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Hi Guys Spazegamer777 here and today i am going to show you Pekka Cannon Cart Deck Which is working well in Challenges also I won 20 wins Crown Championship Challege with this deck So with the release of the cannon cart, people have been saying it’s rather lackluster. However, I’ve found that it is actually a very useful card. I tried it out in the 20 win challenge and won 20-2 on my first try. Let’s get right into the Pekka Cannon Cart Deck

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Pekka cannon cart deck

Pekka Cannon Cart Deck Card Roles:

Cannon Cart: This is the card I wanted to include when making the deck. The cannon cart serves as both a support and a win condition in this deck. Similar to the musketeer, it can be placed in the left lane to defend the right lane, and vice versa. What makes this better than musketeer is that it can 1-shot ice spirit (which has come in handy many many times) and it can win a 1v1 with every other ranged ground unit in the game. When using this card on offense, once it locks on to the tower, it deals a ton of damage and does not switch targets when its shield is broken. On defense, it’s tanky enough to withstand the onslaught of enemy troops although I don’t suggest relying solely on the cannon cart to defend massive pushes (and don’t count on the defense mode to save you)


Pekka: One of the (if not the best) defensive cards in the game. Excellent tank killer and good tank for the rest of the cards in this deck. However, I would not suggest using it as a win-condition because as well all know, Pekka is easily distracted and killed by swarm units.

Bandit: Win condition and split-push card. If one lane is congested with troops and you’re having trouble getting past something like exenado, a bandit supported by zap or bats on the other lane can force your opponent to use elixir and ignore your pekka or cannon cart on the other lane. Usually a split push with bandit results in a significant amount of damage to both towers, or the opponent losing a tower altogether.

Bats: With the addition of a 5th bat, this card is finally worth using. They deal a considerable amount of DPS, forcing your opponent to react with arrows or poison. Use these to quickly take care of any unsupported ground troops your opponent leaves on the field. Alternatively you can tank-and-spank with mega minion and bats to easily take care of splash units like executioner, baby dragon, or wizard. They also put inferno tower and inferno dragon out of commission due to their very fast move speed; place them right in the middle of the arena to distract inferno tower and drop them right on top of the inferno dragon.

Mega Minion: This card will be mainly used on defense in this deck, due to it’s ability to survive every spell besides rocket and lightning. Similarly to bats, use this card to stop medium troops (musketeer, ewiz, knight, baby dragon, etc.) from reaching your tower. For 3 elixir it’s a cheap defensive option that gets the job done.

Ice Wizard: This card synergizes very well with just about every other card in the deck. It can be used to help your pekka win a 1v1 with another pekka, or it can be used to slow down the opponent’s push long enough for the rest of your units to take it out before anything reaches your tower. Ice boy is also your main source of splash damage besides spells, and now that he can 1-shot skeletons (and the newly buffed bats card) he does that job very well. If you’re struggling to kill your opponent’s swarm units, don’t be afraid to supplement your ice wiz with the zap spell so he can take out swarms like minion horde much faster.

Poison: Very good AoE and DoT spell. This will be your main response to elixir pumps and graveyards. Use it to support your pushes (obviously) by eliminating your enemy’s swarm cards so your pekka or bandit can reach the tower easily.

Zap: Use zap to immediately remove skeleton army or bats so that your pekka, cannon cart, or bats can reach the tower and get that delicious damage. This also serves as a counter to inferno tower/inferno dragon, along with bats.

How To Play This Pekka Cannon Cart Deck & Possible Scenarios

So you’re not going to want to play this deck like generic beatdown where you spam stuff behind the tank. It’s going to be played more like bridge spam a lot of the time. You want to punish big investments by your opponent with a swift cannon cart/bandit push. That being said, you can play it like a beatdown deck in double elixir. The “dream push” looks like this: Deploy Pekka Cannon cart, and ice wiz on one side and bandit on the other with bats in the middle, and drop spells where needed. Very rarely does that fail for me.

  • Your opponent plays golem/lava hound in the back.

Rush the other lane with either A) Cannon cart & bats or B) Bandit and bats + zap. This will force your opponent to use elixir or lose a tower. Don’t overspend however, as you’ll be left without enough elixir to counter if they support their golem or lava hound. Do not do the same thing if they send giant or Pekka.


  • Your opponent Splits 3 musketeers in the back

You’re going to need to be very careful here, this scenario could easily end in you losing a tower. Drop cannon cart on the 1 musketeer side, and drop Pekka on top of the two musketeers when they reach the bridge. Get ready with zap and poison because they’re most likely going to support one side with minion horde or battle ram. I advise against poisoning the two musketeers and tower because of what I just stated: they’re probably packing minion horde.


  • They pump up.

Just poison the pump, this deck has enough counters that you should be able to deal with the 3 musketeers that they’re almost guaranteed to have. If you know you have a decent elixir lead, you can place bandit and poison the pump to get a large amount of damage on the enemy tower. Make sure you place the poison so that you grab the pump, tower, and the space where the opponent will most likely drop their counters.

Pekka Cannon Cart Deck Substitutions: 

Zap: You could use the log, but I would advise against that, because then you’ll be without a way to stun charge-up units or kill bats.

Ice Wizard: If you don’t have ice wizard, you could A) Use ewiz to slow enemy units and swap bats for ice spirit/fire spirits to make up for the lack of splash damage. OR B) Use baby dragon and ice spirit to do more or less the same thing.

Bandit: You could use battle ram, but because the Ram is so slow now, you’ll be losing that bridge-spam surprise factor.

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Shared by Spazegamer777

Thanks for reading this really good Pekka Cannon Cart Deck Guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments