Miner Elite Barbarians Deck

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Hello Guys I’m  HiErwi here  I’ve been playing Clash Royale since two Months. and today i am going to show you Miner Elite Barbarians Deck  which got me recently to 3229 Trophies with just 312 Wins. This deck also workjng well for me in tournaments My Deck contains a lot of current META Cards, which are needed for this kind of Deck. So come let’s take a look at this Miner Elite Barbarians Deck Guide

Miner Elite Barbarians Deck

Miner Elite Barbarians Deck Card Role:

  • Miner

This is your Win Condition Support. Use the Miner to destroy Spawners and Elixir Collectors. If your Opponent doesn’t use the Elixir Collector, use the Miner with the Elite Barbs on your Opponent’s Tower.

If you don’t have any counter to some certain Cards, use the Miner on defense. Only use it there is no other option, which is rare, but with a bad starting hand, it can happen.


Switch up the Miner Placements, but never use ir at front of the Tower. This will prevent your Opponent reading your mind. If the Tower is at critical health, use it at the left side on the Tower.

  • Elite Barbarians

This is your Win Condition. The Elite Barbarians are powerful. This Card can kill a Tourney Standards Royal Giant in 2,8 seconds.

They’re excellent in Offense & Defense. In offense, you can pair the with the Ice Golem or Miner and destroy a Tower in seconds. Try to gain a Elixir advantage and surprise your Opponent with a Big Elite Barbarian Push.Most Players won’t be ready for such an offensive Push, and will spam Cards, which will lead them into a huge Elixir disadvantage.

A perfect Elite Barbarians Push would be with the Ice Golem & the Miner to distract all defensive Troops, so your Barbarians can destroy the Tower ASAP.

On defense though, you shouldn’t use them on Miner Pushes, use them only at Tanks and on big Hog Rider Pushes.

  • Archers

There is not much to say about the Archers. I used even before it was in the META, ans I can tell that it’s the most balanced Card right now.Many Cards can counter Archers, but if you split them behind the King Tower, its not worth for your Opponent to kill the with a Spell, + your Opponent doesn’t know on which side you’re going to Push.Archers are NOT Speae Goblins, don’t rush your Opponent with them, try to counter push with them.

  • Mega Minion

The Mega Minion should only be used for counter Pushes. Don’t use it with a simple MM + Miner combination on offense. There is a high chance that your Opponent will gain an elixir advantage AND counter-push.Its a great defensive Card which deals high damage and can kill almost every Support Cards.The only downside from this Troop is that it’s get easily distracted, just like the Mini P.E.K.K.A.

  • Zap

You can use this Spell in many situations. Usually, you want to Zap only Cards that the Zap Spell can kill or leave at critical health.Never Zap Tanks or mini-tanks, even if they’re at critical health, that’s a waste of 2 Elixir.If your Opponent uses a Zap Bait Deck, you should only use it on the Goblin Barrel.

  • Fireball

The Fireball can be used in many situtations, you can kill almost every Support Troop behind a Tank, finish off a Tower etc.If your Opponent uses a Tank as his Win Condition, try to kill his Support Cards with a Fireball + Zap combination. This will bring you in a huge Elixir advantage and leaves only a building placement (Tombstone) to fully counter his Push.

Try to Fireball Troops/Buildings that cost more than 4 Elixir. If your Opponent drops a Mega Minion + Fire Spirits; Fireball them. It’s 1+ Elixir advtantage, and you dont have to worry about a Push because mostly Players will stop Pushing after that move.Never drop a Fireball at almost dead Troops, the Tower can finish them off, or you can place a cheaper Troop and counter-push.

  • Ice Golem

The Ice Golem is not a Card to deal damage with, rather to soak up damage from tour Enemies Troops. The Ice Golem is a great Card for Troop distraction.

If you kill a Lava Hound and you dont have any Troops on the field, drop the Ice Golem to distract the Lava Pups.If your Opponent makes a huge Push, use the Ice Golem to separate your Opponent Troops.

  • Tombstone

In my opinion, the Best distraction Building currently in the Game. It offers so much value and is just a good Card overall.In Tournaments or Challenges, I always carry a Tombstone, because of the Furnace. It can prevent chip damage on your Tower and slow down a Attack from your Opponent.

The Tombstone is not worth a Fireball, if your Opponent destroys it with a Spell, it means it’s a big thread for him, these Players usually use Siege Decks, be prepared.It’s mostly good for buying time and to distract certain Troops.


Miner Elite Barbarians Deck about Few Words:You can swap out the Zap Spell with the Log if you have it, I’m using Zap because I dont have the Log yet. Also, the first version of my Deck had the Ice Spirit instead of the Mega Minion.If your Mega Minion is underleveled or you’re just not comfortable with it, you can use the Ice Spirit.

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Thanks for reading this Miner Elite Barbarians Deck  guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.