2v2 Challenge Deck 2018

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Hi Guys After teasing the possibility of a Team Battle game mode in Clash Royale, Developer has announced that 2V2 Team Battle Mode will be coming in Clash Royale as clan battles they reveal today in the latest episode of Radio Royale.As you can see from the screenshot below, it’s going to be quite crazy trying to strategize with your teammate while also trying to counter the ton of units coming your way from your opponents. And since you have double the players, you’ll have double the emotes. Fun times to come So come and let’s check out this new 2V2 Team Battle Mode in depth guide

2V2 Team Battle Mode

Clash Royale 2V2 Team Battle Mode

This is a new 2V2 Team Battle Mode that allows two players from the same clan to wage battle against two players of another clan.

  1. There’s a new 2v2 game mode coming called “Clan Battle”
  2. It works similar to friendly battles on the clan page – press a button, your clan sees the invite pop up, accepts it, and you get matched against an enemy clan
  3. Double width king’s tower with one life bar (more health than 1v1 but spells will not do double damage to it), but 2 kings(as you can see in above image)
  4. You’ll see your partner’s deck quickly at the beginning of the game (but won’t see it during battle)
  5. You can see where your opponent drags their cards.
  6. 10 unshared elixir each (20 total), only player who deploys the Elixir Collector can gain Elixir from it.
  7. Buffs (like rage ,clone, and freeze spells are shared) are shared
  8. Elixir generation at 85% of 1v1 normal generation, 70% of overtime generation (slowed down to reduce games being too chaotic)
  9. Arena has been extended slightly behind the king’s tower to allow for unit placement
  10. Team clan chests alternate every weekend with the regular clan chest.This page is still updating…………..

So that’s it for today this march update is around the corner check out here some March Update Leaks also Watch more in Yarn’s video below and comment down below what you think of the 2v2 mode.