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Hi guys chlorinehead  I’d like to share a fun Mortar Dark Prince Deck I’ve been messing with for a month or so that I’ve seen moderate success with.This Mortar deck is very good and most interesting deck I have ever played.The great thing about this  deck is that there are no Legendaries needed Its a F2P deck You can Upgrade all the card very easly so come and take a look at this Mortar Dark Prince Deck

Mortar Dark Prince Deck

Mortar Dark Prince Deck Card Roles:

Mortar: Obviously, since it’s a mortar deck. As most of y’all should know, NEVER PUT A MORTAR IN A LANE WITH A TANK! That is pretty much the only rule for mortar. Once one tower is down, I will either attack the other lane or place it in the 4-3 position depending on the situation. Also, feel free to use as a hog/giant counter in a pinch.


Dark Prince: This guy is your other star, and is surprisingly versatile in this deck. For 4 elixir, he will counter any squishy troops, deals easily with ebarbs/regular barbs, and does enough dps to help whittle down a tank. If he is charged when he hits on defense, he will have more leftover health for a counterattack, so place him in the back when you can. His shield makes him spell resistant too, which makes him all the more difficult to deal with when he’s defending. He can also go on offense when available and can do some serious damage with a couple hits.

Mega Minion & Minions: Two fantastic defensive cards, use MM against wizards/musketeer/exec with tower help, and minions against hog/miner/graveyard. Versatility is the name of the game here. Avoid using these guys on offense, as they are easy to get positive elixir trades from.

Zap & Lightning: Zap is best for resetting attackers and those pesky inferno towers. Often a Zap will be the extra oomph you need to defend a push, as well as a Barrel counter. Lightning is another MVP of this deck. While mostly used to clear buildings/mid-health troops for your mortar, it can be clutch on defense when needed (ie surprise elite barbs). Lightning also will get rid of pumps, because a fully functional beatdown golem deck is this deck’s worst nightmare.

Guards: I personally love these guys for their spell-proofness. They can make short work of an Ewiz, musketeer, Night Witch, and will stifle a Pekka with ease. Also won’t die from a Golem’s explosion. And the best part is, a log won’t even make them blink. They can also get some chip damage on offense, which can help in a pinch.

Dart Goblin: I call this guy the Janitor because he CLEANS UP. Dart Gob plus any other card in this deck is enough to stop most pushes, and more often than not he’ll survive due to his range and get some damage on the tower. My favorite non-mortar offense with

this deck is a Dark Prince/Dart Goblin combo, which will take many players by surprise. Just make sure your opponent doesn’t get huge value from arrows buy getting your Dart Goblin and your minions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope y’all have some success with this deck. But more importantly, this is a game which is supposed to be fun, and I have a blast playing with this deck.

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Shared by chlorinehead

Thanks for reading this really good Mortar Dark Prince Deck Guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments