Golem Night Witch Miner Cannon Cart Deck

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Hi Guys JMaxicus here  I finished the double elixir challenge in first try  9-1 with a variation of one of the more popular tournament And Golem Miner Cannon Cart Deck This Deck is very Good for Grand Challenges This Deck taken me to my personal best of 3700+ Form 3200 Trophies Cannon CardIs A very Good With Golem and Miner so let’s get right into the Golem Cannon Cart Deck Guide Take a look at these November Meta Decks 2017

Miner Cannon Cart Deck Card Roles:

Golem The meat and potatoes of the deck. This bad boy is your main win condition. Your main objective is to get him in to distract and head for the tower while your support troops do the dps.


Night Witch She works great as a support for golem and can get a lot of bats out if unanswered. A key use for NW in my matches was on defense against cards like golem, giant, hog, battle ram, mega knight etc. If she has gained enough bats on defense I’ll try to support them with a tanking miner or golem.

Mega Minion This flying, hard hitting, son-of-a-gun was an mvp in a few matches. With poison on the ground and mega minion behind a golem my opponents were left with little answers for this guy as he wrecks any solo cards trying to kill my golem like knight, NW, executioner, Wiz, musk, baby d, etc.

Cannon Cart This buff to this card has made it a staple in most golem decks. Canon cart has a strong dps stat and pairs well with supporting golem esp when it gets locked on the tower. This card works best in two different ways, played on defense then countered into offence afterwards behind a golem, or as a surprise bridge placement getting a few pop shots off on tower. The speed of this little four wheeler can catch your opponent off guard and snipe an almost dead tower or split push the opposite lane.

Pump Pump management will be the difference between 9 wins and less then 9 wins. The pump is key in this mode as lots of people will ignore it with the game being x2 elixir the whole time. The reason why pump isn’t usually dropped in x2 overtime is because you won’t get the payoff before the game ends. Here you have lots of time to cycle your cards for more pump and getting more elixir then your opponent. At worst it gets rid of a rocket for equal elixir trade but then your opponent is down a high damaging spell.

Poison This card is the your high damage spell that does tons of work against all swarm units like goblin gang, skarmy, minions, minion horde, barbs etc. It is very versatile that it can be used great for offence and defense. Poison will take care of any graveyard decks for a positive elixir trade and stop big pushes behind a tank. Mamangement on this card is a must as it answers a lot but is one of two spells in this deck.

Miner The alternate win condition when golem is getting effectively countered via something like inferno tower. I will cycle this bad boy all day until I get that tower down. Miner is also a versatile card and was included for the sake of hard to deal with cards (ie princess in log bait deck on opposite lane, executioner etc).


The Log I was first using zap but discovered it wasn’t really needed as poison did most of the work against the zap targets. I then switched to The Log after losing a very close battle to a log bait deck with Inferno Tower. The log was really helpful against goblin barrel and swarms but also worked great in finishing off damaged units and pushing back charging units like battle ram. If I had zap instead of log in some of those situations I would of lost a lot more health on my tower.

Miner Cannon Cart Deck Gameplan:

The game plan is pretty straight forward with this deck but sometimes needs to be adjusted according to what deck your playing against. 

Your early moves should be focused on getting an elixir lead with pump while cycling cheaper cards and playing good defense.

Once you’ve cycled back to pump you should be able to find out what deck your playing against and stick to what will win you the game.

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Thanks for reading this Miner Cannon Cart Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Also Check Out my Video Below on this Miner Cannon Cart Deck

Cannon Cart Golem Deck

Golem Cannon Cart Deck For Grand Challenge and Arena 10+

This deck is a beatdown deck centered around the golem and Cannon Cart (obviously) and Poison For area Damage This Deck taken me to my personal best of 4330+ Form 4000 Trophies

Cannon cart Is A very Good card In Defence and This deck is Good Grand Challenge and some pro players are using this Continue Reading »