Miner Furnace Chip Deck

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Hi guys, I’m Pred7tor. I think I’m a fairly decent player, I started playing the game 2 months ago and my PB right now is 4412. I usually always use meta decks or well known decks, but I recently built my own tournament/challenge deck revolving around the miner and furnace. These cards are the best at chipping away at your opponent’s tower and combined with meta control cards this deck is a beast. Let me show you how to use this  Miner Furnace Chip Deck .

Miner Furnace Chip Deck Miner Furnace Chip Deck  Card Role:

Miner: This is the core card of the deck. Since this deck has so many great defensive options, Miner is essential to turning your defense into offense. Also, it is a great chip card, and I usually send it in alone for a few hundred damage. It can take out elixir pumps and princesses with ease as well.

Furnace: This card is so good in tournaments/challenges because as long as it is at tournament standard level, the towers cannot one-shot it and it will do chip damage. It provides amazing value for 4 elixir, and with the rise of the Elite Barbarians this card is crucial. It can do over a thousand damage if left alone.


The Log: This is a great tech card, but not essential. The main reason why I chose this card was because it does chip damage, so it’s great at spell cycling. It’s also a really good card in general and you can do a lot of things with it. There are guides out there that go into detail on the various tricks you can pull off with the Log.

Ice Spirit: Since Zap isn’t in the deck, Ice Spirit is necessary for splashing air troops. It is also a great control and cycle card, and for one elixir you can buy yourself time to deal more hits to tanky troops like the Giant or Hog. Besides the Ice Golem, this is perhaps the best control card in the game and can easily give you an elixir advantage.

Mega Minion: Really, what can I say? It’s THE meta card. It is the main damage dealer of the deck and is crucial for taking out tanks. It is also the only air targeting troop in the deck. For only 3 elixir, it is one of the best defensive cards in the game, and can set up for a scary counterpush.

Ice Golem: Ice Golem is primarily used to distract. It can kite a lot of scary troops like the Elite Barbarians and can tank hits from support troops while the Mega Minion takes them out. It can also take out skeleton armies, tank several waves of fire spirits from furnaces, and counter the Graveyard spell. Overall, it is a key card for controlling the tempo of the game. Miner Furnace Chip Deck

Guards: While this card isn’t popular in the meta right now, I find it better at distracting and taking out ground troops than the skeleton army. It can’t be zapped, so it is more reliable on defense, especially when defending against the Elite Barbarians. It clogs up the area and easily counters troops like the Miner, Mini PEKKA, Musketeer, and even the Graveyard spell. I wouldn’t recommend replacing them unless you have them really underleveled.

Poison: Another unpopular card right now, the Poison saw a big nerf in October but also got a minor damage buff recently. It works really well in a chip deck however, since it does more damage than a fireball and denies troops that can counter the Miner. It is great at taking out buildings like the Elixir Collector and Tombstone. It also has a wide radius, which can be very useful.

Miner Furnace Chip Deck  Gameplan:

The best opening card is Furnace,but if you don’t have it in hand then you can play an Ice Golem from the back or cycle your Ice Spirit.

  • This deck shuts down Hog and Elite Barbarian decks completely, just keep placing furnaces in the middle. It is good against zap bait as well, since it has a wide variety of cards like the Furnace, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, and the Log to deny swarms of troops.

Beatdown decks relying on cards like the Giant and Golem are usually 50/50 matchups, just make sure to protect your Mega Minion from supporting troops as it is quite squishy. Since this deck counters Elixir Collector really well, just take them out before your opponent can get value out of them and you should be fine.

However, Lava Hound decks are quite difficult since the only air targeting troop in this deck is Mega Minion, so make sure to keep it alive and kill off supporting troops first before taking care of the Lava Hound. Graveyard decks are generally 50/50 matchups.

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I hope you guys can use this Miner Furnace Chip Deck to hit 4000+ trophies or beyond and good luck.