mega minion lavahound deck

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Mega Minion Lavahound Deck for Arena 7+

Hello guys,Its Hyp3rion.Akki I am going to show you my Mega Minion lavahound deck that pushed me from arena 7 to 9 as a F2P player.I’ve been using this deck after september update,I went from 2109 trophies to 2733  at tournament level cards, so I’m pretty sure most of you can do it with this mega minion lavahound deck, it can be used very effectively.Just 2 days ago,I have gained 600-700 trophies since.

mega minion lavahound deck

Mega Minion Lavahound Deck Crad Role

Lava Hound –The main tank of this deck  Always Use LavaHound+Mega Minions Either Lavahound+Minions or Lavahound+Baby Dragon+Musketeer The main tank of this deck. It is very hard to counter as it is an air troop. While it does not deal much damage, it shines very brightly as it is able to allow you to push for your other units.

Mega Minion-Mega monion has the health and ranged attack of three normal Minions combined. However, it has a slightly slower attack speed of 1.3 seconds. It won’t die of arrows or fireballs immediately. So, this makes it ideal for defense. It has a high base damage. So, it can kill the Princess in one shot. mega minion lavahound deck 


Baby Dragon – Great AoE damage dealer. Should be used to back up the lava hound as your opponent will most likely use units to try and counter your Lava Hound. Very powerful with the Lava Pups after death in taking down a tower.

Musketeer – Wizard, Witch, AoE killer. The Musketeer will have a nice time bombing your tower while under the protection of your winged beasts.She can deal tons of damage while being raged. Before the x2 Elixir time,A small push with mega minion you can try as well 

Cannon: I prefer the cannon because it is a great counter to Hog with the potential for a positive elixir trade and also distracts the Giant enough to take it out for an even better Elixir trade. 

Minions – These 3 Elixir units are mainly used for defense. However, they can, again, be used to add to your push as a back up.Dont use Mega minions+minion combo Maybe opponent have fireball and he can kill this combo from fireball

Zap can be the core card in every deck! It is great for both offense and defense. It’s hard for me to play without the Zap these days xD. Use it to support your pushes and defenses!

Mega Minion Lavahound Deck Gameplan

The general gameplan is to pump and defend, and since Mega Minion is pretty slow and low-cost, you can always start with it in the back without worrying too much and your opponents next move.

You have to place the Lava Hound behind your tower with the Mega Minion quickly behind it.The main thing is to cycle through and defend until you have about 9 elixir and have the Lava Hound and Mega Minion in your hand.  At this point, you should have an AoE card in order to back the push up. Add a Musketeer to the push and it’s game over for that tower. mega minion lavahound deck

The many units you can put behind the Lava Hound allows your offense to be able to play defense as well. You can the save elixir as your opponent is spending theirs in order to defend your push. Rinse and repeat. This method is especially effective during x2 Elixir, but keep in mind how your opponent also has Elixir at that point. mega minion lavahound deck

The Ideal situation with this mega minion lavahound deck is to place a lavahound on the same side your opponent is pushing so that you can turn your Mega Minion from defense to offense, now send them along with a Baby Dragon/Musketeer and some Minions and hold your zap with Baby Dragon and Cannon

Mega Minion lavahound Deck Note:

Use your Cannon to be a temporary distraction for ground troops so your Mega Minion can take care of anything that is threatening your tower. mega minion lavahound deck


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