Miner Poison Deck

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Control Miner Poison Control Deck Push To Arena 9

Hi Guys OverpoweredPocket Here I wanted to make a Deck with the Poison spell. I wanted to show some love to this Card, because it was heavily underused but not out of the current META.

I might not be the best Players out there, with about 280 Wins hovering around 3000 & 3100 Trophies, but I’ll show you my own Miner Poison Deck that usually works against Golem + Lighting and Hog + Ice Golem Decks And My Miner Control Deck contains 2 Spells, 1 Building & 5 Troops So Let’s Take A look on this Miner Poison Deck Guide

Miner Poison Deck

Miner Poison Deck Card Role:

Miner: Your main Win-condition. Use the Miner combined with the Poison spell to kill any cheap defensive Troops and to damage your Opponents Tower.Just a simple Miner + Poison push can deal over 800 Damage on your Opponents Tower. Use that at your advantage.Change your deployment, don’t put the Miner always in 1 spot all the time,If you don’t have Guards or the Bowler in your rotation, use the Miner on defense.To Kill Princess


Bowler: This Card is your win-condition Support. The Bowler is an excellent Card against swarm Decks, with the help of the Poison spell,it can clear out the path on offense for the Mega Minion.If your Opponent uses the Furnace, and the Fire Spirits are strong enough to reach your Tower, put the Bowler at the side in which are the Spirits going. This will prevent your Opponent to get chip damage, and it will put pressure on him for a counter push.

Mega Minion: The Mega Minion is still a very strong Card for 3 Elixir and is good at any point of view.This Card should be used against Air Troops and against the Princess.If your Opponent messed up his Building placement, use this at your advantage and put the Mega Minion at the river in the middle of the field. It will try to destroy the Building (Only on Spawners).

Poison: In this Deck, Poison should only be used once you sent your Miner at a Tower. The Poison spell should hit the Tower and your Opponent’s Building’s,Ofcourse if he has some on the field.Feel free to use the Poison spell defensively, if you don’t have any specific counters to a Card.Never drop your Poison Spell at high health Troops, it’s better to combine the Spell offensively with your Miner.

Princess: While the Log is being in the current META,The Princess is still a good Card for chip damage and kill cheap Troops like Spear Goblins and Minions.Use her mainly for chip damage and to apply pressure on your Opponent. But don’t rush it, first look what Cards your opponent uses.If you know your Opponents Card rotation, put the Princess at the Bridge and have your Zap Spell ready for low health Troops.

Guards: Obviously the best defensive unit in Clash Royale,.The Guards CAN be used in offense & defense, but I Will recommended for defense. You should kite Air Troops with Guards and stop heavy hitter like the Prince with them. Combined with the Zap Spell, Guards can also kill the 3 Musketeers.

Inferno Tower: Best Defence In The Game Don’t relay just in your Inferno Tower, many Players are using the Lighting Spell, which could get you in a bad situation of you just drop your Inferno Tower at a Big Push.If your Opponent uses 2 Win conditions, try to use the Inferno Tower only at the Tank. Usually Players would use the Royal Giant combined with the Hog Rider.If your opponent doesn’t use the Hog or any other win-condition besides the Miner, put your Inferno Tower down once a while. This will prevent your Opponent to make big pushes, and the Inferno Tower can Take Out His Push

Zap: Currently, Zap is the most used spell in the Game, because of it’s cheap cost and 0.5sec stun effect, which can be helpful in WAY too many situations.Usually, Cards that should be Zapped are low health/elixir Troops or Cards which have very slow DPS (Sparky, Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower) I Can Stunt Them For Some Second

Miner Poison Deck Game-Plan:

The Deck is super fun to play, but requires a lot of focus, because you are constantly pushing and playing aggro. Your Main Push Are miner+Princess or miner+Poison or Bowler At The Back Of King Tower When He Reach’s At Bridge Then Send Miner+Mega Minion combos. (Dont wait for elixir to go to 10, push as soon as you have enough elixir for the combo) Defend your miner push with Zap.

If you dont have a nice hand you can also send 3 Princess alone For Chip Damage and If  he has goblins, you can zap them if your fast enough resulting in a huge trade and forcing him into wasting another card for your princess

This Card Poision is very annoying In This Miner Poison Deck , since the deck has no mini-tank. You can win some matches against Giant Poison, its just a hard match-up. The Deck takes a lot of practice to master, but I’ve beaten lvl12 Giant+Poison+Prince players with this Miner Poison Deck.

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Thanks for reading this Miner Poison Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.