Clash Royale Mirror Mode

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Hi Guys Sneak Peek 2 Mirror Mode, Touchdown Mode, Gold Rush and Gem Rush events, Mirror Mode, Chat and have a rematch with your 2v2 teammate  These thing are Coming In Clash Royale October Update2017 so Come and take a look at those things one by one Check Out here how to win Mirror Battle Challenge

Mirror Mode

Clash Royale Mirror Mode Sneak Peek 2

Tourchdown Mode and Mirror Mode

In This Gamesmode there’s no towers there’s no river there’s no bridge there’s nothing so how do you score  crowns because three crowns will still win you a match

This Gamemode has two two end zones, one on each side. Every time a troop walks into the end zone, you get a crown. At three crowns, you win the game and The team with most crowns  will win the match


This is a draft mode it can only be played in 2v2 So Its 2v2 Draft Gamemode Some cards cannot be straight to endzone Such Goblin Barrel, Miner Graveyard Continue Reading »

Gold rush & Gem rush Top 9 Gem Rush Deck Clash Royale 

Gold Rush is special events where you earn Gold and/or Gems from your crowns in ladder play 

Gold Rush basically A event Where You will get a  gold From Towers That Means When you take down a tower in Ladder(1v1) or  for every tower will get gold 

If You will take down 1 Princess Tower you will get 100 Gold and From the second princess tower you will get  200 gold  and From the King tower you will get 300 God  so You will get total 600 Gold If you destroy all the towers

Gem Rush it basically the same thing This event will will work exactly the same as Gold Rush If You will take down 1 Princess Tower you will get Gems and From the second princess tower you will get  Gems  and From the King tower you will get Some Gems so actually we don’t know how many gems you will get because supercell did not tell us about gems Top 9 Gem Rush Deck Clash Royale

New 2v2 Emotes and Rematch

So Now Finally we have some  New 2V2 Emotes  also You have the option to rematch with your same teammate

Now You can play 2v2 challenges with your friends Clanmates and Now we have a option to chat with your teammate with predefined phrases. Your opponents can’t see this Chat

Mirror Mode and Some Special Event

In the we have Mirror Mode and some special 2v2 Challenge But Mirror Mode is 2v2 and In Mirror Mode Every deck has mirror  Card also the Same deck same rotation That means You and You has the Deck as your Opponent has For more Info Take a look at below image

Join and get the one-time rewards in Mirror Mode Continue Reading »

  1. 3 Wins = Golden Chest
  2. 6 Wins = Giant Chest.

Mirror Challenge gives you and your opponent If Its 1v1 or 2v2 you and your opponent will get  same decks with same rotation and If i tatk about There will be some daily casual challenges, where all players above level 4 can enter. so it will not over after 3 losses, you can play until you get all the rewards 

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