Mortar Royal Recruits Deck Arena 9+ Guide

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Hello everybody Today i will show you Mortar Royal Recruits Deck This is very good Grand Challenges You can get 12 Wins with this Mortar Royal Recruits Deck in grand challenge So many peoples are saying that this is new meta Mortar Royal Recruits Deck for Grand Challenge so come and take a look at this Mortar Royal Recruits Deck guide 

Grand Challenge Mortar Royal Recruits Deck

Grand Challenge Mortar Royal Recruits Deck

Miner: He is the main win condition of this deck, whacking away at the Arena Tower with his shovel while showing absolutely no mercy!He can also be used to get at those hard to reach troops behind the Arena Tower (Princess, Archers, etc).His roles are mostly self explanatory and One of the best counter to Pump

Mortar – This is going to be your main damage dealer as well as help on defense in a pinch. If I have the Mortar in my starting hand, I will usually open up with that. Try to defend your Mortar enough so it can get a few hits off, but if there is no hope don’t waste troops defending it. Once you catch your opponent on their heels and they don’t have a good counter ready that is when you can try to defend your mortar with more vigor.


Goblin Gang –  In this Grand Challenge Mortar Royal Recruits Deck the Goblin Gang is probably the best defender of the mortar. It can take care of Mini Pekkas, Minions, Elite Barbs, and more. Other than the Inferno Tower the Goblin Gang is also one of the best cards to defend with. It can be zap bait for you Bats and Spear Goblins

Ice Spirit – When defending the Mortar the Ice Spirit is the only card I will play preemptively, meaning that I will place the Mortar and then the Ice Spirit right after. This can help me better defend against things like Minions, Goblins, and more. It can also be used on defense or simply as a cycle card.

The general game plan is to play the mortar if you have it in your starting hand off the star and look to see what spell or troops you have to react to what they drop.

My favorite setup is to hover Royal Recruits after I have dropped the mortar to protect it to the usual spear Goblins or Goblin Gang.

If you don’t have the mortar in your starting hand you can use the  ice spirit, and sometimes I send the Miner+bats to the tower for some chip damage to cycle to the mortar.

The longer the match goes on the more time you have to pick up on what they usually counter your stuff with and react to it more effectively.

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So guys this was the Mortar Royal Recruits Deck guide for grand Challenge I hope you liked it and this Mortar Royal Recruits Deck guide helps you to Grand Challenges