Miner Bandit Lumberjack Deck

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Hi Guys lovechickencurry here and today i am going to show you Bandit Lumberjack Deck it seems that it revolves around a payfecta deck. This deck has 6 legendaries, and don’t worry, I has substitutions for it. Before I tell you the details about  cards, this deck is really good in defense and it can punishes the opponent in offense. I’m a f2p lvl 11 and my clan is Autobot Squad. If you want to join  tell me in the comments below So come and take a look at this Bandit Lumberjack Deck guide

Bandit Lumberjack Deck

Bandit Lumberjack Deck Card Roles:

  1. Miner: This guy gives so much value for a 3 elixir card. He tanks for small troops, and can take out pumps. He can defend muskets, and wizards with ease for a positive elixir trade. If you see someone put a tank in one of the lanes, put miner in the other lane, so you can get chip damage or they spend elixir to defend. This card can be switched for Hog Rider.
  2. Electro Wizard: This guy is a beast. Even with the nerfs that it received, it is really good in defense and offense because of the retarget and reset that it gives. The zap that it gives when it is spawned can be useful for last second defense. Instead of the Electro Wizard, Musketeer can be switched out or the wizard if you feel like this deck needs another splash troop.
  3. Lumberjack: The Lumberjack is really good now because of the recent buff that it received. It hits hard and really fast. The rage spell that it gives is an extra bonus. It’s great at taking down tanks, like the giant. It can be good in offense when paired with the miner. You can use Mini Pekka because of the High DPS and the good speed.
  4. Bandit: I recently got the Bandit from a Crown Chest. I though that she would be pretty bad, but she is really good in this deck. Her extra Dash damage is great. You can put her alone to find out the counters to it and when she is paired with the miner, it’s deadly and it gives a lot of pressure to the opponent. You can use Goblin Barrel for some zap bait if you like zap bait or a more defensive card, like guards or skarmy.
  5. Zap: This is your only spell, and it may not help take out the pump, but the miner can do the job. The reset is really helpful for this deck and the retarget is good as well. Zap can also take out small troops and leave the other small troops will be taken down by the tower.
  6. Tombstone: This building is really good. I prefer this over the cannon or tesla because it spawns troops as well to help defend and it’s a lot better to stop Elite Barbarians.
  7. Princess: The Princess is needed in this deck because of the instant damage when placed in the bridge and because this deck needs splash troops because Zap is the only spell. Instead of Princess, you can use any splash card you want, but I recommend it to be 4 elixir and below, so you can cycle faster.
  8. Ice Wizard: This card has not been in the meta for a long time. But I still think that it’s great against troops because of the slow down that it gives. And you never know, it may get a buff soon. You can use Ice Spirit or Archers instead.

Bandit Lumberjack Deck Defense:

Giant/Golem Beatdown: Usual Beatdown decks have pump, so use your miner so they can’t have a big push coming down your lane. When they place a tank in the back, be a bit aggressive, use the bandit/lumberjack/miner, but don’t use anything above 5 elixir, or else you won’t be able to defend. When they have their push, you should have tombstone down to distract the tank. Use Electro Wizard and Ice Wizard to stop the Giant from reaching the tower and use bandit and lumberjack against the supporting troops. Use princess if needed and once you’re done defending, put a miner for a good counter push.

Lavaloon: Same for Beatdown but use your lumberjack to tank for the lavapups and cycle fast so you have another tombstone to distract the balloon. If you feel like you verse a lot of Lavaloon’s then use inferno tower or tesla. You can also take out any troop you want to put in another spell, if it would help.


3 Musketeers: Always apply pressure and miner the pumps. When 2 muskets are in one lane, put tombstone in front of it, then electro wizard and if needed, use zap. For the other musketeer with mot likely a miner/ knight, use lumberjack and bandit for the musketeer and knight, but if the opponent uses miner instead of knight, use bandit for the miner.

Royal Giant: Use tombstone to distract, ice wizard and electro wizard to slow it down and it’s ok if you take a few hits because when you put miner to tank the leftover troops, you might be able to take out a tower. Always apply pressure to the opponent, so try to make them spawn the royal giant 4 times at most and if they take out a tower, it’s ok because you should be really aggressive in overtime, like there’s no tomorrow.

Zap bait decks: This is actually pretty easy. Let them defend more then attacking. It’s very simple, just make good pushes that can scare the opponent and to stall so they can’t have a good push coming down the lane. Pre zap if you need to if they use skarmy to defend almost every time, because you will get them and they will lose because of that one mistake.

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Thanks for reading this really long Bandit Lumberjack Deck guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments