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Inferno Dragon Deck Arena 6

Hello, it’s L’EpicClasher here from Rising Legacy with an awesome new Inferno Dragon Deck 🙂 I got the Inferno Dragon from my shop, even though my shop reset is 1 hour before it was released. This is because the shop acts like a chest, the cards in it are determined the second you tap on the Shop tab.

I went 12 games undefeated in my challenge with this deck. Most of my opponents were 300 trophies above me (3016) and most of them ran Giant Poison decks with 1-2 legendaries , Inferno Dragon Deck

Inferno Dragon Deck



Inferno Dragon. I personally think this is one of the best defensive cards ever made. There are some games where I simply never use him, and that’s fine. But in any game against a giant, or golem, or pekka, or hound (rip hound), he is absolutely necessary. Placed behind a tower, there is no way to stop him, he ends the tank, easily, and leaves that support bare and ready to be killed, supple and tender.

Inferno Dragon  Deck List:

  • Win Condition: Mortar – Main damage dealer, the big boy of the deck.
  • Win Condition #2: Princess – Chip damage, spell bait, and splash damage. <3
  • Win Condition Support: Furnace – MVP, you can cycle your deck so fast its pretty easy to get 2+ at the same time, defends Princess and Mortar. Can also be used to bait heavy spells.
  • Main Defense: Inferno Dragon – Zap bait and tank melter. Your opponent will waste so much elixir trying to kill a low health Inferno Dragon, also gets you guaranteed WOWs.
  • Second Defense: Mini PEKKA – Only 2 things are in this little guy’s mind, pancakes and destruction.
  • Defensive Support: Ice Spirit – Used to temporarily stop pushes and defend your Princess/Mortar.
  • Versatile Response Card: The Log – Mostly used to kill weakened cards or to push stuff away from your Mortar.
  • Spell:we have zap, I always play zap, just too versatile not to include, also can clear the way for inferno dragon if he’s coming in with a tank on the tower.

Inferno Dragon Deck Replacements:

  • Mortar: NONE
  • Princess: Musketeer (Princess is almost a need for this deck, it won’t be as good without her.)
  • Furnace: Fire Spirits (Not Recommended, Furnace can be cycle spammed for a constant flow of Fire Spirits and be used to pull Hog Riders, Lava Hounds, and Giants.) Inferno Dragon Deck
  • Inferno Dragon: Knight or any defensive card, I used Knight before I got the Inferno Dragon. Knight is used to protect the Princess and to kill stray Mini PEKKAs on your side of the field. (I tried Guards, but they die easily to splash and Poison.)
  • Mini PEKKA: NONE
  • Ice Spirit: NONE
  • The Log: Any spell you feel comfortable with. Best ones are Lightning for elixir trades and to finish towers. Or Poison, because it’s annoying. Inferno Dragon Deck
  • Zap: NONE

Inferno Dragon Deck Playstyle:

This deck has a unique play style and I recommend doing a couple of friendly battles or a few 10 Gem Challenges to master it. Inferno Dragon Deck

This deck is GODLY at counter-attacking, you will almost always survive with a Furnace and a Princess. Just place a Mortar.


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