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Hello Everyone A_Rex this side and I am having more fun playing Pekka Battle Ram Deck than any other deck I’ve tried, and not just because of the success I’m having. I like playing an aggressive, high-offense style, and this Pekka Battle Ram Deck fits the bill perfectly. Unlike most decks, where you need to rely on perfect defense and wait till the opponent makes a mistake (if you’re lucky) to get anything done, the beauty of this Pekka Battle Ram Deck is that you don’t answer their offense with perfect defense. Many times, you answer their offense by beating the ever-loving tar out of opponents whenever they try anything. So much fun.

Pekka Battle Ram Deck

Pekka Battle Ram Deck Card Role:

PEKKA – I always thought she was cool – I fell in love when they reduced her deploy time. An absolute beast on ground defense, she can shred most ground pushes and support with little help, then go on with half health to be a major counterpush threat. Against air decks, she’s impending doom started from the back. There is simply no substitute for this girl. She is Primary Defense and Win Condition 1A.

Battle Ram – Wildly underrated card. This thing works as punishment, as support for PEKKA counterpushes when facing obnoxious buildings (like Inferno Tower), and can help on defense by kiting troops then turning into 2 angry barbarians. I almost didn’t write this guide because I don’t want people to realize how awesome this card is, and start using it. This is Win Condition 1B.


Executioner – He’s in as Primary Offensive Support and Secondary Defense. You’ll need him to support PEKKA counterpushes where minions/horde are involved. He’s also good at dealing with swarms and enemy support generally. Because he cannot be one-shot by lightning, he is the bane of Golem/Lightning users’ existence.

Meta Minion – Not so meta anymore, the flying mini-pekka is a Runner. He can help as offensive support, and is essential on defense against enemy balloons and hounds. His tankiness is why he’s in over minions.

Goblin Gang – Your Versatile Response Card. Versatility is why this card is so good. It provides distractions for single target troops on defense, good DPS for tanks, and can be used as an effective secondary punish card on offense (did they log or zap your ram to stop its charge? Send in the gang! Did they log/zap that too? It’s OK, now your one-elixir doots will be able to shred their hog/mini tank/giant with tower help unmolested). Also good distractions on offense for things like inferno tower. So much value, all for just 3 elixir.

Skeletons – Another Versatile Response Card and great cycle card. The doots are great distractions for single target units on defense, and have the DPS to slaughter medium health ranged troops that are distracted. Wizard and Musky shooting your PEKKA as it tries to make mince meat out of a pushing Giant? Drop doots to kill these fools while PEKKA tanks their hits, 1 elixir to kill 9 and keep your PEKKA alive for a counterpush. Works for me.

Poison – The unsung hero of this deck. Versatile and incredibly useful spell in today’s out-of-control swarm meta. Area denial and swarm killing abilities are huge in getting pushes or rams to the enemy tower. Also great at taking out pre-emptive tombstones for punishment potential. Also serves as a hard counter to graveyard, meaning you should win most of these matches. Also great at killing/whittling medium health ranged units dropped behind enemy towers while doing some chip damage (important, unheralded use. Denying the opponent the ability to start cheaper troops in the back forces them to place them later and start the heavy tank in the back. This sets them up for punishment in the other lane, which sets up PEKKA to shred their push quickly).

Zap – Essential in this deck. In over The Log because you need it’s near-instant hit and stun/reset capabilities to ensure your pushes and punishments connect. Also great for crowd control.

Pekka Battle Ram Deck Basic Strategy:

As I said in the Intro, this Pekka Battle Ram Deck must be played aggressively to win. If you fall into playing the opponent’s style, you’ll lose. The only exception is control decks, where you’ll have to be more patient. The good thing about this deck is that every card has wide versatility, so that if one type of offensive push isn’t working against a particular opponent, you have other solid approaches to help you win.

As with any deck, its good to know what your opponent is running. If they don’t make the first move, send in a naked ram (be hovering zap if possible) or goblin gang and see how they react. Pay attention to their response, including if their zap fully takes out your gang. If they make the first move, try and figure out what they’re running.

Instead of spending a lot of time on general strategy, I’m going into an in-depth discussion of how to deal with each of the major deck archetypes in today’s game. However, the theme is the same – against anything other than control decks, you must play aggressive. As you’ll see, this deck feasts on decks with high to medium risk offense-only cards like Lavahound, Balloon, Giant, Golem, Ebarbs, Royal Giant, and the like, and it does so by playing good-enough defense while punishing and beating down your opponent for their elixir investments.

This deck will take practice. I hovered at 3200 for over a week while I got the hang of it (and leveled my ram from 7 to 8). The biggest trick will be to learn when to play the ram. Knowing your elixir levels and what the opponent has in their hand is key. If you know they are holding barbarians or e-barbs, sending in the ram by itself is a waste. Against these defenses, you’ll need a PEKKA counterpush with ram playing a role either as support (taking out obnoxious defending buildings) OR as the main win condition to break through to the tower while you’re opponent’s troops are all distracted trying to stop PEKKA and her support OR to devastate the other lane while they are busy throwing elixir at PEKKA.

How To Crush These Deck Archetypes:

Lavaloon – Many on Reddit are clamoring for a nerf to this combo. Not me. I hope it says META4EVA, because my deck crushes it. If they open with a Lavahound in the back, you have a couple of options depending on your starting hand. Option 1 is to start PEKKA in the opposite lane behind the king tower. No matter what they do, have executioner ready to support PEKKA, along with zap and poison.

Golem – Another deck that needs overwhelming punishment on the other lane. Here though, you’ll need to use PEKKA on defense for her ability to kill the golem and tank support shots while you’re additional defenders go to work on their support. This means you’ll be punishing with ram plus zap/poison. This is especially good against golem decks, because the only defense they could drop quickly enough after dropping golem will be 3 elixir or less. If possible, punish any golem drops with a ram (even in the same lane if there’s no support behind the golem).

Royal Giant – PEKKA shreds this guy and his support even at a level disadvantage, so use her for that and support the counterpush. Ram the other lane for lolz after PEKKA smashes their furnace. If they get another furnace out, ram can take that out, then send in goblin gang to work their tower. Depending on how good the player is, you will get some draws in this matchup due to RG’s ability to get automatic tower hits and furnace’s defensive capabilities, but you will win plenty of these, and your days of losing to overleveled RGs is over.

Elite Barbarians – PEKKA is your answer to them. Place her in the middle when they come running in. In a pinch, if they are at your tower, drop her on top of them. She should move them and they’ll re-target to her. Even at level disadvantage, she will 2-shot them (or 1-shot them with tower help). If PEKKA isn’t available, drop skeletons in the middle. If they get zapped/logged, drop the gang. If they also get zapped/logged, drop meta minion to clean the ebarbs up and support a ram counterpush. Keep PEKKA in your hand to deal with these fools the next time.

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Hope you enjoyed the Pekka Battle Ram Deck guide, and I hope you can make this Pekka Battle Ram Deck work for you if, like me, you had been struggling in today’s meta. I’ll be around to answer questions too.

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