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Hey,clashers WeGotClanWars here with a guide to the powerful Musketeer troop.I will start the Musketeer Guide by saying that the Musketeer is a very versatile troop for the cost of 4 elixir. You should keep her in her deck if you’re new to the game, for she is great for defending against singular air troops. Musketeer Guide

Tournament Standard (Level 7) Stats:

“Don’t be fooled by her delicately coiffed hair, the Musketeer is a mean shot with her trusty boomstick.”

Hitpoints Damage Hit Speed Targets Speed Deploy Time Range
598 176 1.1sec Air & Ground Medium 1sec 6 tiles

She can snipe foes from afar with rapid shots, making her great on both offence and defence.


Musketeer Guide Quick Tips and Tricks

  1. The Musketeer has the same amount of hitpoints as a Wizard of equal level. She also has the same amount of damage as a Baby Dragon of equal level.
  2. Never let a Musketeer continuously fire at one of your towers. She will deal huge damage if left unattended.
  3. A Fireball at least one level higher than the Musketeer will one-shot her.

Now, what decks does she fit well in?

Beatdown: The Musketeer works very well in Beatdown decks as she does a great job at supporting ground tanks (Giant, Golem, etc.). Just make sure you support the Musketeer, too! The most noticeable combo is the Giant-Bowler-Mega Minion-Musketeer deck. Here are some Beta Down Deck

Siege: The Musketeer alone will usually do a poor job defending a Mortar or X-Bow. When using spawner buildings (please don’t), however, she is decent support to whatever your opponent has to use. Again, make sure you protect your musketeer. Here are some Siege Deck

Control: Whether using just a Musketeer on defence is a good trade depends on your opponent’s troop(s).

Say your opponent drops their Knight at the bridge, followed by Archers. You’ll probably want to combo the Musketeer with another troop (such as the Valkyrie). Here Are Some Control Deck

She can counter-push nicely with other troops, like tanks (as I mentioned above).

The Musketeer is also known to be included in trifecta decks (which are not used much nowadays).

Musketeer Guide Offensive Synergies

Giant: With her relatively fast fire rate, your muskie can deal a good deal of damage to your opponent’s defence.

Hog Rider: Same explanation as above, but the Rider can slightly push Musketeer if he is placed behind her.


Musketeer Guide Defensive Synergies

Ice Spirit: Let the lil’ snowball freeze enemy troops, and both your tower and Musketeer can do some good work for that 1.5 seconds. Here is Ice Spirit Full Guide Advanced Musketeer Tech ft. Ice Spirit Guide

Ice Golem: Ice Golem is not used much, but has great meat-shield abilities. Allow him to soak up the damage to slow foes.

Knight: A great mini-tank with the same attack speed as the Musketeer. He’ll bring on the melee damage.

Air Defence with your Musketeer

At the start of this guide, I said the Musketeer is good for defending against singular flying troops. Examples are:

  1. Baby Dragon
  2. Balloon
  3. Inferno Dragon (with tower support)
  4. Lava Hound (with lots of support)

She can usually take care of Minions from afar, but they will destroy her if placed on top of her.

Well, everybody, that will wrap up my Musketeer Guide. I’m a beginner on this kind of stuff, so please tell me if there is something I should include or something I forgot. See ya!

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