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Clash Royale New Card Suggestion Wind Spirit| Wind Spirit Clash Royale

Hi Guys there is a New Card Suggestion Wind Spirit its cost only 1 elixir shared by U/agiblade This carefree spirit will apply knockback and snare to enemies upon Contact base how fast he was zooming the arena snare duration is 0-3 sec and Range is 2.5 . Wind Spirit is common card

Wind sprit clash royale

Wind sprit clash royale

Wind Sprit Clash Royale New Suggestion

  1. Snare debuff is applied when the enemy knockback animation has completed.
  2. The direction of knockback depends on where the wind spirit hit the target from. (For example, getting hit by wind spirit from the front will push them back.)
  3. Will die in 2 princess tower hits
  4. Wind spirit’s movement speed will increase from medium to fast (and from fast to very fast) 2 seconds after moving uninterrupted, Going from medium to very fast effectively require 4 seconds of uninterrupted moving
  5. While not as reliable as its counterpart Ice Spirit, it has the potential to grow in damage and effect
  6. The width and the length of wind spirit’s area of impact will be affected by his movement speed. (Not yet determined how much the increase will be.)

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