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Hi guys This Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck Arena 9+ or Pekka Lightning Deck Arena 10+ is meant to play mind games with your opponent to guide them into making errors to your benefit– then punishing them for it. Not in a zap-baity sense; it’s more meant to spread their forces thin and fluster them through a variety of different plays.Also Check Out Here Top 13 February 2018 Meta Decks

There isn’t a single card in this Pekka Lightning Deck Arena 10+ that doesn’t have useful synergies with at least one or two other cards in the Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck, It’s a lot of fun to play and I hope you all will find the same so come and check out this full Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck guide Also Check Out Here Top 13 February 2018 Meta Decks

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Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck or Pekka Lightning Deck Arena 10+


Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck Card Role:

PEKKA– Despite being a win condition, the PEKKA won’t really deal damage to the tower often. It will connect sometimes, and there’s nothing more satisfying, but her primary use is actually defense-to-counterpush, thanks to the semi-recent deployment time decrease. PEKKA absolutely shreds beatdown decks. She kills the tank, all the while tanking the glass cannons so that you can deal with them using your other cards on hand. She also hard counters EBarbs and the RG and always gets out alive for a scary counterpush. Even better, when she counterpushes, opponents will almost always heavily overcommit to defending this baby, especially if combined with something else, which is good at creating a path for the other win condition, the Battle Ram, to wreak havoc on the opposite tower. I’ll get more into all the synergies later in this guide.

Battle Ram– Your main tower-taker. It has defensive uses, but those are only really for emergencies in this deck. You’ll almost always be placing it in pig push position for a tower rush once you’ve gotten your opponent to overcommit OR to bait out your opponent’s towers/defenses.

Executioner– Your main splash card. It has fantastic synergy with Tornado and can shred the glass cannon phase of a push if tanked for as well as help clear the PEKKA a path to the tower. Along with Tornado, he’s your main way to deal with air decks.

Tornado– As stated before, a supplement to the Executioner and the remedy to its slow nature. Also, your hard and unstoppable counter to the Hog Rider. Activate the King tower early then keep dragging the pig to the kill zone and he’ll only get one swipe all game. Just be careful of letting it get out-cycled…

Minions– An all-purpose card. Makes a good addition to any push you’ll make with this deck, and is very helpful on defense. They’re an emergency counter to air decks; just make sure you’re not relying on them. Your opponent will be ready for them.

Lightning– Gets great value as long as you use it right, as well as offering great tower damage. It’ll be crucial to getting PEKKA to the tower, and maybe the Ram, depending on the deck you’re facing. It’s tough to use offensively outside of double elixir, however.

The Log– You know how to use the Log Check Out here

Skeletons– Another all-purpose card. Great cheap chip damage, especially if tanked for by the PEKKA. Also incredibly useful for cycling. This deck has pretty specific counters to certain things so this card will be important to getting those into your hand.

Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck General Strategy:

Battle Ram and PEKKA are used to open pathways for each other, depending on which one you’re using first. Neither of them can be ignored. They deal insane damage. (People will ignore the ram sometimes. It’s kind of sad.) Because of their volatility, opponents will frequently overcommit, allowing the other of the pair a clear path to hefty damage.

Use PEKKA/Exe/Tornado pushes to scare your opponent into HUGE overcommitment, and send in a Ram on the other lane to easily take down more than half the other tower’s health.

Send in a Ram before attempting a PEKKA offensive to bait out their Inferno Towers and Skarmies/Goblin Gangs. People counter the Ram and the PEKKA very similarly, which works well for this purpose.

The PEKKA is also your main defense here. If your opponent drops any ground tank in the back, you drop her at the back and she’ll meet their tank at the bridge,

killing it before it’s halfway to your tower. Executioner/Tornado will make short work of anything behind the tank. Beware of lightning and place your Executioner accordingly.

If you play it right, both will live for a counterpush, and your opponent will overcommit, allowing your Ram to take their tower,

just as taught in the last paragraph. Minions and Doots can always help deal with the glass cannons if your Exenado combo isn’t on hand.

That’s the general gist of using this deck. PEKKA counterpushes and creative plays to clear the way for one of your two win conditions to do damage. Now, here’s some ways to deal with specific situations.

Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck Specific Situations

Here’s how to deal with some deck archetypes and tricky sitches.

Zap Bait– You have a LOT of splash damage here. You have the log, and should save that for the Goblin Barrel. Tornado nullifies Skarmy, and can nullify Princess if you can sacrifice a few hundred damage. Executioner will do work against all Zap Bait threats.

Beatdown– The Pexenado combo will deal with this flawlessly.

Seige– I don’t see this often or deal with it much but they’re not hard to outplay with this deck. If they’re really good play for the draw.

Hog Cycle– Your tornado will deal with the hog but they’ll be able to outcycle you. This is the deck I find creates the most difficulty for me. You will almost always be playing for the draw against this.

EBarb Fakeout– A strategy I’ve noticed a lot of lately in which the opponent creates a false push with a tank and glass cannon then drops EBarbs in the other lane. Since you’re often going to have committed your PEKKA to the tank, as according to the strategy outlined above, you have to get the EBarbs onto the PEKKA’s side for it to deal with them. To do this, I tornado them to the center, then place skeletons between the EBarbs and PEKKA, aggroing them onto the PEKKA and consolidating the threat. It’s a nifty little technique I find myself using often. If unmuted, your opponent will quickly make their frustration known at you stopping their foolproof little copout.

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That’s about it for this Pekka Battle Ram Tornado Deck or Pekka Lightning Deck Arena 10+ guide! It’s my first ever so please leave feedback below. Also ask questions. I’ll answer as much as I possibly can! Thank you so much for reading!