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Hi Guys Hyp3rion.Akki Here And Today I am Going To Show You Miner Mortar Control Deck Which Is Working Well For Me  This deck is amazing in challenges and pretty good in ladder. This deck is so satisfying and fun once you have mastered in it,This Mortar Control Deck Contain Only One Legendary Card Which Is Miner It has a Huge Role In This Deck Like it forces your opponent to react With your mortar, miner Make his Deadly Push. Let’s Take A look on this Mortar Control Deck

Mortar Control Deck

Mortar Control Deck Card Role:

Mortar: This is one of your main win conditions, the other being miner. The reason I prefer this over xbow, is because of the blind spot. Now, that may seem like a disadvantage, but once a hog or giant gets in that blind spot, the mortar is free to shoot at the tower And the mortar has the ability to deal a lot of damage to the enemy crown tower. In addition, your opponent often over-commits to killing it, which may lead to a significant elixir advantage.


Miner: This is your other win condition. This card synergizes greatly with mortar because it forces your opponent to react to your mortar Miner can be used for just about anything, including destroying an enemy elixir pump, princess, building, or simply to distract/defend. As this deck does not have arrows/fireball, you will often find yourself using miner for the opponents princess.

Spear Goblins : This card is very versatile. It can be use to defend minions, Mini Pekka, Mega Minion, etc. This card with miner will be your main miner push. Now, this is the small but deadly card. You can send it to chip 300 damage at the tower, or pull a prince to its death.

Musketeer : This card is a need. It is very versatile in this deck The main ranged unit in the deck. Works fantastically on defense and offense,  Shuts down pushes and can be used to begin pushes too. and, but It has pretty good damage. It is great for defending medium size pushes and for counter pushing.I strongly recommend you take a look at here for more tips and tricks.

Mega Minion : This is a stupidly good defensive card; has been the main answer to hog riders, miners, backline units, etc.It’s slow movement speed makes this card only effective at counter-pushing when paired up with other units like Pekka. If She’s not too injured

Rocket: Make sure the rocket is at least level 7, so it can one-shot sparky when cast. Don’t use the rocket on elixir collectors when you know the opponent has a sparky or 3 musketeers. The rocket will punish the elixir collector and or a troop that is next to the tower. Use the rocket to destroy any elixir collector the opponent places, but be very careful and make sure you have ample elixir to defend. 

Zap: Zap remains the most used card in the meta, and for good reason. It works well against minions, goblins, skeletons, you-name-it, while having an invaluable mechanic. Zap is included in this deck to deal with just about anything – Use it to clear cheap units, reset inferno tower/troops, or even to get that last bit of damage you need; this card does it all.

Tombstone: Currently I am Using Tombstone Insted OF Skarmy I useTombstone instead of the Skarmy to counter the hog. An effective way to deal with the hog + set up a counterpush is place a tombstone with a Mega Minion. The 4 skeletons that spawn in the end often provide ample distraction to build up a decent push. Replacement SkArmy

Mortar Control Deck Gernal Gameplan : 

If You Have Miner Spear Goblin  Then Go For a Small a Miner Spear Goblin push. And Get Some Cheap 400+Damage It Will be pressure your opponent and force them to react to your push

As You know  miner can single handily deal 500 damage to a tower (level 1 miner). Miner + Spear Goblin Or Miner+Zap is an extremely powerful combo right now,

Never play the mortar as your first move. It will die very quickly or you will be overwhelmed by a counter push in the other lane. Your goal with the mortar is to place it once you have a comfortable elixir advantage as well as units to protect your mortar. 

If your Mortar is countered every time or your opponent keeps pushing and you don’t have time to set up your Mortar. Rocket down the tower. Usually after plan 1 is ruined, the tower will be left with approximately 700 hp. 2 Rockets will do the job so you just have to defend.

A good opening play would be placing an Musketeer/Mega Minion behind your crown tower, using your miner if your opponent places an elixir pump, or simply waiting for your opponent to make the first move. Save either your tombstone or Mega Minion to deal with your opponents Hog Rider.

These 2 cards also work well against the Royal Giant. Use your Zap sparingly! It’s your only direct-damage spell in your deck.

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Thanks for reading this Mortar Control Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.