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Hi Guys Barleyeth here and This is my first Mortar Tornado Deck guide and maybe my only one, we’ll see how this one goes. I will take any tips for formatting, grammar or any deck tips that you catch that I may have missed even though this is my own deck creation. I’m level 10 with level 10 standard cards and level 1.5 legendaries and have over 15,000 cards won in challenges and have made it over 4,000 trophies. I started playing during the soft launch and started my own clan (v war for those interested). Those are my credentials so let’s get on with the Mortar Tornado Deck guide.

Mortar Tornado Deck

Mortar Tornado Deck Card Role:

Mortar this is your co-wincondition along with miner. Use this primarily on offense after you have troops to support it from a defense. I never recommend starting with this card unless you truly have no other choice as I like to keep it for a counter push and surprise my opponent. While it is primarily for offense always keep in mind that this card is extremely effective on defense as well. It is almost as tanky as an inferno tower and has valuable splash damage. It can also be used to destroy buildings I.e. Spawner and elixir collectors from your side of the map. (No direct substitute)


Sparky When used correctly sparky is a very strong card imo. Use sparky to destroy tanks and beefy swarms(barbs, valk+ebarbs, IG+hog, etc.) use tornado to bunch the troops that sparky will kill if necessary. Once the opponent’s troops are dead they have to deal with a sparky rolling down the lane coming toward their tower that can be supported by a mortar, miner, IG or go in naked, depends on the situation. Another way to synergize sparky with tornado in this deck is to use tornado on the counter push. Use nado to bring everything that the sparky will target right next to the tower so she splashes it all at once nipping the tower. Disclaimer: don’t expect to EVER get a sparky shot on the tower. It very well may happen but the sparky is not the main win condition and the main reason that sparky is in the deck is for defense and counter pushes. Against a good player the sparky should never hit the tower it merely forces them to expend elixir so that your miner, mortar or anything else can chip the tower. (No substitute)

Miner this is your other co-wincondition in this Mortar Tornado Deck. Use miner to support counter pushes, kill princesses, kill elixir pump, and chip the tower. While this is primarily an offensive card, never be afraid to use this card in defense, you can cycle back to the miner very quickly if necessary. (No substitute)

Log pretty self explanatory, use this to clear swarms. Try to clip the tower when you can, the damage adds up. (Sub with zap, or arrows if log is not unlocked)

Electro wiz defensive all-star/counterpush hero. This is your main defense against air so do not waste him. He is great for supporting your mortar and/or sparky and can be supported with miner to destroy a tower. (Sub with another glass cannon if necessary, however the play style will be different as ewiz is so unique)

Skeletons skeletons are a great all around card. At one elixir they can cycle your deck and provide great elixir trades. Use these to distract and kill glass cannons or chip away at unsupported tanks. Also great for kiting if your ice golem is out of cycle. (Sub with ice spirit, gobs or guards)

Ice golem this is pretty self explanatory, I don’t use ice golem any differently in this Mortar Tornado Deck than in any other control deck. Use him for kiting and tanking heavy hitters. His death damage is not to be overlooked either. With the only defense for air being ewiz, this card can be used to weaken and distract minions, megminion, baby drag and inferno drag. This card also does good against the still popular and powerful elite barbs. Paired with ewiz, skeletons or sparky it will shut them down and possibly prepare a counterpush. (Sub with knight)

Tornado Use tornado to activate the king tower and bunch things up for a sparky shot. Can also be used to correct a missed building pull, though this can be dangerous at it costs three elixir. yarn has very good tornado material if you want more. (No substitute)


  1. In my opinion, the substitutes I proposed will not strengthen the deck and are only there to use if you do not have the stated cards at a decent level.
  2. This deck is a control deck and should be played accordingly, it is not about constant pressure it is about Changing defense into offense.
  3. The tips and gameplay ideas I gave may not work in all situations some games require different play styles with the same deck so learning the deck would be my best tip to you guys

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Mortar Tornado Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the or the  guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments