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Hi guys Hyp3rion.Akki here and Today I am Going to talk about Clash Royale Night Witch Guide Which is a new Legendary Card  The Night Witch will be unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). As you know It is a Legendary Card and its  4 Elixir, She  has more HP than a normal Witch She summons 2 Bats every 5 seconds, similar to how a regular Witch summons Skeletons So come check out this Clash Royale Night Witch Guide Post

Clash Royale Night Witch Guide

“Summons Bats to do her bidding, even after death! And if you get too close, she isn’t afraid of pitching in with her mean-looking battle staff.”

Clash Royale Night Witch Guide Summary And Strategy

This is a 2nd Witch in the game and Its Called Night Witch It is a Legendary Card It is basically a regular witch, but with a few huge changes Such as


  1. The Night Witch will be unlocked at Frozen Peak (Arena 8)
  2. It costs 4 Elixir to deploy.
  3. She summons 2 Bats every 5 seconds  Just Like normal Witch summons Skeletons 
  4. she’s a melee attacker, but the Witch is a splash attacker

Night Witch is a Legendary Card and normal Witch is a  Epic Card It has more HP than a normal Witch Its Cost is Less Then Normal Witch And The bast part of Night witch is  She summons Bats Which is better than Skeletons as they can fly and distract better

Clash Royale Night Witch Guide Statistics

Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Spawn Speed Range Target
4 1.5 sec Medium (60) 1 sec 5 sec Melee Ground


Level HP Damage DPS Bat Level Bat HP Bat Damage Bat DPS
1 750 285 190 9 67 67 67
2 825 313 208 10 74 74 74
3 907 344 229 11 81 81 81
4 997 379 252 12 89 89 89
5 1,095 416 277 13 98 98 98


AS You can see in above table She doesn’t do area damage and she is a legendary so she will be tough to get. Still if you do unlock her, the night witch will be great behind any tank Take a Look At This Page for Clash Royale Bats Guide

How should you play with/against the Night Witch? (Counters and Synergies)

  • Countering the Night witch

The night witch on her own (obviously) isn’t going to do well if your opponent isn’t a trainer, any mini-tank can take her out and tank her bats until the crown tower finishes them off.

Her hard counters would be: Rocket, lightning, fireball and poison(?), the last two spells will leave her with a sliver of her, but the first two can completely demolish her.

Always be ready to take care of the bats once she’s dead, because when the bats are tanked, they will pile up and do a lot of damage, zap seems to be the best choice, but archers and the electro-wizard can also take care of them.

The archers are going to be very good against her, being able to one shot the bats and take her out without taking any damage if place correctly.

A night witch giant push sounds menacing, but with the proper cards at your disposal you can take her out, first your main target is the bat-spawner, taking her out will ensure that no more bats spawn and will be killing the giant easier, the Inferno tower will be risky to put down if the bats are around, but dropping a knight or even better an Ice golem will draw them away.

  1. The Ice golem will be able to draw away the bats and kill them with his death nova at tournament standards.
  2. The electro-wizard will also one shot the bats and since their in pairs of two, it’ll be optimal to drop an ewiz to defend a push.
  3. The executioner will be the optimal way of dealing with night witch pushes, he will damage the tank, kill the bats and the witch, and survive most spells.
  4. A tornado will also kill the bats in three/two ticks(?) and if paired up with the executioner, the push will be easily countered.

Using the Night witch

I don’t think she will be good in beat down, sure she’ll pile up bats and it’ll be hard to counter without any splash, but considering that the tornado is rising to popularity, beatdown decks won’t work well with her.

I think she’ll do well in miner control decks, she’ll be a target for ground (occasionally air targeting) troops and’ll act as a fragile-meat shield while her bats decimate them, when she’s dead, her bats will become very important and protecting them will be important, as I said countering them is a negative trade, each pair of bats are 2.5 elixir, people will likely let their tower kill the bats, but dropping a miner will force them to use high elixir cards to counter them.

she’ll also be good in chip damage decks, spell bait and hog possibly(?)

she’ll be a counter-attack card, drop her on defense and have the bats take out the opponents push while you prepare for a counter push, IF your witch dies, then you’ll have to be careful about your bats, if she doesn’t, then you’re in luck since she’ll spawn bats like crazy, by then you can drop a hog, miner or even a giant.

– Shared by  MrJack72

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Clash Royale Night Witch Guide If you have any questions about the or the  guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments