Mortar Rocket Deck

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Hi Guys Meep’s Here and  the balance changes dropped. This means the long awaited fall of goison, the major nerf to the elixir collector, the love for the log, and the rise of the doot army. This means mortar decks are even more effective. With cards like rocket and log, potential challenges (both new and old) can be averted. So, onto the Mortar Rocket Deck guide!

Mortar Rocket Deck

Mortar Rocket Deck Cards Role:

Inferno Dragon: The main assistance for the Mortar. Not very good against minion horde, but he can annihilate pesky Giants and Royal Giants in as little as 5 seconds!

Mortar: The main offense of the deck. Fires big, stone balls all across the arena, can take out annoying princesses, is never out-ranged by the Royal Giant, and, when left alone/protected, destroys that one tower that you’ll need in order to win.


Rocket: Got a Royal Giant, a Witch, and an Ice Wizard coming at you? NO WORRIES! Fire the rocket, put down a cannon, and forget. Also good at finishing off that 1 tower you need to win. Mortar Rocket Deck

Cannon: Solid all-round defensive card, used in this deck both to defend the mortar and to slap hogs. Also can be used as part of a chain of buildings to pull hogs/giants and what not.

Ice Wizard: Best defensive card in the game, also covers a big weakness to this deck: Air. His splash is also vital in taking out minions and there hordes that are looking to slap your mortar to bits.

Ice Spirit: Supercell is (mostly) ignorant of unbalanced cards, and this is one. This card can do practically anything except tank. Got a bunch of stuff about to take your tower mid rocket? Hold that for 2 seconds.

The Log: In my opinion, this is a true legendary card. All you haters can complain about it, but it’s awesome. BREAKS pig pushes, destroys everything in its path, and it just rolls over princesses.

Elixir Collector: Yes, this thing has been nerfed, but it can be very good if your opponent does not have an answer. With less poison, it’s less risky to play in front of your king. If they have miner when you put a collector in the middle, you only need an ice spirit to successfully defend the pump.

How to Play This Mortar Rocket Deck:

This deck is something different at different times. In normal elixir time, you MUST play verrrry passively. You have to continue pumping up, while working to get a good cycle for your attack going. Play minimalist, try for positive elixir trades; and if you must, reveal your mortar, but use it on defense until double elixir time.

Come double elixir time, if you’ve played things right, your tower should only have ~500-1000 damage on it, you should have 1-2 pumps, and a hand featuring the Mortar and Inferno dragon. To begin pushing SIEGE-ING, place an inferno dragon on the back corner, whatever side you so choose.

Then, place a mortar 1 tile from the bridge (Farthest point from the tower where it can still hit said tower) and a cannon right at the bridge and to one side of the mortar. Use an ice spirit next, or if you don’t have that in your hand, use an ice wizard. Most games with this deck go into overtime, so it’s still good to keep pumping up some elixir. (Remember, now it takes 1:20 to get all of the elixir a pump can get.)

How To Counter Different Deck Archetypes:

Miner Control: Now, with two very building oriented decks fighting, you must minimize mistakes in order to capitalize on your opponents mistakes. In these games, try not to pump too much, as a miner and a quick attack could be just around the corner.

Three Musketeers: These decks are brutal, but use Mortar on defense, and try to keep attacking them so they can’t get those lady’s on the field. Mortar Rocket Deck

Goison: This deck should be dead, but some people will still try to play it. Use the rocket to eliminate any musketeers/bowlers/mega minion-giant combos. After that, use cannons to kill the giant. Play your cards as if there was a poison on the field. Mortar Rocket Deck

Lava Hound Lightning: This deck… will beat you 90% of the time. The only hope you have is to bait out lightning with a pump and to then attack with mortar combos. If they get a push down, try to rocket it, but it’s all about that placement. If you think you have a bunch of good stuff down in one area, watch out. Lightning is most certainly going to get you! Lava Hound is 7 elixir, so try to punish them for putting it down.

More decks will be added, suggest some down there in the comments for me to cover.Thanks for reading, see ya’ll around!