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Miner Log Inferno Control 3.0 Deck Guide

Hi Guys Ace110 here and I’ve recently hit 4k Trophies as a level 9 with 9/7/3/1 card levels! I thought this was a pretty good achievement, so I wanted to make this Miner Log Deck guide to hopefully help others do the same or even better! Before I share the deck, here’s the proof of my achievement: let’s take a look on this Miner Log Deck guide  

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Miner Log Deck

Miner Log Deck Card Role:

  • Miner: The main win condition of this deck. While being one of the main chip cards, it can also deny Princesses, Elixir Collectors, and is an underrated defensive option with almost the same capabilities of a Knight on defense. You almost never want to send him alone. You can play him to tank for your troops that remain after defending for a good counterpush. If your opponent ignores him, he can deal anywhere from 300-600 damage! Make sure to mix-up your Miner’s placement on your opponent’s tower or you will be punished.
  • Inferno Tower: This deck’s namesake. Even with the Inferno Tower being nerfed this update, it is still a very strong card. A lot of the cards in this deck are flimsy, and Inferno Tower provides a wall of hitpoints that can tank for you defensive cards whilst also melting tanks. When placing this card, space it properly so your opponent can’t get a value Lightning to hit your other defensive cards.
  • Princess: An amazing legendary card, especially for this deck. On defense, it helps to clear swarms and chip away at support. On offense, place it on the bridge solo to get some chip damage and force a response, or use it as a backline in a bigger push to help clear swarms and splash onto the tower. If your opponent uses a spawner (e.g. Furnace) in the middle, you can play your Princess in the middle to target the Furnace and chip away at it. C
  • Mega Minion: One of the best cards in the game right now. Can kill most ground troops, and with some help, air targeting backline troops as well. Almost always used on defense and then optionally counterpushing by adding a Miner.
  • Ice Spirit: Despite the nerfs, still a good card. Can freeze things on both offense and defense, and also cycle your deck, all for 1 elixir! Check Out This Guide For More Details
  • Skeleton Army: Because of the buffs, Skeleton Army is now a really solid card, especially because Poison is mostly gone. It has a whopping 1072 DPS at tournament standards, and it’s only 3 elixir! Skeleton Army is good at countering Miners regardless of their placement, but make sure you don’t give your opponent an easy Zap. You can counterpush with it by adding a Miner, or split it to add some Dual-Lane Pressure with other cards.
  • Zap: Resets targeting, Infernos, Sparky, Kills Flimsy Units to clear way for Miner, etc etc. It’s Zap. Also good for buying your Miner an extra half-second to chip more damage on the tower.
  • The Log: The Most Used Card in the Top 200 According to the Popularity Snapshot. It’s just that good. It can kill Princesses, snipe Goblin Barrels, clear swarms, push units back, force a retarget, chip at the tower, push a unit into the other lane, the list goes on and on. I recommend you guys to take a look at ApprenticeTheNoob‘s Log Guides, they are very informative and detailed.

Potential Substitutions

Zap -> Arrows (Better Against Minions) The Log -> Fireball (Hits Air, More Damage) Skarmy -> Goblins, Guards (Guards are not zappable, Goblins cycle faster) Mega Minion -> Mini Pekka (More Hitpoints and Damage, but weak vs. Air)


Miner Log Deck Playstyle :

This deck relies on chip damage to destroy a tower, and if you make any mistakes, it could cost you. However, unlike most Chip Cycle decks, I tend to adopt a very defensive playstyle when using this deck. I don’t commit much elixir to the board. Instead, I go for mini-pushes like Miner+Ice Spirit, Miner+Leftover Troops From Defense, or siege them with a Princess on the Bridge.

I only commit all my elixir to a push if I know my opponent doesn’t have the answers to my push, I have an elixir advantage, or to finish a tower. If your opponent puts an Elixir Collector in the middle, you can split Skarmy to push both lanes and Miner their Collector. A trick I like to use is Miner in front of their Arena Tower and then The Log. It clears out small troops like Skarmy, and pushes troops like Knight off the Miner, and also does 100+ damage.

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Thanks for reading this Miner Log Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.



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