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Hi Guys Finally Another New Legendary Card knowChallenge is here and this is a Meta Knight Challenge and its going to start is few hours This Challenge is same as previous Legendary Card Challenge ( Bandit, Electro Wizard and Night Witch Challenge )

Check Out Here Some Cool Decks For Meta Knight Challenge Deck

The first entry is free then It will take 100 Gems each time you want to Join and at 5 wins you get 100 gems


In this Challenge, you can use all cards (yes, even the ones you haven’t unlocked yet) to build a deck revolving around the Meta Knight So Come and take a look at this Meta Knight Challenge guide

Meta Knight Challenge

  • 2 Wins = 1,500 Gold
  • 5 Wins = 100 gems
  • 9 Wins = Giant Chest (based on your current Arena)
  • 9 Wins = 15,000 Gold
  • 12 Wins = Meta Knight

So guys The total reward is up-to 27,500 Gold and 551 cards with 1 guaranteed Mega Knight at 12 wins and If  you only get 5 wins Then you will get 100 Gems, which is a free re-try of the challenge!

Once unlocked, you will be able to pull the Meta Knight out from any chest before its Official release

Check Out Here Some Cool Decks For Meta Knight Challenge Deck

Best card to use with Meta Knight

Bowler is a tanky ground splasher, but costs less, has no spawn damage, and has knockback instead of the jumping ability.

Executioner is a somewhat tanky splasher similar to bowler, but he can hit air troops, while Mega Knight can’t.

Rocket is a big burst of splash damage all at once, but rocket is a one-time usage for more damage at once, while Mega Knight is an investment into a troop. Rocket is also heavy direct damage.

Lightning is also a lot of damage at once, but this damage can be used offensively, is not splash, and is also not an investment into a troop.

Poison does a little bit of splash damage over time in a large area, while Mega Knight jumps around doing splash damage is greater bursts. Poison is also much cheaper and can be used offensively.

Fireball is a slightly stronger initial burst of damage, but can be used offensively and does not require/allow you to invest in a troop. It is also much cheaper.

Graveyard is a niche offensive card that you need to deal with in a specific way, and that your opponent needs specific counters against, and is used in a counter-push, similar to how Mega Knight works. But their counters are not the same, and despite Graveyard’s cost, it can be wasted. Also, Mega Knight is not a bad counter to graveyard, but not when Graveyard is combined with other things.

Balloon and Mega Knight don’t touch each other, but can both be used as win conditions or win condition supports. Balloon is cheaper, but its best counters are also cheaper and it’s much more vulnerable.

Lava Hound and Mega Knight don’t touch each other, but both can be used as win conditions. They also cost the same amount, so they both bring similar value in different ways.

Giant Skeleton is something of a counter to Mega Knight, but both of these cards are meant to either counter-push or stop an existing push in its tracks. Giant Skeleton also deals less damage than Mega Knight despite being an ok counter, and costs one less elixir

So guys these cards will work great with meta knight also good in counter push with Meta Knight now take a look at Those card which can counter Meta knight Knight Easily

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Meta Knight Counters

Pekka She is a great counter for Mega Knight, and can take him with or without tower help. Pekka trades evenly with MK with about 60% health remaining, great for a counter-push. Even without tower help, the Pekka will be around half health, which is perfect for a counter push. Even though this is an even trade, the Pekka is used on the counter push. However, I do not recommend using Pekka as a counter for MK in this challenge, especially if you typically run cheap decks. This is because you would need to run both Pekka and MK, which is crazy expensive. MK can fill a powerful defensive role and also be used on the counter-push, so I would not run Pekka in this challenge. TLDR even trade, counter-push ability, too expensive for deck

Mini Pekka The recent buffs have made the Mini Pekka a great option for this challenge. He excels against Golem and all glass cannons, which will be rampart behind the MK. I did some math, and when in a 1v1 situation, the MP shuts down a MK with help from the tower. If a lone MK is coming in, place the MP 3 tiles from the MK. THis assures that the MP and MK both hit each other at the same time (once the MP deploys) and that the MK wont jump. I did the math, and with tower assistance, the MK and MP will kill each other at the same time in roughly 7.2s. Mini Pekka is the best single counter. Pair him with either of the 1 elixir cards so that he survives with a sliver of health. TLDR +3 Positive trade, no counter push ability unless paried with any 1-2 elixir cards

Knight A very versatile and powerful defensive card, a lone Knight cannot handle his bigger brother, even with tower assistance. By the time the Knight dies, the MK will have about 25% of its health remaining. Therefore a lone Knight can kill a damaged MK, but not a full health one. Paired with Skeletons, Golbins, Bats, or an Ice Golem for distraction, the Knight can kill the MK, and perhaps even have some health remaining. For this challenge, Knight is a good option if your usually run him, and a good counter for MK if you plan on running a cycle/cheap deck. TLDR+4 positive trade, but leaves too much MK health, pair with 1-2 elixir cards

Lumberjack Fast, high DPS, moderate health. It takes the MK the same amount of time to kill the Lumberjack as it does to kill the Mini Pekka. However, even with tower help, the MK will still have 100-200 health left. Enough for the (likely raged) tower to finish, but still risky, as the MK will probably jump and deal 480 tower damage. If you usually run Lumberjack, he can be a good counter, and will kill and damaged MK. If not, I would use Mini Pekka or Knight over him. TLDR +3 positive trade, may need another 1-2 elixir card to avoid tower damage

Other Cards There are a few other options for counters for the Mega Knight

  • Inferno Tower/ Infreno Dragon: too susceptible to Lightning, but shuts down MK
  • Gob Gang: die to MK splash
  • Skarmy: Die to MK splash
  • Ice Golem: Pari with Knight, Mini Pekka, Barbarians, Goblins, etc.
  • Barbarians: susceptible to splash damage, won’t be good on counter-push
  • Ebarbs: will have a sliver of health left roughly, not good enough in other situations to warrant using them

TLDR Mini Pekka seems to be the best option for 1v1 against a Mega Knight. Based of this knowledge, I think I’ll be running a modified Pekka-Hog deck in the challenge. I hope you all have a better idea how to play this challenge, and good luck to all of you

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So guys Thats it for Today i hope you like this Meta Knight Challenge guide