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clash royale April 2020 update,Hey guys what’s going on  today we will be talking
about a new update coming to  clash royale April 2020 update leaked
 clash royale April 2020 updateipoipiopi
This post isn’t missleading it’s not clickbait everything in the title
and thumbnail is true so yes there’s a new update coming to Clash Royale there
will be new cards and everyone will be able to get legendaries more frequently

Clash Royale April 2020 update

Today Clash Royale had a new tweet and there tweet said heads up a
few things coming in the next update and then they actually left a link to the
supercell forms
so when you click down like a brought you over to the forms and this is a post by Tim
It’s titled a few things coming in the next update.clash royale April 2020 update
The first one we should  talk about is the improv tournaments so
I don’t exactly know what they’re going to be doing to improve tournaments
however i’m just going to say what I’d like to see so the first one would be to
have gold create tournaments as well so that way it’s just not as focused on

gems if we can buy tournaments with gems or gold and if the prices are cheaper that will

definitely make a lot of people happyand the final thing I would like to see our filters being added

tournament searches clash royale April 2020 update
clash royale august 2016 update
 The next thing we will be able to get legendary cards
easier now the only way i can see this happening is if they either a make
legendary drop rates a lot higher so right now i think a magical chest has
like a five percent chance of dropping a legendary and I think is super magical
chest has like a twenty percent chance of dropping a legendary so they might
just increase those or increase the odds and other chest and then my other

suggestion would be maybe let all players by a legendary on sunday as you


know epic sunday puts epics in the shop so what if they may be through in
a legendary thereclash royale April 2020 update
It also said new cards and balance changes so I don’t know what else will be getting
balanced but i’m just guessing that the Royal giant with one hundred percent be
getting nerf now I’m only saying that because literally everyone hates the
Royal giant I don’t need it too badly but that’s just a suggestion.clash royale April 2020 update