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Hello guys KoreanPhones here and My game name is Bodied and am currently in the clan ‘’Fresno Finest’’ I used to reach 5000 trophies as a level 11 last season a couple days ago. Before we get started I want to make it clear that I did not make the deck, a former clan mate of mine named ‘‘~Retaliation~’’ is the owner of this Mortar Log Bait Deck and probably the best person I’ve seen use the deck. Second of all, this is my first time writing a guide so bear with me and feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment section.

This Mortar Log Bait Deck has quickly became one of my favorite decks to play with on ladder as it’s very consistent. Being a mostly common deck, it is easy to level up for any kind of player. I will go over all the cards in the deck and what their role is in a match. My card levels are all commons level 12 except for level 11 skeletons and my legendries being level 2 So come and take a look at this Mortar Log Bait Deck guide

Mortar Log Bait Deck


Mortar Log Bait Deck Card Role:

Mortar – Your main win condition that will deal most of your damage preferred matchup. Very easy to level up since it is a common and it always seems to preform quite well in every meta.

Barbarians – Your go to defense and tank killer card that work very good on the counter push. Always make sure to use this card correctly as its your most sturdy defensive troop.

Minion Horde – Your secondary high dps defense card that translates to a very strong counter push if matched with the right cards.

Ice Spirit – Pair very well with skeletons to have a very cheap and fast cycle. Love this card on defense as it provides a very valuable freeze and reset effect. One of my favorite plays to do is to drop this to freeze and reset an inferno tower locked onto my mortar, and then drop skeletons directly after to target the inferno tower, buying me time to take it out.

Miner – Used to fight elixir collectors, get chip damage, or a last resort to defend against enemy troops.

Log – The first of two removal spells in this deck. I like to use it to take out swarm troops that are attacking my mortar and to kill princesses while also getting tower damage. Can also be used in conjunction with the mortar to take out musketeers, ice wizards etc. more quickly to get your mortar on the tower.

Arrows – The second removal spell and in my opinion the most important one. This is used to take out over leveled princesses if your log cannot take it out (happens to me a lot) and most importantly to take out minions or minion hordes, if I have this card in my hand after I have dropped the mortar I will have it hovered over it in case they drop minions or minion horde to take it out.

Skeletons – Mainly used to cycle and to get positive elixir trades on defense. Can also be used pre-emptily in front of the mortar if you know they are going to drop inferno tower/dragon on top of your mortar.

Mortar Log Bait Deck Game Plan – The general game plan is to play the mortar if you have it in your starting hand off the star and look to see what spell or troops you have to react to what they drop. My favorite setup is to hover arrows after I have dropped the mortar to protect it to the usual minions or minion horde. If you don’t have the mortar in your starting hand you can use the skeletons, ice spirit, and sometimes I send the miner to the tower for some chip damage to cycle to the mortar. The longer the match goes on the more time you have to pick up on what they usually counter your stuff with and react to it more effectively.

Mortar Log Bait Deck on Offense – Here I will list offensive setups I use often and find quite successful.

  1. Mortar + Arrows and/or log.
  2. Mortar + Barbs/Minions left over from defense.
  3. Miner + Minion Horde if your mortars never get through.
  4. Miner + Skeletons/Ice Spirit If you have no other play and are sitting at 10 elixir.
  5. Ice Spirit/ Skeletons in back to cycle to mortar.
  6. Miner + Leftover Barbs or Minions with the arrows ready for the usual minions that they play.

Mortar Log Bait Deck on Defense – Here I will list defensive setups I use and find quite successful.

  1. Barbs + Arrows for RG with the minions they play behind it.
  2. Mortar + Skeletons and/or Ice Spirit for hog riders, with the mortar placed in the middle of the map but at the top by the river so when the hog enters the mortars dead zone the mortar targets the tower or supporting troops dropped behind the hog.
  3. Mortar + any other troops for giant pushes. Mortar can be placed at the top like for the hog rider if you are confident but also can be dropped in the regular spot for buildings when defending a giant.

Mortar Log Bait Deck Matchups – Here I will go over the most common matchups I faced on the way to 5000.

