Giant Heal Spell Deck

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Hi Guys Kissmeclsureyes here and today I am going to show you Giant Heal Spell Deck This Deck Got me to 4200+ throphies This is one of the most powerfull deck right now in Clash Royale, the Giant Heal Spell Deck.we have  Furnace to apply a huge pressure on your opponent. After gettinf nerf Still Furnace is definitely one of the the best defensive building right now in the game it has been working fantastic! It’s strong and counters a lot of things very well so Come and take a look at this Giant Heal Spell Deck guide Also Check Out Here Lava Hound Heal Spell Deck Here

Giant Heal Spell Deck

Giant Heal Spell Deck Card Roles:

Giant: The main win Condition in your deck. Deals high damage to towers and can tank a LOT for the rest of your troops. have a lot of health and does decent i said above I like to start it from the back or put it down with Executioner at the bridge or put it at the bridge to start a huge counterpush.Such a strong thing. 5 Elixir is not cheap, but it’s certainly not expensive, if you look at other Beatdown win conditions (You just can’t play Golem and Lava Hound nowadays due to sheer Elite Barbarians pressure). So, the choice was Giant, pretty bulky and strong too, at a nice cost.

Heal Spell: Heal  as name Its describes everything. It can be  used to heals troops At Tournament Standards, its healing speed is 167HP/sec and its lasts for 3 seconds, which is 501 HP in total In This A possible strategy would be to use a Miner and a Mega Minion Minion  with a Heal, but only if the opponent does not have any high-damage spell Like Lightning Technically, the Heal Spell is a reverse Poison with the radius of 3 tiles.While the Heal has healing capabilities, it does not heal any troops that have been destroyed.


Furnace: First line of defense. it also is an extremely annoying card when it comes down to it. Furnace to apply a huge pressure on your opponent. Furnace is definitely the best defensive building at the moment,I do whatever I can to have my first legit play of a match dropping a Furnace, and I always tuck it into the corner behind the Towers and next to the King, just in case a Fireball, Poison, Zap, Miner or Rocket activates the King’s tower. It can make a big dent in a huge swarm of  Larrys, and also help to control Prince charges.

Miner: He’s just really good right now, but in this deck, he is more of a defense oriented card, that can be used for offense. Tanks Elite Barbarians for Minions or Musketeer to kill or he can knock out a Witch behind a Giant or Golem allowing your Minions, and Minion Horde to take out the tank without fear. He’s the jack of all trades in this deck he is offense combined with defense. If you don’t have him I suggest the Knight, as it can perform the same role, but with less mobility.

Lightning: This is really the most important card in the deck. Understanding how to properly use Lightning is crucial to putting yourself ahead. There is nothing more frustrating than beginning a push by dropping your Wizard, Witch, Bomber, or Musketeer behind your tower, then dropping your tank at the bridge, only to have one or two of your support units taken out, leaving your tank without any support and your tower with ~10% less health. 

Musketeer: Purple haired sharpshooter, this card gives you great single target damage to pick off any pesky troops, does great damage when dropped behind the Giant. If you seem to be facing a lot of Lava Hound decks or decks with a lot of spell bait and swarm card, sub in the Wizard. He is just as good but a bit more expensive for the ability to deal splash damage.

Mega Minion: The main Air damage dealer of this deck,The Mega Minion is honestly way better than individual Minions will ever be, and it especially shows in this deck. I used mainly as a defensive card turned offensive it is Great for killing ground units,If my opponent plays Lava Hound i save it for Lava Hound as he kills the Lava Hound very fast as well as soaks all damage coming from the Pups. He can kill Mini P.E.K.K.A, Sparky and Mega Minion which almost everyone is currently using.

Arrow: Arrows are extremely useful against large swarms of low health troops such as Minion Horde. They cost 1 more Elixir than the Zap, but they have a larger area of effect, and also deal more damage, being able to kill Minions up to two levels higher than themselves.It is one of the most versatile spells due to its decent damage and large radius.

Giant Heal Spell Deck Gameplan:

This deck normally always has a good starting hand.If you have Furnace, place it down. If you don’t, have furnace in your starting hand then play giant at back.If you don’t have any of these wait for your opponent to make a move.

Basically This Giant Heal Spell Deck relies on the Furnace to pressure your opponent. It is a passive structure which forces your opponent to make the first move, I usually like to start off with a Giant in the back if it’s in my hand. A Musketeer in the back also works. If you don’t have either, then a Miner ega Minion push is ok.

The Giant is the main offensive card, and is supported by the Lightninor Heal spell, which destroys defensive buildings and medium-health troops and Heal can be  used to heals troops

Giant Heal Spell Deck Basic Pushes

Here are some basic pushes I like to use:

Giant + Heal + Miner – The main push, be ready with Lighting while using

Miner + Heal + Arrow – Good if your opponent uses a Skarmy to counter your Miner

Giant + Mega Minion+Lighting – Good to take down the last 1000+ HP on your opponents tower

Arrow – Good against Skarmy ,Minion Horde,Minions

The Giant is the main damage dealer of this deck, soaking damage and protecting the support behind. Miner is the secondary win condition Lightning is making a great comeback at the moment since it counters the combo Executioner and Electro Wizard (along with the help of the Arrow). Heal is obvious choice for almost any deck at the moment due to his OP Heal Capability . Musketeer and Furnace is a very strong defending combo, Musketeer isalso excellent at supporting the Giant.

This Giant Heal Spell Deck requires so much experienced to play with this Giant Heal Spell Deck.i will recommend you to play some tournaments and challenges which will help you to mastered in this deck  i saw some higher players they were playing same deck

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This is my Giant Heal Spell Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this deck