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Hi Guys, clash_jeremy here and I feel this Miner Rocket Deck  is one of the best I’ve ever created. This Miner Rocket Deck gets me on average around 10 wins in challenges, and I’ve won close to 20 challenges with this deck. For me, this Miner Rocket Deck  is strictly used for tournaments and challenges. Having said that, you need all of these cards at tourney levels for it to be viable. Also, I can’t think of any substitutes at this moment for the deck, but feel free to fire away any questions.Here is the Miner Rocket Deck

Miner Rocket Deck

Miner Rocket Deck Card Role:

Miner: The miner is the most versatile card in this deck. I use him to take out elixir pumps, tank for guards, fire spirits, and muskys. I also use him to take out princesses that are sieging vital furnaces or other support troops. In a pinch, he can also take out or stall a back line of a giant/pekka/golem push. I don’t like to use him for that, and if I am, 

Guards: The pesky little skeletons. Great against Pekka, Mini Pekka, Sparky, Prince, and pretty much any other hard hitting troops. They are also my giant surround units. That  aren’t as good as barbs, but they get the job done. It can stop a hog by themselves while allowing only 1 or 2 hits, depending on pathing.


Prince: The key to this deck. His high hp makes him last through poison. His inability to be pushed back makes him a hard counter to bowlers. He hits hard enough to shred through most tank pushes with some other support in the area. If you can time a prince push to coincide with the furnace spitting out a pair of fire spirits, it usually requires the opponent to make a poor elixir reply. Miner Rocket Deck 

Musketeer: The only air targeting troop in the deck, so you have to play her perfectly. She is a great at supporting guards, princes, etc, to take out tanks. I usually place her right beside or behind the tower, that way she can deal out all of the damage without taking any from the troops. The best thing about tourney standards is that poison and fireball don’t take her out.  Miner Rocket Deck 

Furnace: In my opinion this is one of the most pow erful cards at tournament standard. A pair of spirits completely wipes out minions, goblins, skeletons, and any other squishy troop. You really have to get good at knowing the pull depth of all of the tanks. This is something I struggle with, because I get stressed and make bad plays when I see a giant push barreling down the lane. 

Zap: We all know and love this card. It’s so versatile and can be used on offense/defense or anywhere. It’s good to have to get rid of squishy units to clear the path for a prince charge, clean up around a miner so he can get hits in, kill a musky surround so she can target the tower. 

Poison: If you’re not using this card right now, you’re missing out. I don’t know why it hasn’t been nerfed already. It’s extremely strong at tournament levels. This card is great at taking out princesses, barbs, and great to slow down and stop a tank push with multiple units. My main philosophy with Poison is that I always try to get at least 3 things in it unless I’m using it in a pinch. If you’re targeting a princess, try to at least hit the tower as well, but even better if you can get an elixir collector or another troop in it as well. Miner Rocket Deck  

Rocket: The secret to the success of the deck. With my strategy, I’ve made it a lot more versatile of a card than it has been in any other deck I’ve ever played. If you ever see an elixir collector placed behind a tower, rocket it immediately. You are basically getting 500 free damage to their tower while simultaneously ruining their strategy of getting elixir flow. Another key use for this card is to completely wipe out tank pushes. A well placed rocket can give you a +10 or more elixir trade.  Miner Rocket Deck 

How to play the Miner Rocket Deck  :


 The main damage factors in this deck are the miner and furnace. Once I have established control and made some positive elixir trades, I can pump a never ending stream of fire spirits and miners onto the tower. Miner Rocket Deck 

The best part about carrying the rocket is that you only have to get the tower down to 493, and then you can just rocket to win at the end. Once the tower is in rocket range, I usually just back off, shore up the defense, and hold out until 7 seconds left and then launch the rocket. Miner Rocket Deck 

I built this deck originally to counter giant poison, so this deck crushes those decks, but is also strong against a lot of the other deck archetypes. The only deck that I really struggle against consistently is a really solidly played Lava Hound deck. Another deck that has been popping up that I have a little problem with is the knight /3 musky deck. Miner Rocket Deck 

If you play solidly you should be able to handle those decks more than 50% of the time, and clean up almost all the other matches you play Miner Rocket Deck 

That is the deck, and I really hope this helps Please ask any questions you may have. I want people playing anti-giant decks so we can start shifting the meta a little bit away from that.


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