Miner Elite Barbarians Deck

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Hi Guys Its_my_ghenetiks Here And Today i an going to show you Miner Elite Barbarians Deck As a level 10 I am a F2P, I never really expected to hit 4k trophies in this game, I hope this deck guide can help a few of you guys out to hit 4k trophies.This deck is also killer in over time because I can cycle fireballs and zaps on their tower if necessary until it is down. Going from 3700 to 3900 with this deck was the easiest to do but once I hit 3900 the game gets 3x as hard So come and let’s take a look at this guide

Miner Elite Barbarians Deck

Miner Elite Barbarians Deck 

  1. Miner: I was lucky enough to get dropped 2 miners, one of the best legendaries in my opinion, good tank for archers, mega minion, and if dropped after an ice golem agros the tower, can take massive amounts of damage off if left alone. Has a slower spawn time than most cards so you have to time perfectly.
  2. Ice Golem: One of my favorite cards in the game at the moment, can be used to kite troops to the other side of the map, slow down enemy pushes, and, if accompanied with zap, can take down a minion horde for a positive elixir trade. No cons to the card that I can think of, a must have in the deck.
  3. EliteBarbarians: So hard to not use these in any decks, one of the most overpowered cards in the game. Can take down a tower if left alone. Paired well with ice golem, miner, or zap to counter any skeleton armies or cheap troops used to stop them. One of the riskier cards to play, can be countered easily by troops that can create a deadly counter push to your tower. Mostly used defensively unless I know the opponent is low on elixir or out of cycle.
  4. Fire Ball: A really good card to use, especially with the Elite barbarians around. Also good against three musketeers paired with zap, can also take down minion hordes for a positive elixer trade against zap bait decks that are running rampant. A strong card, can be a little risky if you miss what you want to kill.
  5. Mega Meta Minion: a really good defensive/offensive card. Pressures the opponent to counter it or soak up hundreds of damage. Paired well with miner or ice golem in the deck, also good at killing tankier troops. Has a smaller amount of health so it needs a mini tank infront of it, also has a slow attack speed so isn’t a great defense against graveyards, minions hordes, or skeleton armies.
  6. Zap: One of my favorite cards in the game, can take on a lone minion horde with the help of a tower for a +3 elixir trade, can change opposing troops aggros. Can also take down skeleton armies, goblin barrels, and fire spirits if needed (do not recommend though) Literally no cons to the card
  7. Skeleton Army: An amazing card to counter Elite Barbarians, Royal Giants, Giants, or to take the aggro off of your own Elite Barbarians, Mega Minion, or Archers. Bad against zap, log, or ice golems as they can net a negative elixir trade.
  8. Archers: Can be used to kill Mega Minions, Skeleton Armies, or support an ice golem or miner for thousands of tower damage if left alone. Have low health and at my level can be countered by most opponents arrows.

Miner Elite Barbarians Deck  GamePlan:

I usually start off the match with an ice golem in the far back or archers also in the far back but both going the same lane instead of splitting. If I have a bad cycle I’ll lob a deep miner to test the waters and see what type of cards they have in their deck.

If they throw down three musketeers I wait for them to reach the bridge incase they play anything else and throw down the fireball+zap on them. I usually play defensively and if they place down any tank I lob my elite barbs or skeleton army on their tank to crush them and turn it into a deadly counter push. This deck is really good at cycling troops and ruining their cycle so they cant get off a good push, Miner Elite Barbarians Deck 


if they play a tank in the back I throw down my elite barbs or an ice golem+archer combo that forces them to defend the push and leave a lone tank thats easy pickings. This deck is also killer in over time because I can cycle fireballs and zaps on their tower if necessary until it is down. Going from 3700 to 3900 with this deck was the easiest to do but once I hit 3900 the game gets 3x as hard. Miner Elite Barbarians Deck 

I have faced more level 11’s and 12’s in one day at 3900 than I have in months at 3700, If I see a level 12 I play ultra defensive and hope for a tie or push the other lane when they are least expecting it in over time. I have probably battled for 2 hours in total at 3900 trophies and don’t get down if you drop to 3800 a few times after hitting so close

One other problem is that the enemies arrows can one shot my archers and the reactions between my cards and over leveled cards are different than what I am used to playing against. Miner Elite Barbarians Deck 

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I hope you guys can use this Miner Elite Barbarians Deck  to hit 4000+ trophies or beyond and good luck. (P.S to clash royale, you really have to nerf the elite barbarians if I can push to 4k trophies with 10/7.5/4/2