Giant/Golem – Against a giant deck or a golem deck your first mortar will usually be played blind like most matches due to you not knowing what they are playing yet. If they play an elixir collector you want to drop that mortar and try to use your advantage to its fullest and get a lot of tower damage, also this is a good time to send in the miner on their elixir collector due to them being distracted defending your attack. If you play your mortar at the river and they drop the giant or golem to agro your mortar you want to wait for their tank to get to the river. As soon as it does you want to drop barbs or minion horde if barbs aren’t in your hand. You want to pay attention to what they drop behind their tank to see if you can use your log or arrows to get good value, if not and their supporting troops take out your defense before the giant is dead you want to use your cheap cards to cycle to another mortar and drop it to agro their tank if it’s still a threat. If you have a mortar after their push is defended you want to put that pressure back on and drop the mortar with at least 6 elixir in hand in case you need to arrow, log, etc. I myself have troubles against golem decks but I would sometimes get the win. Don’t feel bad to just defend and go for the draw in these matchups due to them having the advantage.

Hog/ Hog Cycle – Against a hog deck you want to start off the same by dropping or cycling to the mortar and prepare for incoming units. If they drop a lone hog to take out the mortar I love dropping ice spirit and skeletons to take out the hogs in seconds with the towers help. If mortar is in hand BUT not played when they drop their hog you will want to place the mortar in the middle of that map but at the top near the river so the hog aggros while the mortar is shooting their tower or supporting troops. You also want to drop the ice spirit/ skeletons combo to only allow 1 or 2 hits from the hog allowing the mortar to get crazy value. If mortar is not in hand when they play hog you want to drop barbs 2 tiles above the tower to prevent the hog from even getting one swing. If they fireball with the hog rider and hit your barbs and tower then you will have 1 health barbs which I like to use to protect my mortar on the counter push. These 1 elixir barbs can really buy you time to react in a scenario like if they drop an inferno to take out your mortar the inferno tower would have to heat up and take out the barbs first buying you around 5 seconds. If your barbs defend the hog and still have plenty of health left, wait to drop the mortar. I say this cause if you drop your mortar too early they will have an easy fireball/rocket to kill your barbs and your mortar. So what you want to do is wait till the barbs are on the tile where you would drop your mortar, and then drop it so by the time they have the fireball ready, the barbs are already past the mortar.

Royal Giant 🙁 – Against royal giant you want to use the barbs to take it out while having your spells ready to take out minions, goblins, skeleton army, etc. that they may place behind their rg. It is sometimes impossible to out cycle rg decks due to them being able to cycle very fast as well, so you want to focus on using miner chip damage and miner – minion horde pushes to try to take out the tower by paying attention to when their minion counters are out of hand. If you can’t seem to get damage on their tower you want to be playing the mortar on the stronger side to force them to drop their rg on your stronger side to try to split the damage to both your towers and go for the draw. Rg decks are definitely beatable with this deck but the ones with furnace or tombstone usually end up in a draw or a loss.

Lava hound/Lava loon – Luckily not played as much as the other decks but it’s essentially a ggwp. I can rarely beat these decks due to them having more arrow bait cards than I have arrows like the double minions lava hound deck and the fact that if they have arrows, like most do your only air defense is destroyed. Again you want to split up the damage and drop the mortar as soon as they drop their hound to prevent them from building up a huge push and go for the draw.

Miner Cycle/ Zap Bait – You want to outsmart the opponent and force them to make bad plays. You can do this by not using spells to kill their princess if possible by using skeletons, mortar, or miner. So you have your removal spells for their minions, skarmy, goblin gang, etc. The ice spirit and skeletons can’t prevent ALL damage from a miner for a +1 elixir trade. Most of these decks will run inferno tower and during the game they will probably resort to that to take out your mortar, so you want to have the ice spirit and skeletons ready to reset and retarget the inferno tower.

Conclusion – That’s my guide! As I said it is my first one and I already know I probably have some run on sentences in their but I tried my best! This deck is a win sometimes – lose rarely kind of deck that will have its fair share of draws but I believe if it is played right it can take you high up onto the ladder. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions in the comments as I will try my best to answer them all to the best of my ability. Also don’t be shy about giving me criticism as some parts of this were hard to explain in words if that makes sense so some parts may seem hard to understand or not in-depth enough.

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Mortar Log Bait Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies atleast. If you have any questions about the or the  guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments