Clash Royale December Update 2018

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Hi Guys Today I’m compiling all new things that this Clash Royale October Update 2017 will bring us! I’ll keep updating this post with the new information that SC releases until the update comes out Check Out Here Some Cool Meta Decks For Current Meta

Note: Update is live 

In this page, I will be Post all of the information of the upcoming Clash Royale October update.I will keep this page updated until the update comes out 


The last Big Clash Royale Update was back in March 2017 which brought many new features to the game and I hope also there will be a big clash royale update in early October 2017 So come and take a look at this Clash Royale October Update 2017 Full post and take a look at this page for more information about Clash Royale Quests and Also Take a look at this This Touchdown Elite Challenge Guide


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Clash Royale October Update 2017 Update Summary:

You will now be able to invite your friends and clan-mates to play 2v2 with you. This will help make 2v2 draft and 2v2 challenges more bearable and Free chests replaced with quest chests Free chests moved to shop 

Free chests are being replaced with quests. There will be both daily quests and longer term quests that can be done via ladder play Continue Reading »

Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2017

  1. Sparky: Hit speed to 4sec (from 5sec), damage -15%: Sparky will no longer one-shot another Sparky.
  2. Tesla: Damage +30%, hit speed to 1sec (from 0.8sec) :Tesla will one-shot Minions and Goblins.
  3. Electro Wizard: Damage -4%, first attack comes 0.2sec slower: No major interaction changes.
  4. Graveyard: Duration to 10sec (from 9sec), radius to 4 (from 5), first Skeleton spawns 0.5sec slower, Skeletons spawn less randomly: No major interaction changes continue reading »

Gem Rush and Gold Rush Event

Gem Rush and Gold Rush-new rotating special events where you earn Gold Gems from your crowns in ladder 

Gem Rush Tower Skin

Clash Royale Mirror Mode


If You will take down 1 Princess Tower you will get 100 Gold and From the second princess tower you will get  200 gold  and From the King tower you will get 300 God  so You will get total 600 Gold If you destroy all the towers Continue Reading »

Clash Royale October Update 2017

New Gamemodes:

Touchdown mode: Make a troop cross the touchdown line at the end of the arena! The team who achieves it earns a crown and the winner is who gets 3 crowns or more crowns in 3 minutes.This mode will be only available as 2v2 draft challenge.

Some cards like Hog rider, MK, Cannon Cart and Fliying machine are apparently banned on this gamemode Continue Reading »

Mirror Mode Continue Reading »

Mirror Mode is 2v2 and In Mirror Mode Every deck has mirror  Card also the Same deck same rotation 

Join and get the one-time rewards in Mirror Mode at 3 Wins = 300 Gold at 6 Wins = 1 Mirror Card.

Here Is a Guide How to Win Mirror Battle Challenge

Something casual 

There will be some daily casual challenges, where all players above level 4 can enter This Challenge If you lose a match, it doesn’t count means it will not over after 3 losses, you can play until you get all the rewards Contine Reading »

Quests Full Info Here

One of the biggest additions in this update! We have a daily quest, probably up to 3 at the same time (not confirmed yet) Complete a quest will count as progress to win a rare chest (such as magical, super magical, legendary..)

Clash Royale Quests

Each quest will have a little reward, like gems, gold or cards Continue Reading »

Cards and arenas

We haven’t too much information about this. Devs said that they are working on a new arena

Apart from that, they commented that they returned to work on the ghost idea, maybe we’ll see it as a new card!

New cards; however Supercell will no longer be including them into the game as they’ve done with the “available soon” to try to keep them a surprise/secret from hackers or DataMiners

New Tower Skins

King’s Tower.
Barbarian Tower. Bone Tower. Goblin Tower. Caba Tower. Ice Tower. Tropical Tower. Legendary

New 2v2 Emotes and Rematch

So Now Finally we have some  New 2V2 Emotes  also You have the option to rematch with your same teammate

Now You can play 2v2 challenges with your friends Clanmates and Now we have a option to chat with your teammate with predefined phrases. Your opponents can’t see this Chat

Share and copy decks from outside the game

Now You can share your deck to your friends outside the game and also You can load a deck from a web or from Our website

Revamped shop

Shop got Revamped noe its Shop works a differently Because You can not buy a single card, you have buy the whole pack.You can get Free chests, free gold, cheaper gold for gems and  free Epic card every Sunday!


  1. Custom Tournament gems refund has removed
  2. News Royale will open in fullscreen
  3. New user interface for Friendly battle and Challenge
  4. You can see the number of online friends on a 2v2 “Play with friend” button.

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I hope you found these October Update 2017 guide to be helpful and as to-the-point as necessary, and  Leave your feedback 

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