Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck

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Hi Guys FIGGY0023 here and today i am going to show you Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck Which is using by TopnotchCR  in ladder and I’ve been getting so many three crowns This deck is a true ladder deck and great for farming crowns  This Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck actually got me 1 trophy above my previous PB of 4016 Now PB is 4017 and I haven’t dropped below 3930 at all Even better thing is the great comeback potential and the main card is Elite Barbarians which is  Insanely versatile and offers good value on offense and defense so come and take a quick look on this Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck guide

Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck

Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck Card Role:

  1. Miner : This is your mini tank. Use it to distract for other troops in the deck and get some chip damage in at the same time. The miner offers a ton of offensive value in this deck! If you send a miner elite barbarians push when your opponent is low on elixir and has used up the counters
  2. Elixir Pump: I love using this card nowadays because of the high risk of using it, but at a good reward too; an elixir advantage. Pump plays are honestly so fun and provides a good challenge, too. You wanna be able to play the pump at the proper times.
  3. Archers : This card is such a good support card these days! Really versatile and offers a ton of value. With the elite barb buff, this card did receive a little nerf but is still great nonetheless! Miner archers is a great starting push and is a deadly push if left ignored!
  4. Elite Barbarians : Of course, the one card everyone needs (hence why I overlevelled it). Insanely versatile and offers crazy, crazy, CRAZY value on offense and defense. The card provides insane counterpushing potential as one of my common plays is defending with elite barbs then sending in miner to tank.
  5. Mega minion : This card also offers insane counterpushing potential and tons of value on offense and defense, just not as much as elite barbarians. A great play to make on offense is send in a miner a bit late so the tower locks on the mega minion and if your opponent doesn’t react to the push, do a quick zap once the mega minion gets near the tower so the tower retargets onto the miner! It can really punish your opponent!
  6. Ice Golem : This card is insane! You can easily kite with this card, quickly react on defense with this card (cough elite barbs cough). It both does well against elite barbarians and combos elite barbarians on offense really well! Truly a versatile response card!
  7. Fireball : This card is great at finishing low hp towers, weakening elite barbs as an emergency defense, and does great verse squishy troops like barbarians, musketeer, wizard, etc. Not much to say about this spell
  8. Zap: Another great spell, helps opponent’s troops retarget when you need it to, resets sparky and inferno dragon, and clears out cheap, low hp swarm units easy as pie! Another not much to say about spell except that it is awesome

Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck Offence:

The main offensive gameplan is to build up a successful elixir advantage with the pump and start of by slow chip damage to the tower using small pushes or lone miner or archers. Once you have got a good read on your opponent, find that right moment to send in a strong push.


This is the overall offensive gameplan. However, what you mostly will want to happen is build an elixir lead through the course of the game so you can successfully defend then set up a huge counterpush which otherwise wouldn’t be possible without the elixir advantage of the pump. 

When your opponent right away reacts to the pump by spelling it (poison, fireball, lightning, or rocket) send in an aggressive push to try and punish your opponent. This will either end up in massive damage to a tower or force out a lot of cards on defense which will help you build up on elixir to defend and repeat the cycle.

TL;DR your primary focus is counterpushing with a big push by building an elixir lead with pump. Other offense gameplay equals slow chip damage on the tower and punishing your opponent with a heavy push at the right time.

Miner Ice Golem Elite Barb Deck Defense:

On defense, you will want to defend continuously and then counterpush once the opponent has forced out alot of cards from you as this will mean (in most cases) your opponent is low on elixir, too. Your main defense troops are mega minion and elite barbs. Combined, those troops shut down almost any push!

If you use up your cards wisely, play your pump at the right times, and maintain an elixir advantage, you should always be able to successfully defend with this deck!

Verse air decks, your friends are mega minion, archers and fireball, combined those shut down numerous air pushes (combined with zap at times) with minimal damage. Fireball is great verse air troops, weakens inferno dragon, baby dragon, and balloon significantly! Almost kills mega minion and wipes out minions and minion horde.

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