Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck

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My name is Verdant and I thought I would do a strategy guide for Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck I have been playing since the 3,500’s and got me to almost 4600 as a Level 10. This Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck will require some basic knowledge of the game and having a grasp of miner decks.  This is generally a 1 crown deck, meaning that you will want to defend your tower hitpoints as much as possible since the objective is to chip your opponent out.

In this deck guide I will explain the roles of each individual card, effective synergies, and some interesting plays you can make. The best thing of this deck is that unlike many other archetypes, Miner Control/Chip is a very versatile deck where you can use all cards for both offense and defense.so come and take a look  for this Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck guide

Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck

Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck Card Role:

  1. Miner: Obviously the key factor of this deck. You mainly want to use it as your tank for your support troops but can also be used as a win condition if necessary. Try keeping pressure on your opponent by sending the miner as much as you can but remember to switch up your placement every time. The miner can be used on defense if completely necessary and will serve the purpose of a weaker knight.
  2. Mini Pekka: By far the most underrated card in the entire game right now. The damage dealer of this deck, this versatile card can destroy tanks and with the help of miner form a very scary counter push. Shines at defense and pretty good at offense, the mini pekka can shred tower but can be hard to get to a tower. Accompanying it with a lot of splash can help this monster get to the tower. Note:avoid pushing with Mini Pekka+ Fire spirits since this push can easily be shut down for a negative elixir trade.
  3. Zap: By far the best and most versatile spell in the game. Killing cheap troops, Reseting infernos and making towers re target are just one of the main functions of this awesome spell. Generally used to clean up the way for Mini Pekka. Note: The 1/23 Zap nerf shouldn’t affect the utility of the spell since Goblin Barrel is generally countered with other cards.
  4. Princess: By far one of the best support troops in the game. Even though the rise of The Log has hurt her, a lot. The princess keeps saving me in many games. Always try spreading her from your push so she doesn’t get killed by defending troops. Also works as Spell bait. Tip: If your opponent places his/her princess behind the king tower, immediately place yours at the river. This way your princess will get a collateral shot on your opponents p, letting yours kill the princess while yours survives.
  5. Skarmy: Another card affected by The log’s popularity raise but still one of the best epics in the game. Should always be used on defense to counter tanks and heavy hitters, always assume that the opponent has zap in hand so you do not get blind sided and lose a tower. Even though skarmy shines at defense, it can easily punish and over run a deck with lack of splash damage. Tip: When facing tanks, first place your inferno and then clean up with Skarmy.
  6. Fire Spirits: Your main source of splash and cheap damage. This 3 little brothers are usually underrated and ignored by the opponent. Your alternate counter to Goblin Barrel if Skarmy isn’t available. Tip:I generally like to start the game with bare fire spirits since they will force him/her to play a card or take the 500 HP damage, this will also help you shuffle your deck. This strategy works most of the time since it doesn’t let your opponent with any elixir to counterpush, forcing them to make a hard choice.
  7. Inferno Tower: By far the most reliable building in the game right now. Synergises well with skarmy since both cards are Zap baits. If you’re opponent has Zap/Log be sure to save your Mini Pekka for defense. Inferno Tower placement depends on the situation. Most times you will want it to be hit by support troops allowing your cheap troops to clean up.
  8. Minions: Another strong card that has survived through several METAS for its versatility. Minions are a great support troop that can easily punish opponents with weak air defense. If you’re facing Graveyard make sure to save your minions and have another card in case the opponent freezes them.

Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck Matchups:

  1. Golem Decks: Just like any other Beatdown decks Golem decks are weak to chip decks, since this archetypes is more fast paced and heavy decks can hardly keep up. Dont let the opponent push and try keeping their counters off cycle. I usually end up defending one “Big” push and end up winning 1-0.
  2. Lavaloon: Lavaloon got popular with the rise of Elite Barbarians and the lack of air coverage in many decks. Luckily this isn’t one of them, Inferno tower should be highly protected and Skarmy should help distract support troops long enough for your towers to take down this combo. Fire spirits can take over 30% of a balloons health if you’re in trouble. Your offense should consist mainly of Miner+Minions cycle to keep the pressure up. Over 70% win rate against this archetype.
  3. Hog Freeze with Elite Barbs: By far one of the best matchups, always try keeping up with your opponents cycle since one Hog+Ice golem can set you back immensely. The opponent’s deck is weak to Miner+ minions because they usually bring Zap and Freeze. Inferno at the farthest pull possible when defending the hog. When defending Elite Barbs, keeping the calm is the main objective. Don’t place your troops on top of them, start by pulling them with Fire spirits and continue with either skarmy or Mini Pekka.
  4. Giant decks: Easiest match up possible. The main objective is to chip the opponent out with miner cycle. If the opponent is running arrows, place minions first quickly followed by the miner. This will allow for the first minion to tank 3 shots letting the miner get some chip damage that ends up accumulating. Never let a giant get to your tower, try to keep a positive elixir advantage and remember to kill support troops before killing the Giant.
  5. Zap Bait: This deck has a lot of splash and could be considered a hard counter to zap bait. Tip: Never zap the goblin barrel, most zap bait decks run Log+Fireball which leaves them vulnerable to defensive Skarmy/Fire spirits. Mini Pekka+ Fire spirits can punish your opponent very easily if they dont have Skarmy on cycle. Save Fire spirits for horde, zap for Skarmy and your Skeleton Army on defense. Inferno will be rendered useless unless the opponent has furnace, is the opponent places furnace on one lane play your inferno in the other so it can melt both spirits without them hurting your towers

Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck Possible Substitutions:

  1. Fireball could replace the Princess in case you haven’t unlocked here yet. This will make the deck more balanced but will remove a great offensive troop.
  2. The Log could replace Fire Spirits in case you feel like there is enough splash and you need more ground control.
  3. Electro Wizard could be an interesting replacement to the Mini Pekka if you want to try it out. Less tank control but much more air coverage and splash.
  4. Furnace: This card is very good at challenges but is not good on ladder because it requires a lot of effort to level up. Inferno is much more reliable but Furnace its great at offense and lets you sit back and defend. Also note that it would make the deck weaker to Bowler and Tanks.

Conclusion This Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck is one of the best Off meta decks I’ve played in a while and just got an indirect buff with the nerf on ice golem and EBs because more tanks will be played. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on the comment section below.