Miner Bandit Poison Deck

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Hello guys . DivineChaos here and Today we are talking about Miner Bandit Poison Deck this deck got me to legendary arena because bandit in very usefull card if you use it properly This deck is super fun  to play This deck can counter most of the deck inside the game so come and take a look at this Miner Bandit Poison Deck guide

Miner Bandit Poison Deck

Miner Bandit Poison Deck Card Roles:

  1. Miner- the bread and butter of this deck. It pairs up with all the other cards in this deck really well, and serves as a tank for your squishy Goblin Gang or your Bandit.
  2. Bandit- the hard-hitter. Pair it with the Miner and the Poison to make a deadly push. It can be used to take out Bowlers, or any other threatening ranged troop. It can serve as an Elite Barb counter when paired with the Goblin Gang.
  3. Furnace- the support building. The fire spirits that come from it support the Bandit and Miner so well, protecting them from Minions, Goblins, Skeletons, ETC. It’ll also be the thing you use to pull Hogs and Giants, but you MUST support the building with another tank-killer. You want the Furnace chipping away as long as possible.
  4. Goblin Gang- the swarm card. It functions like SkArmy, but faster and more of an offensive threat with the Miner. It’s also one of your main tank/elite barb killers. It’s also good against Lavahound to distract the backend units as the Spear Goblins chip away.
  5. Poison- the power spell. This’ll be paired with your Miner to kill off the enemy’s SkArmy. Paired with Bandit, it can wipe all those swarm cards. It’s also great on defense to ruin pushes.
  6. Zap- the versatile spell. Just basic Zap usage.
  7. Mega Minion- the aerial tank killer. It’ll do so much damage to tanks and things that can’t hit it. It can also take out Musketeers and things alike.
  8. Dart Goblin- the chipper. Helps defend against LH and also will chip the tower with a Bandit or Miner. Can help defend against a Princess from the other lane.

Miner Bandit Poison Deck Strategy:

Your main push is either Miner+Bandit, or if their tower is low, Miner+Poison. Goblin Gang and Dart Goblin cannot be ignored when paired with the Miner, so take advantage of that.

A risky push is Goblin Gang+Dart Gob if they are low on elixir, but can be logged. Bandit can pair with anyone of these cards.


The Furnace is like the backbone, supporting the entire push with cheap splash. It’ll also be great on defense, paired with the Bandit to take out tanks.

Goblin Gang is a useful swarm card to overwhelm tanks and other threats, and Dart Goblin can snipe Graveyard out, and Poison can also do this. Zap/Goblin Gang takes out the Barrel.

Miner Bandit Poison Deck Replacements: 

Furnace ⇒ Inferno (for tanks)

Goblin Gang ⇒ SkArmy (for more damage and swarminess)

Poison ⇒ Fireball

Dart Goblin ⇒ Archers or Electro Wizard

Zap ⇒ Log or Arrows

This Miner Bandit Poison Deck is super fun as well! It’s very good, and I hope it works for you guys too! Leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below.

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