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Hi Mega Knight Bandit Deck Guys Shoelacious here and I designed This Mega Knight Bandit Deck to deal with specifically two decks (or metas) that were giving me trouble: the Pekka-Pump versions along with the Miner-Poison decks that counter them; and the Log Bait decks which in this challenge are an even greater nuisance than usual. so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Bandit Deck guide Take a look at these Best October Meta Decks 2017

Mega Knight Bandit Deck

Mega Knight Bandit Deck Card Roles:

MEGA KNIGHT — This card is usually best held for defense. His entry damage is very good for winning group fights that have just crossed your bridge, which are very common in this challenge—but be careful to lure the enemy into your base a bit, because his knockback can force troops to retarget in ways that are hard to plan around (and which may be bad for your troops). If you have a bad hand and the game is quiet, it is okay to start a push with Mega Knight behind your king tower: it will probably lure out the opponent’s Pekka, which you can later answer favorably with your own Pekka to make a strong counterpush which they will have no great answers for. (This is looking ahead a few phases, and it often works.)

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BATS — Bats are cheaper and faster than minions, and they are good Zap bait in decks that run Inferno Dragon. Here I used them to keep the deck average down, and because in other decks I noticed that Minions were not getting much additional value; the marginal advantage of a faster cycle was worth more to me than the greater durability of Minions, and I don’t remember being disappointed by that choice with this build.

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LOG — The Log Bait decks in this challenge strike me as nothing but gatekeepers, stealing wins from strong contenders who aren’t running Log while probably getting nowhere close to 12 wins themselves. I detest such attitudes. I ran Log and crushed their stupid barrels, but when I tried that in earlier runs, it actually wasn’t enough: I also needed Miner to assassinate their Princesses. Those two tools were the key to winning some other matchups as well: Log is also a game-changer versus clumped pushes with Bandit or E-Wiz (or even Ice Spirit), sometimes finishing off damaged units and sometimes forcing retargets. Having another cheap card to cycle in this heavyweight meta is also an advantage not to be overlooked. Some people are running a big spell in addition to Zap, but against this deck it gave me a huge advantage if they used it, and them having a deck that is so hard to cycle is a handicap seldom worth the cost.

ZAP — Zap is almost mandatory in this challenge, due to the number of Bats and Inferno Dragons that people are running, but also because of the quieter value plays that appear so often (zapping a Goblin Gang plus tower, plus whatever, happens quite a lot: there is so much sloppy play that you get a lot of opportunities to use zap nicely). I tried a few runs without Zap and very quickly regretted it. Just use Zap.

BANDIT — This challenge is all about waiting for the other guy to overcommit so that you can punish—and then win the eventual sumo match that develops at the bridge. Bandit sneaks into that fray amazingly well, and because she is hard to keep track of when a lot is going on, she nearly always gets value. But Knight or Mini Pekka could do that too. Bandit is here (and not them) because she excels at the tactical utility plays you very often need to make during the opening two minutes. She can take out an approaching E-Wiz or Princess and then demands a response (which you can often zap and ignore for big value). She can likewise make a small push with Bats if the game is a staring contest. Her speed and damage make her a bigger threat than the alternatives, and in the shadow of a big tank the Bandit is hard to handle.

MINER — Miner is, like Bandit, a tactical tool in this deck. He is better than Pump because he counters it for half the cost, and when answered he sets up value Zap plays. He answers Princess, he can knock out a defensive E-Wiz, and sometimes he distracts or chips towers during big pushes. Like Bandit, Miner is easy to lose sight of when there are bigger concerns on the field, and his flexibility can steadily put your opponent at a disadvantage if they are running a heavier deck that cycles poorly. Imagine their hand being Pekka, Mega Knight, Pump, and Inferno Dragon, and they play Pump and cycle to bats. You send in your Miner—and Zap the Bats, Pump, and Tower. That happens all the time. Go ahead, pal, Pump up: I saw that YouTube video too.

E-WIZ — Among ranged attackers, only E-Wiz can stall an Inferno Dragon before it melts your Pekka. E-Wiz can also force retargeting, which sometimes stifles your opponent’s intentions. I won a few matches simply because he was shooting the tower, damaging it while keeping it targeted on the sumo match nearby where it had practically no impact. His splash entry is also of great utility in finishing off damaged troops in a clump, and against spammed squishies like Goblin Gang or Barrel (if your Log is out of cycle). A few people are trying to sneak Balloons through too, and E-Wiz with Bats makes short work of those.

PEKKA — Your answer to the enemy Pekka is your own Pekka. This is basically the ultimate defense and the win condition of this deck (and of most others in the challenge). Your primary strategy versus other Pekka players should be to use your Mega Knight to bait out their Pekka, then answer theirs with your own on your side of the field. All those fights are slow, so in overtime the elixir builds up enough for you to make your second push with a second Mega Knight, or sometimes a second Pekka. To that end, try to draw out the earlier scuffles as long as you can, while preserving the health of your Pekka. Try to drop your Pekka deep in your territory so that the fight is away from the river: you want to avoid having an enemy Inferno Dragon or E-Wiz positioned just out of range on the opponent’s side of the bridge. A good rule of thumb is that the tank fight will occur about halfway between their tank and yours at the moment you drop yours—but be careful not to lure the enemy Mega Knight into leaping onto your crown tower when it targets your Pekka. (Versus enemy Mega Knight, I usually dropped my Pekka deep in the middle of my base; versus enemy Pekka, I dropped mine just behind the crown tower so that they meet as close to my tower as possible.)

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Shared by Shoelacious

I don’t know if the Grand challenge meta has moved on from the phase I saw, but it seemed to settle there, and I haven’t seen a lot of new decks posted online. Hope this writeup can help a few of you late contenders get your 12

Thanks for reading this really good Mega Knight Bandit Deck Guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments