Miner Bats Deck

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Hi Guys Md Aaqib here and today i am going to show you Miner Bats Zap Bait Deck Including Furnace and Goblin Barrel This Miner Bats Zap Bait Deck is very Populer in ladder at High level This Deck contains a lot of current META Cards Such as Furnace  Miner also Knight  and This deck is unique because it can be played as a Miner control deck using the Furnace, Goblin Gang and Knight as pseudo tanks so come and take a look at this Miner Bats Deck guide also Check Out This Miner Goblin Gang Deck

Miner Bats Deck

Miner Bats Deck Card Roles:

  1. Miner: Big part of your win condition in this deck, he tanks for nice counter push and chip damage. Pairs well with Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang and Mirror Barrel. All your pushes should include him. When facing heavy decks running Elixir Collector, always send your Miner to get the positive Elixir trade, Lone Miner is not normally advised, although I often send one in if I’m sitting full on elixir in the beginning of the game and I don’t know what he uses to counter it.Use it for chip damage and to tank for your other troops. Can be used on defense to take out princesses
  2. Furnace : One of the Best annoying chip card. Place this guy down and watch as your opponent makes awkward plays to defend against it. Furnace is also great at pulling defensive targeting troops. In desperate situations, the furnace is great at taking down minion hordes. If you are having trouble facing tank decks or you want to play this almost like a bait deck,
  3. Goblin Barrel: This card can be used against some spawners and support troops, though that is not its best application at all. I usually use it to take out Collectors rather than the Tower (lots of my opponents misplay their Zap because of this). Sometimes, I play Goblin Barrel right on top of Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, Tombstone etc (situationally).Mix up the placement! If your opponent has The Log and you are about to use the Goblin Barrel, toss it to the outside edge.Sometimes, you need to outcycle your opponent’s spell by using your cheap cards Such as Goblin Gang
  4. Bats: New best card inside the game For the cost of only 2 Elixir, you can summon 5 of these. They’re a much cheaper alternative to the Minion Horde.they are impervious to The Log as they can fly, which also makes them an excellent Zap bait for only 2 Elixir If Opponent baited Zap or Arrow on Bats thes You can play Barrel fearly
  5. Goblin Gang: Goblin Gang is a swarm card. It’s good at both offense and defense which is great for a 3 elixir card since it applies the simple rule of tanks and ranged troops. Due to Goblin’s fast moving speed, the enemy might not able to counter them with just a Zap.Goblin Gang can completely shut down the Goblin Barrel without being harmed at all. Also, again, Goblins don’t die to Zap so your opponent can’t use Zap to protect the Goblin Barrel completely.The Zap is not able to kill Goblins in the Goblin Gang, making it a great card when couple with Miner
  6. FireBall: – Once again, another must-have spell card. It provides tons of value to take out swarms and groups of medium health troops. As a finisher move I like to do a Hog Barrel combo then do a “psychic” Fireball near the Hog Rider to predict any Minion Horde or Barbarians.
  7. Knight:  Knight is very underrated card inside game but.My favorite part about the Knight is that a lot of people aren’t super familiar with how to counter him In This you can use Knight In defence  and Offence it  can be used as Thank for Bats, Goblin Barrel and Miner
  8. Zap: This spell is great at clearing cheap, swarm troops, resetting and retargeting troops and buildings, and stopping a prince’s charge! We all know the insane powers of the zap spell can take out aione minion horde with the help of a tower for a +3 elixir trade

Miner Bats Deck  Gameplan:

This Miner Bats Deck relies on chip damage to destroy a tower, and if you make any mistakes, it could cost you. However, unlike most Chip Cycle decks,


I tend to adopt a very defensive playstyle when using this deck. I don’t commit much elixir to the board. Instead, I go for mini-pushes like Miner+Barrel, 

As I mentioned before, this deck is about doing two things:

  1. Chipping away at the opponent without overextending.
  2. Putting your opponent in bad rotations by making them make awkward plays.

let’s say that your opponent’s hand is log, fireball, hog rider, and musketeer. You place your Furnace or Goblin Gang at the bridge, allowing your opponent to either log it or play the musketeer to take out Goblin Gang.

If they log the Goblin Gang, you can rush the opponent with Goblin barrel for chip damage OR  If they If they zap the Bats or Gobin Gang then also with barrel 

This Miner Bats Zap Bait Deck does not have too much problems with any of the major decks, only problem you could face are Lava Hound Lightning decks but as long as you keep the pressure on the other lane, forcing them to defend you will be able to split their push making each one weaker and easier to destroy.

The main offensive gameplan is to build elixir and start of by slow chip damage to the tower using small pushes or lone miner, Goblin Barrel or Goblin Gang. Once you have got a good read on your opponent, find that right moment to send in a strong push. with Knight+ Bats.

Send Knight at the back when he reach at Bridge Then Drop Miner or Knight+Bats Will Be Very Good Combo and it can Deal 500 to 1000 Damage if Left alone

This deck is also killer in over time because I can cycle fireballs+zaps_Miner on their tower if necessary

You Can Counter Current Meta Card Elite Barbarians with the help of Goblin Gang And Knight they can Shut down Elite Barbs Without Touching Your Tower Take a look here For more info

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Thanks for reading this Miner Bats Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.