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Hi Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck Guys NICKDACRAZYMINER here and today i will show you Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck Arena 7+ The Deck: Miner, Skeleton barrel, Tesla, Mega Minion, Ice spirit, Electro Wizard, Poison, Log Take a look at these Top 13 Clash Roayle January 2020 Meta Deck For Every Arena

Basically, the miner with the skeleton barrel provides a powerful, 2-sided offense that is almost garunteed to land damage (Usually the miner is what does this, and the barrel is what’s focused upon).

The barrel’s spawn spread, along with the ewiz’ multi-target and the area of the poison creates a fantastic area of control, cleaning out most played units in the area so come and take a look at this Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck guide   Take a look at this  Best Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10+ 2020


Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck

Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck Card Roles:

Your Primary win condition. the miner gives fast and adaptable chip damage while tanking for the barrel. It’s best to use the barrel to tank for the miner for a few hits and then let the miner tank for the skeletons once the barrel pops, for the 0.5 delay of skeletons spawning will force both the tower and supports to focus on him. If the opponent is focusing on your miner first, it’s best to play the miner on the back side of the crown tower, away from the king, followed by a poison to cleanup the swarm/subtanks. If the opponents is countering the barrel, or countering with ranged units, play the miner close to the center of the map (but still on the tower) to distract for the skeles or your supports.

The newest card to the game, and your secondary support/win condition. The barrel’s unique spawn mechanic allows it to avoid being instantly moped up by most units, and provides a foray of chaos behind the miner. NEVER play a naked barrel without the spirit, for that will surely provide the opponent with an easy counterpush. The best placement of the barrel is completely to the side of the map, just like a balloon, where it will ignore most enemy towers and beeline for their crown tower. Make sure to utilize the skeleton spawn delay as much as possible, for the targetting system confusion created by this, the ewiz, and the barrel is likely to bewilder your opponents and give you an upper hand. I reccommend watching OJ’s skeleton barrel interactions video if you want to understand it better.

  • Electro Wizard

Enemies will call him the obnoxious wizard, for all he does is stun stun stun. The retargetting of the E wiz is paramount to success, for it synergizes extremely effectively with the barrel and miner. You must always start out using this one defensively, building up to a swift and deadly miner push. This is your primary support unit Take a Look at these Top 9 Electro Wizard Deck 2020

  • Tesla

Tank Killer. An extremely simple description of the tesla. This miracle from the ground quickly cleans up tanks and swarms alike, one-shooting minions. The tesla Should be played in the center against everything except hog, against which one should use place it closer to the tower… Just like the mega Minion, stall for it to let it deal damage (but don’t panic if it takes a hit or two, it is supposed to last a few hits.!)

  • Mega Minion

The closest thing in the deck to a subtank, absolutely essential to defense. You MUST protect him with the stalling power of the ewiz/ice spirit/log. It’s best if it’s played near the birdge to take out support units on defense, and provides a good support system for any counter push you put up so long as it’s tanked for. Simply put, If you can keep it alive, it can take out anything pretty quickly.

  • Ice Spirit

At this point, everyone should know what this little (lively) ball of ice does.Use the ice spirit to stall for the Mega Minion/Tesla on defense. On offense, a smart and surprisingly effective push is to send in the Skeleton barrel with a spirit underneath, so that when the barrel pops, the spirit freezes the tower/supports and allows the skeles to do some work

  • Poison

Play with the miner, used to soap up the units and deal damage to the point where your crown tower can kill them without damage.

  • Log

Simply the cheap spell to help cleanup. Most players should know how to use the log, and that it is easily replaceable with zap/arrows in most decks, depending on the role the log is used for. In this deck, log is better served to stalling large tanks rather than supporting pushes (it can’t reach the miner)

Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck Weaknesses/general strategies:

This deck lacking a subtank is a major setback for most who depend heavily on such cards, use of the electro wizard, Ice spirit, and log is crucial on defense, for you need to use them effectively to stall for the Tesla and/or Mega minion.

That being said, the biggest counter to this deck is probably 3 musks, especially considering that they can just zap the SB and swarm the miner…. 

Against 3 musketeers, the best thing you can possibly do is attack their pumps.

This is the only real way to keep them under control, so use miner-poison to clean up pumps behind the towers, and miner log to take out pumps in front of the kings tower The Skeleton-barrel ice spirit combo will serve as a suitably small and fast offensive push against 3 musk decks that lack the minion horde.

  1. Against Giant, Golem and Hound Beatdown of any kind: The key card is Tesla. Use elecro wiz and ice spirit to stall the tank unit, log and ewiz can both help stall some supports as the Mega minion takes them out. Another option is to use the barrel defesnively against for example and enemy musk and let the skeletons do the dirty work on her and the tank. Always be aware of their spell cycle, and make sure you play the ewiz next to the right side of the corwn tower while the tesla distracts the tank. Also, never forget to Spank their pumps!
  2. Against gob bait, This deck pretty much hard counters log bait so long as you can get some clean hits with the miner and use poiosn to mop up the gang that they’ll play to counter it. MM to kill princess and knights, tesla for hog if they have it… Countering spell bait is so old, predictable and repetitive by now… Just don’t let them rocket your ewiz and mega mion/skeleton barrel simultaneously and you’ll be fine…
  3. Against other Miner decks, the Skeleton barrel is your best friend, for it essentialy forces enemy Ewiz/goblins/posion to be played, all of which are essential to their own offensive strategy. Tesla is also a good preemptive counter for the Miner since it can’t be killed by spells.
  4. Against Hog Cycle, Cycle your tesla, use log to kill supports, rinse, repeat. Use the pure miner-Skeleton barrel push on offense, and save Ewiz for taking care of emergencies (such as when you don’t have tesla but they’ve played hog).
  5. Against the other decks, Poison against graveyard, use the ice spirit to take megaknight jumps and freeze it while the tesla kills it with the mega minion. Against pekka, it’s best to play defensively and build up your E wiz/Mega Minion for a massive miner push on the enemy tower. Never be afraid to use the Tesla! (Especially against RG.) This deck lacks very good ebarbs counters, so the best thing to do is use the ice spirit and ewiz and hope they don’t have an overleveled fireball

Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck Conclusion

Basically, the miner with the skeleton barrel provides a powerful, 2-sided offense that is almost garunteed to land damage (Usually the miner is what does this, and the barrel is what’s focused upon).

The barrel’s spawn spread, along with the ewiz’ multi-target and the area of the poison creates a fantastic area of control, cleaning out most played units in the area.

On defense, the tesla, mega minion, and E wiz from a triangle of destruction that spans an entire side of the arena (look at the formation of their placement.) In conclusion,

This Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck is a fast paced and extremely effective deck requiring a good amount of skill in playing defense properly, and can deal with just about anything.

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