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Hello guys Kissmeclsureyes  here today I am going to show you my Pekka Double Prince Deck That got me 300 trophies After session rest, and also that helped me to  push from 4000 to 4300+ trophies! This deck is stunning, especially after the recent update, when P.E.K.K.A and Double Prince They both get Buff (Pekka Deploy Time to 1sec (from 3sec) and Hitpoints +5% for Prince) After balance Change this Double Prince PEKKA deck is one of the original beatdown decks Looking like to me. Fairly weak to air attacks, this style of deck usually requires some anti-air support. But the combined health and cost of this trio, plus the dark prince’s shield, means you might not see another tank in this deck so come and check out this Pekka Double Prince Deck guide

Pekka Double Prince Deck

Pekka Double Prince Deck Card Role:

  • Pekka:

A tank, tank destroyer, damage dealer.After recent this card in in most of the deck,This card is used to push together with the double princes, and also used to effectively defend against giant /golem pushes and effectively counterpush with the double princes.

  • Prince:

Main damage card. Great HP and DPS, specially when is charging. Mainly used with the PEKKA and Dark prince to form the PDP combo.The Dark Prince always goes right in front of him. It’s a great zap bait. I often try to switch lanes with it when I’m rushing one side of the arena. It synergies with the Ice Spirit both for offense and defense (against Giant, Royal Giant, Hog Rider). Since it is the most expensive card in this deck, I tent to use it in overtime or when I already know my opponents deck.


  • Dark Prince:

Used to quickly one shot low health troop distractions.The Broom. It is by far my favorite card in the game. It’s very underestimated, but nobody seems to notice that it is an excellent defensive card. It’s not the best card in HP, but it has a shield that deals perfectly with spells and cards like Sparky. I use him in defense and his brother always goes behind him to help him get the tower when it’s charging.

  • Furnace:

Its my best Card in game It is extremely beneficial because it’s lifetime is 50 seconds allowing it to get a lot of chip damage if the Fire Spirits are left unattended on the tower. I tend to place this building in the middle of my side,this spawner will defend against Minion Horde, if you don’t have Executioner or Zap, or in your rotation yet. Those spirits are good tp clearing any air troops. This card will also draw in Hog Riders, Balloons, and Giants. If the situation requires for it,

  • Ice Spirit:

It is Very useful and provides support both offensively and defensively. Costing only 1 Elixir allows it to be very good on defense, as it freezes the enemy troop(s) for 1.5 seconds after the nerf. Also, paired with the right cards on offense can help aid your push for a crown tower.

  • Mega Minion:

Mega Minion is mostly for defending. Although he’s buff it’s still most used. He is useful against Lava Hound, ground troops, Minions…and good in combinations with Ice Golem

  • Zap:

One of the most versatile cards in the game, it is vital in many situations such as wiping away those pesky Skeleton Army on offense, or reducing those minion hordes to nothing on defense.
Can be replaced with Arrows, Log, or Princess, although not recommended for this deck.

  • Fireball:

You will want to use it on medium sized units. Only Fireball a group of troops if you are killing more Elixir worth of troops compared to the amount you spent. Never Fireball a lone tower unless the tower is extremely low on HP.


Pekka Double Prince Deck General  Strategy:

This decks main strategy is pretty simple Place a P.E.K.K.A behind your King. Once your at 6 Elixir play your Mega. Minion They will get to the bridge, and by this time you will have 9 elixir, just enough to play your Prince and DP.

This is nearly impossible to stop, and can be done before double elixir pretty easily. Sometimes your pushes won’t be perfect because you have to defend. But I am able to set up this push at least twice, nearly every game. 

 The Prince acquires a great amount of power in each of his strike focusing on a single victim at a time. The Prince is popular not only in early arenas but also in the higher arenas even without the help of the Dark Prince in some decks due to its versatility; he can be paired with Ice Spirit fro small push 

Most of the deck in higher arenas contains the Pekka after balance Changes and if he is present, you will frequently see a Prince acting as his best buddy. His shield in his first run, as well as his splash damage, are just what the normal Prince need in reaching towards a specific tower.


This deck really only has one viable ‘push’, being the Double Prince + Pekka. Here is a list of combinations you could use.

Prince + Dark Prince + Pekka: This is your main push. Pekka should be dropped closer to your arena tower while Dark Prince and Prince closer to the river. Get ready with Zap in your hand in case. Use this to start off the game if you have the right cards in hand, the enemy usually won’t be ready for it.

Prince + Dark Prince + Ice Spirit+Zap: Similar to the main push. Use this if you know your opponent uses Barbarians or Minion Horde to stop your Princes.zap +Ice Ice Spirit be able to kill Minion Horde and Dark Prince will take care of Barbarians

Any other combos that you can think of, as long as it is right for the situation.
Of course, you can just use Prince + Ice Golem or any other type of offensive push as long as it is right for the situation.

Offensive Combos

  1. Pekka + Double Prince
  2. Prince + Ice Golem 
  3. Dark Prince + Prince+Zap
  4. Both Prince +Ice spirit + Zap ready

Defensive Combos

  1. Prince + Mega Minion(Tanks and spank)
  2. Ice Spirit + Mega Minion (+Zap depends.)
  3. Ice Spirit to Freez troops
  4. Dark Prince For Splash Damage
  5. Pekka is also a good to kill Troops such as Giant Hog

Pekka Double Prince Deck Offense:

This deck is extremely flexible regarding offense. You could pair basically anything in this deck together.

You could put out a lone Prince with Ice Spirit when they have placed something that is super expensive, such as the Golem. They will likely not counter it.

Most of your offense will be pairing another troop with the surviving troops from defendinglike I said, you could pair basically anything in this deck together. However, I also like to be unique and unexpected.

Pekka Double Prince Deck Matchups:

  1. Lava Hound Balloon: Defend it with Mega Minion and Ice Ice spirit for freezing both,
  2. Giant-Executioner-E Wiz: Pekka and Ice Spirit. Simple, or Dark Prince and Ice Ice Spirit with Mega Minion. if no Fireball them +Zap.
  3. Zap Bait: There isn’t a big trouble with this deck I think..
  4. Fast Hog Cycle Decks: This could be harder because there’s no building, but you just need to cycle with your chip cards at the same way he does, because you will cycle your Mega Minion + Ice cpirit. like he cycles his Hog Rider.
  5. P.E.K.K.A./Golem: There could be a big trouble if you don’t play well against the P.E.K.K.A, 

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I strongly suggest trying this Pekka Double Prince Deck  – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.