Miner Mortar Deck

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Miner Mortar Deck Push to Arena 9

Hi guys,Riddle0219 here today I want to share the miner-mortar siege-burn deck that I’ve been using for a while and i Reached at  3900+ Trophies.This Miner Mortar Deck is essentially a popular miner tempo-burn deck that swaps out the cannon for the mortar. The original version also has mini-pekka (which Woody utilizes) but I’ve had success using the barbarians,I prefer the cheaper cost and faster cycling of the mortar as well as the threat of constant chip damage. Miner Mortar Deck

Miner Mortar Deck

Miner Mortar Deck Card Role:

Miner: This card is the core of the entire deck. More than a mortar deck this is a miner deck. Leveling him up is very important as he’s your primary winning condition and will provide lots of utility and chip damage. Personally I felt a huge difference from level 1 to level 2 miner.Use him to destroy elixir collectors, kill princesses, tank for your support troops and simply chip away the tower. Miner Mortar Deck

Mortar: One of my favorite cards in the game. This card is very versatile and can be used on both offense and defense as you’d use a cannon or a tesla. The mortar’s defensive utility is very underrated as it is able to do splash against hordes like barbarians and 3 musketeers, plus it has a very good amount of HP for a 4 elixir cost building. It is also a common, which makes it great as a winning condition since it’s easy to level up!


Princess: Not much to explain here. She does well in miner decks. Use this card to bait spells, cycle trough your deck, snipe the opponent’s tower and take care of small-medium hordes targeting your tower or mortar.When your opponent uses minions/horde to defend against mortar, make sure to have the princess ready. If it’s a minion horde it’s worth zapping to prevent any damage to your mortar, Miner Mortar Deck

Barbarians: I recently swapped mini-pekka for barbarians and I’ve been having success with them. They cost more elixir and are prone to AoE but they come with advantages. Ever since I swapped barbarians I defend my mortar much better and I don’t lose as often against giant poison and 3 musketeers (the latter is still a tricky card to deal with). Miner Mortar Deck

Elixir Collector: One of the most OP cards in the game. Place this card whenever you can to gain an elixir advantage. Be careful of enemy miners when placing it and defend either with barbarians and zap the cheap support troops or use barbarians to defend the support troops and distract the miner with spear goblins (prone to zap)

Minion Horde: A very versatile card. These guys provide your main source of anti-air defense against lavahound, balloons and other aerial units. You can use them on both offense and defense while being careful of your opponent’s AoE

Spear Goblins: The original miner tempo-burn deck uses these guys and I’ve grown fond of them. Stab goblins are a better card for ladder but since this deck only has one ranged attacker (princess) it really benefits from using spear goblins instead of goblins.

Zap: Not much to explain here. Still the most versatile spell in the game, useful in many circumstances. No point in explaining its utility. Miner Mortar Deck

How to play Miner Mortar Deck

How you play the deck depends on your opponent. Generally speaking this deck is both control and siege. You want to build an elixir advantage and then deploy an unanswerable mortar or miner + cheap troops push. You should defend first and then start your counter. Miner Mortar Deck

When your opponent is starting to build a push, place the mortar on the other lane to put some pressure on them or start a miner push. Miner Mortar Deck

Don’t over-commit on offense and be precise with aggro otherwise it can cost you a tower.

Usually you want to go for the 1-0 win since this deck isn’t very good at 2 crowning, but it’s possible and I’ve done it frequently. Miner Mortar Deck

Play your mortar as often as you need on defense as this deck has other ways to deal damage to towers

Play pumps as frequently as possible as well. Sometimes it is better to pump more instead of rushing even if you have a slight advantage. Miner Mortar Deck

This Miner Mortar Deck is weak against:

I hope you guys enjoyed this hipster deck. If you have any questions just let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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