Mortar Furnace Deck

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Mortar Furnace Deck For Arena 7+

Hi Guys Enthusiast here and today i am going to show you  Mortar Furnace Deck With the fall of goison, a lot of suppressed archetypes are set up to make a resurgence into the meta. Mortar and furnace are two of those cards. Each mortar shell does 228 damage to a tower, and every fire spirit does over 100 damage. This deck takes advantage of their combined chipping power to overwhelm opponents.                                     Here is  the  Mortar Furnace Deck

 Mortar Furnace Deck

Mortar Furnace Deck Card Role: 

  • Mortar: Your main win condition. The key to playing successful mortars is to have a furnace providing support for it. The other key is to know what your opponent has to counter your mortar. You don’t necessarily have to wait until ten elixir to drop your mortar. After getting a read on what your opponent will use to counter your mortar, save up enough elixir to drop your mortar and your counter. For example, if your opponent’s counter to the mortar is hog, drop your mortar at 7 elixir with either mega minion or skarmy in hand.
  • Furnace: The main drawback to this card is that over leveled opponents can just ignore it on ladder. In this deck, that doesn’t matter. The main role of the furnace is to provide support to your mortar in the form of fire spirits. Therefore make sure to have your furnace in the same lane as your mortar. It also multitasks as your defensive building and as such should never be played behind your tower. use it to pull giants and hogs into both lanes to take advantage of both of your tower’s damage.  Mortar Furnace Deck
  • Skarmy: With the recent buff, skarmy has become an amazing defensive card. Because of the wide area this card covers it is ideal to counter miners. It also does a great job of shredding hogs and giants.
  • Zap: This deck features has the option to include both zap and log, but zap is the essential one of the two. Use this to clear out small units like goblins and fire spirits, and slightly tankier units like minions can be killed in combination with the Mega Minion.  Mortar Furnace Deck
  • Lightning: Your second win condition. Usually you will not kill a tower through mortars alone, so look for every opportunity to hit a tower and a unit with lightning. Feel free to take out troops like musketeer and ice wizard that are deployed to kill your fire spirits. The lightning is also used to kill buildings dropped to distract the mortar.  Mortar Furnace Deck
  • Barbarians: I recently swapped mini-pekka for barbarians and I’ve been having success with them. They cost more elixir and are prone to AoE but they come with advantages. Ever since I swapped barbarians I defend my mortar much better and I don’t lose as often against giant poison and 3 musketeers (the latter is still a tricky card to deal with).
  • Mega Minion: Not much to say here. Mega just an excellent all-round damage dealer to fill out the last slot in this deck.  Mortar Furnace Deck
  • Inferno Tower: THE anti-meta defense right now.This is my Favourite Defence Card Inside the game,The Inferno Tower is extremely effective against high hitpoints troops such as Giants, Balloons, Golems,P.E.K.K.A.s,and Hog Riders due to its intensified damage over time. If placed correctly the Inferno can counter a Royal Giant push, burning the Royal Giant quickly if not countered with Zap or Freeze.  Mortar Furnace Deck

That’s about it! I am currently sitting at my personal best of 3987 with this  Mortar Furnace Deck and I haven’t lost with it yet. 

This deck is pretty easy to play. Focus on countering your opponent’s pushes then launch the counterpush with the survived troops.Since you only have 2 cards that can actually deal decent DPS Except Inferno (Mega Minions and Barbarians), you need to use them only when needed, even if it means taking some tower damage. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! I hope that you have found this Mortar Furnace Deck helpful. Good luck! See you in the Arena!