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Hey guys Hyp3rion.akki here with Pekka Flying Machine Deck and today I want to share a Pekka Flying Machine Deck with you! This deck successfully pushed me from 3300 trophies to 4000+ trophies so far Before I was Playing with Pekka Bandit Deck and made my own version of it to counter the current meta.It works extremely well against most popular decks right now such as  Pekka DecksMega Knight DeckMiner Poison Decks andMeta Decks. So far, have been having a lot of successes with this Deck So come and take a look at this Pekka Flying Machine Deck

Pekka Flying Machine Deck

Pekka Flying Machine Deck Card Roles:


Pekka: is the main win condition of this deck, obviously. She is excellent against Pekka Hog Deck ,Mega Knight combo and Bowler Graveyard Combo (Bowler can’t push her back), which is extremely popular in the current meta game. Since she has a 7 Elixir cost and 1 sec deploy time so  I usually place her at the back so I can have enough Elixir to launch the big push when she is about to cross the bridge I drop my Flying Machine and Other Supporting Cards and Be Ready with Poison and Zap

Flying Machine: The Flying Machine is excellent at taking out spawners as well as most buildings. Due to its long 6 tiles range, It can kill the most of the troops without being targeted by the Princess Towers This card Is very good in bpth offence and defence

Poison: It is a support card for the Pekka which can remove skarmy from the arena or if pre-placed in front of the tower, The Poison spell is a powerful combo with the Pekka because of how common it is to counter a Giant with smaller troops. Not only does the Poison have a large radius, Since this deck doesn’t use any troops that do splash Air damage, you will want to use the Poison and Zap wisely.

Bats: These adorable little fellows are great for cycling and air defense, being a better, cheaper counter to all air troops except Baby Dragon.They can actually chip the tower when ignored, with one Bat hitting the tower as it dies. Collectively, at Tourney Standards, they do 335 DPS. That’s more than the 4 doots  as they can swarm Electro Wizard, one shot Skeletons and Graveyard Skellies, and survive a Spear Gob shot!Overall, they provide tons of value for their insanely low cost!

Electro Wizard – With his spawn Zap and the decent damage, he will be vital in retargeting things..He is also good at countering Hog etc.This is a very versatile card to aid on offensive and defensive pushes. It’s unique stun abilities can be used very effectively on defense and with the P.E.K.K.A and Flying Machine on offense.

Ice Golem – This card is actually one of the MVPs in this deck. Slow moving. Targets towers. He is a beast at what he does.Also a good tank for the Miner. Plus only costs 2 Elixir. Death frost nova slows down everything within radius too! But kiting is his main purpose.

Goblins: Best Card for 2 elixir  They can actually chip the tower when ignored,In this deck, I avoid using lone Bandit or Battle Ram pushes and also these  guys are great for troop kiting and distracting, being able to kite and kill Prince (who uses that anymore), Adding Goblins if you know opponents Log is out of cycle. Goblins have massive DPS if they get to the opponents Tower.You can also counte rpush. 

Zap: Self-explanatory card. Use it to clear swarms with the help of Ewiz’s spawn damage and also reset charges of troops like Sparky and Inferno Dragon. Can be replaced with Log or Arrows because but not recommended because Bats are everywhere and arrowing them is a negative elixir-trade.

Pekka Flying Machine Deck GamePlan:

Your general gameplan is to counter push. Electro Wizard and Flying Machine are your two supporting units to counter push with the P.E.K.K.A. Poison is a key component in this deck on offense with the P.E.K.K.A 

This Deck relies on the Pekka as the only heavy troop. You need to use it as an anchor point, around which to base many of your other in-game moves and decisions upon.

You can use the P.E.K.K.A defensively and offensively, but due to the diversity of the Decks other Cards you are able to switch things up a little.

This Pekka Flying Machine Deck is very big on counter push. Overwhelm the opponent while they’re gathering elixir. One misplay by them and the game is yours. 

Defend with your P.E.K.K.A, Electro Wizard, Goblins, or Bats, then counterpush With Flying Machine

Pekka Flying Machine Deck Matchups:

Giant: Giant Decks are easy to counter with deck Save your Pekka for Giant Use Goblins or Bats on the support to make things easier.

Golem: Easy matchup.If Golem is placed in the back, place Pekka at the back in the Same lane and take out Supportive Troops with Flying machine nad E wiz

Lavaloon: Hard matchup

Hog Deck: Use your Electro Wizard to deal with Hog. You can also use Bats or Goblins as well. 

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Pekka Flying Machine Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the or the Pekka Flying Machine Deck guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments