Battle Ram Bandit Deck

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Hi Guys folks here today to talk to you about a deck that I have recently seen some success with in the 2800-3100 trophy range! That deck is drum roll THE BANDIT-RAM-MINER-ELECTRO-THING

The main concept behind this Battle Ram Bandit Deck is relentlessly attacking enemy towers with high damage, low elixir cost cards. This deck thrives in lane switches and catching your opponent off guard. Despite being a mostly offensive deck, it does offer quite a bit of utility on defense as well so come and take a look at this Battle Ram Bandit Deck guide

Battle Ram Bandit Deck

Battle Ram Bandit Deck Card Roles:

Bandit: The Bandit has quickly become one of the stronger cards in Clash Royale since the recent buffs. If you don’t believe me just use the Bandit and learn for yourself. In this deck the Bandit offers incredible versatility. The Bandit can be placed behind a Battle Ram or paired with a miner for a surprisingly strong push. She can also be used on defense to clean up medium health units.


Battle Ram: The Ram is your primary win condition in this deck. In my opinion this is a highly underrated card and thrives when put in the lane opposite of where your opponent is starting a push. A tourney standard ram can nearly take out a tower on its own if left alone and you would be surprised how often this actually happens.

Miner: The little tank that could. The miner is essential to good pushes. Most notably when paired with a Bandit, the two can take down towers incredibly fast and even when answered will get solid chip damage onto the tower.

E-Wiz: The Electro Wizard is not exactly an essential card in this deck, but is my personal preference for defense. He can handle hog riders well and can also be put down on top of swarms to slow down an enemy push. The E-Wiz can be replaced with a regular Wizard or another splash damage troop if you want a more traditional support.

Goblin Gang: Given the recent nerfs this is a card I may consider switching out for possibly Skarmy or maybe even minions. Not much to explain here you all know the perks of the gang.

Arrows/Poison: My spells of choice for this deck, again not much to explain here. Battle Ram + Poison is very very strong especially since Minions/Minion Horde are a common answer to the Ram.

Inferno Tower: This is mostly here as your answer to Golem Bealdown and Lavaloons.

Battle Ram Bandit Deck Strengths:

  1. Like I have said a few times before, this deck excels at chipping away towers through switching up which lane you are attacking on your opponent.
  2. For example, lets say you place a Ram down in the left lane and your opponent over commits on defense/tries to turn their defense into a push,
  3. you can quickly switch to the other lane with a Miner/Bandit push and punish them with significant tower damage. The key to success is budgeting elixir on defense so you can simultaneously launch alternate lane attacks.

Battle Ram Bandit Deck Weaknesses:

The main weakness I have noticed after using this deck for quite some time is that it doesn’t have much of an answer to X-Bow/Mortar decks. While the Bandit and Miner both can take one of these out fairly quickly, chances are your opponent has something to answer these attacks. My main advice for dealing with these decks is to try and not use your Goblin Gang immediately since they will likely be fireballed or zapped, so try to bait a spell with another card before dropping the gang.

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Battle Ram Bandit Deck Conclusion:

While this deck is by no means “meta” and will probably not carry you to 4k trophies, it is incredibly fun to use and can definitely see success in the trophy range I mentioned earlier. If you have any suggestions on how to make this deck better