the last half minute and won 3-2 with this.

Like I said earlier, you can use the PEKKA to break the push. Sometimes it requires a sacrifice. But that has very rarely happened to me as I can cycle back to log or zap.

Part of this deck is accepting tower damage. Sometimes you’ll even sacrifice a tower to add to your push. Just takes practice.

Hog Electro Wiz Deck Combos:

Witch + PEKKA: Start the witch at the very back. Drop the PEKKA at the line at 8/9 elixir. Hopefully you have log and/or zap ready, with Electro Wizard, Miner, or Hog coming up. This push right here gets me wins in less than 60 seconds fairly often. 55% of my wins are 3 crowns and it’s this combo right here.

If you drop the PEKKA first, you can use even more cards but I think the PEKKA surprise at the line throws a lot of people off. Plus you have 6 skeletons ready to absorb hits or support. In the past, I used Giant and Witch with the same idea.

Here is my ideal scenario: Witch at the back, PEKKA at the line, clear enemy with zap/log, then drop the Electro Wizard. The EWiz will shock the towers to hit the skeletons while the PEKKA moves up. And if it doesn’t work in the first two minutes, try it in Double Elixir time!

Miner + Hog + Minions: Fairly simple, fairly annoying. Easy enough to clear with a fireball but it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent at once.

Hog Electro Wiz Deck Weakness:

There are a few cards that can cause problems. The Wizard can clear support troops really easy. Same with the Witch and Executioner. This is where the Miner comes in handy. Use the Miner to kill the unit as the PEKKA is probably walking towards it. Or use it to kill buildings for the same reason.

Three Musketeers is very annoying. This is about the only card that puts me in full defensive mode. I usually zap/log and drop miner and minions. Or use the Witch skeletons to take hits while you drop a unit behind them. Honestly, I don’t have a very good method for dealing with this card. So few people run it that it doesn’t seem to matter.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please leave your comments down below and I WILL answer. Thanks so much for taking your time to read my Hog Electro Wiz Deck guide!