Clash Royale Miner Royal Recruits Deck

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Hi Guys Dexter here and today i am going to show you Miner Royal Recruits Deck Including Log bait and  This Miner Royal Recruits Deck is very Populer in Grand Challenges and ladder at High level This Miner Royal Recruits Deck help me to push 4450+ Throphies  I have a fairly decent amount of skill and experience at using zap/spell bait deck.This Miner Royal Recruits Deck ( Log Bait Royal Recruits Deck ) also working well for me in tournaments My Miner Royal Recruits Deck ( Log Bait Royal Recruits Deck ) contains a lot of current META Cards Such as Princess Log  Miner which is needed for these kind of Miner Royal Recruits Deck So come and take a look at this Miner Royal Recruits Deck guide

Miner Royal Recruits Deck | Log Bait Royal Recruits Deck

Miner Royal Recruits Deck | Log Bait Royal Recruits Deck Arena 9+

Miner: Big part of your win condition in this deck, he tanks for nice counter push and chip damage. Pairs well with Bats, Dart Goblin and Poison. All your pushes should include him.

When facing heavy decks running Elixir Collector, always send your Miner to get the positive Elixir trade, Lone Miner is not normally advised, although


I often send one in if I’m sitting full on elixir in the beginning of the game and I don’t know what he uses to counter it.Use it for chip damage and to tank for your other troops. Can be used on defense to take out princesses

The Log: The best spell in the game. You can deploy a psychic log to deal with their skeleton army or finish off injured glass cannons. Great counter against goblin barrel and can knockback all units.

Poison:  Support spell for your Miner pushest to kill most counters. Try to get as much value out of it as possible. Also handles with enemy pumps.

This Miner Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck relies on chip damage to destroy a tower, and if you make any mistakes, it could cost you. However, unlike most Chip Cycle decks,

I tend to adopt a very defensive playstyle when using this deck. I don’t commit much elixir to the board. Instead, I go for mini-pushes like Miner+bats, 

As I mentioned before, this deck is about doing two things:

Chipping away at the opponent without overextending.

Putting your opponent in bad rotations by making them make awkward plays.

Miner Royal Recruits Deck | Log Bait Royal Recruits Deck Defensive Strategy

Your standard defense will usually be Royal Recruits to kill the tank,  Bats or Dart Goblin against balloon and Miner the wall to take out support.

f needed, you can use a Miner To take out His Princess If they Played or you can use Poison for splash damage. IF needed, make sure you spread out your defenses. Your troops are delicate and can easily be logged, arrowed, or fireballed.

This Miner Royal Recruits Deck | Log Bait Royal Recruits Deck does not have too much problems with any of the major decks, only problem you could face are Zap Bait Decks but as long as you keep the pressure on the other lane, forcing them to defend you will be able to split their push making each one weaker and easier to destroy.

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Thanks for reading this Miner Royal Recruits Deck | Log Bait Royal Recruits Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.