Elixir Capture Challenge Deck

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Hey Guys today I’m discussing this new deck I came up with involving clash royale Pekka, Dark Prince, and Ice Wizard. These 3 Cards together are very very powerful and can easily knock the towers away. It’s good against popular decks such as Bridgespam, Golem, bait, and Three Musketeers. However it may be hard facing cycle, as the pekka is involved. Let’s get to deck

Card Roles:

P.E.K.K.A – The Main Powerhouse of the deck. The pekka has raised in popularity since Bridgespam and Golem became meta, and it’s still going strong. This tank works best with Ice Wizard or Dark Prince behind it.

Dark Prince – the Dark Prince was buffed today and it certainly isn’t bad anymore. It’s charge is like a Valkyrie swipe, and it’s main attack got more powerful so it can one shot goblins at pretty much any level. It also speeds up the pekka when it charges


Ice Wizard – the Ice Wizards new buff allows it to one shot skellies and is much more effective against minions. It’s also slow ability is amazing on defense and can help stop counters for your pekka

Inferno Dragon – this card is not good on offense (if you can manage to get it on the tower that’s good for you, but this is strictly not a win condition.) however, it’s an absolute powerhouse on defense! If you can’t afford a pekka, or if you need an air troop down watch as the inferno dragon incinerates its target. Effective against golems, Giants, any tank! Works well behind the pekka.

Zap – For Inferno Towers, Inferno Dragons, and to finish off minions after ice wizard touches them. It can also quickly swipe away any swarm if the dark Prince has a hard time with Them

The Log – powerhouse spell that’s very cheap that can take out ground units with ease. The Log is a versatile card. You choose how to use it.

Tornado – the Lightning of Pekka decks. Tornado all the annoying wizards or musketeers to the pekka, and watch as they quickly go away! Also a brilliant counter to the hog rider, and many others. Can kill minion horde if you really need it.

Ice spirit – quick defensive card that is very effective. Works well with zap and can help in a push.