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Mortar Mega Minion deck Push to arena 9

Hi Guys CDFalcon here and I recently climbed to 3800 with this Mortar Mega Minion deck.The deck review will be a structured into three parts: an overview of the cards, an overview of the deck’s performance, and how to play the deck. This specific deck was build to counter Giant Poison, while still being a mortar deck. Not an easy challenge, but I believe I have found a combo that you guys will enjoy! Without further ranting, here is the Mortar Mega Minion deck.

Mortar Mega Minion deck

Mortar Mega Minion Deck Cards Role:

Ice Spirit, Replacement: None

The ice spirit is easily one of the single most versatile cards in the game. Specifically, this card is played when a mortar is placed, and the player knows their opponent will attempt to counter with a fast moving DPS card (LJ, Mini Pekka) or a swarm-y DPS card (Gobs, Guards, Barbs). The 2 second stun gives the player enough time to carefully plan your next card.


Zap, Replacement: None

Zap is a very strong spell, but everyone knows that. In this deck, its main purpose is to kill gobs and finish off barbs. Thats really it, as other cheap troops all have their own counter. Zap should be a default choice for all decks, as it is too versatile to pass up.

The Log, Replacement: Fireball

The Log is one of the strongest cards in the game. Think of it as a higher damage zap, and use it in the same way. The Log is the Anti-Christ of the princess, slaughtering her whenever she is placed. Many people think that The Log should not be legendary because it is not game changing. 

Miner, Replacement: Rocket.

The miner is used as a source of targeted removal for troops and buildings, or as a chip damage unit. Also, if needed, it can turn the surviving defense into a high DPS counter push. However, its main purpose is by far killing elixir collectors. 

Guards, Replacement: None

Guards are amazing. The mainly serve two purposes in this deck: to kill Mini Pekka’s and Inferno Towers. These 2 cards are the most likely to counter the Mortar, and Guards make swiss cheese of both.

Mega Minion, Replacement: None

All Glory to the Mega Minion! Joking aside, the Mega Minion is strong. He fills a VERY weak spot in this deck, which is the area of a non-ground-targetable high DPS card. He is the Anti-Christ of the Bowler! Finally, a mortar deck that can kill the Bowler. Mortar Mega Minion deck

Mortar, Replacement: None

Once OP, now “trash”, the card is still strong. It is just harder to use.This is two tiles back from the river, and one over from the the side that the player is placing the mortar on. This minimizes distraction and allows for easier defense. The best way to place a mortar is when the opponent has little elixir, or if they cannot counter it well.

Inferno, Replacement: None

No, I will not stoop low enough to suggest using the inferno dragon with this deck. Never. Inferno is an amazing giant, golem, and lava hound killer. Royale Giants are rare right now in legendary, but more on that later. Anyways, ice spirit should and can be used if they opponent zaps the inferno. Positive elixir trade! If the opponent places a giant to kill the mortar 

Performance Against Other Decks:

1. Giant Poison:

Can be difficult, but is 100% possible. Only ONLY place a mortar when 100% sure that it cannon be countered. Use the Guards and Mega Minion once they have dropped their poison, and inferno (with an optional ice spirit

2. Giant Poison Bowler:

Use the Mega Minion, Luke! Focused on baiting their musketeer so it cannot kill the Mega Minion, then laugh has he rains death from above. Same strategy as the Giant Poison decks, however with a stress on Mega Minion usage. Mortar Mega Minion deck

3. Lava Hound:

If they carry tombstone, they can be a pain. If they don’t, this deck will counter them wonderfully. Be very conservative with the zap and the ice spirit, esp if the opponent has both minion hoard and regular minions.

4. Miner/Hog Cycles:

These are generally easy to beat, just watch out for the mini pekka trying to kill the mortar. Don’t be scared to place down an inferno even if nothing is attacking, for some reason people are terrified by it and throw the kitchen sink trying to get ride of it. If the enemy is using a hog deck, save your inferno. Mortar Mega Minion deck

How to Play the Deck:

The focus of this deck is use Guards and Mega Minion to kill the enemy attack, and then counter attack with the mortar or miner. The reason the Mega Minion is mentioned in the title is because of how much of a vital role he plays. The Mega Minion’s highest perk is his slow movement speed. This gives the player plenty of time to place a mortar, or decide on a place to put the miner. Overall, this deck has a very fluid play style. In double elixir, mortar is next to useless. Focus on getting in chip damage with the miner and spells. Only play the mortar if it is sure to pay off. Mortar Mega Minion deck

Well, thats it. Long read, but I believe this deck can be amazingly strong. If anyone has any comments or questions, leave them below.

Thanks for reading and remember “All Glory to the Mega Minion.”