Mega Minion Hog Deck

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Cheap Cycle Mega Minion Hog Arena 9 Deck

Hi Guys Glow8 I reached 4300 trophies with a level 7 hog. I think that’s really hard to do, so I decided to create a Guide about my Mega Minion Hog Deck and post it on reddit:

This Mega Minion Hog Deck is done specifically to climb trophies. It’s still good at tournament levels, tho. It’s perfect against hog & giant thanks to the cannon. His only weakness is the royal giant (I still win a lot of them). It’s a really defensive deck with cheap cards, so you can cycle the hog pretty quickly. Let’s See How this Mega Minion Hog Deck works

Mega Minion Hog Deck

Mega Minion Hog Deck Card Role:

  • Hog Rider: You can use instead: Nothing, it’s the win condition.

In this deck you’ll have to attack everytime you can, constantly and quickly. Dont let your enemy build a big push. Just keep the pressure and do cheap damage.You can combine him with the ice golem (see below) or with the defensive troops you have in the arena.


  • Ice Wizard: You can use instead: Princess, Musketeer, Baby Dragon, archers

It’s an amazing defensive troop, and can destroy any big push with the help of a cannon! It’s also amazing to kill lonely barbs after your hog attack, single troops, minions, princess… If you don’t have him I recommend you using the tesla instead of the cannon

  • Fireball: You can use instead: Rocket

I don’t use lightning just because without fireball I wouldn’t be able to kill barbs, which are his main counter. You must analyze your opponents deck. If he stops your hog with barbs, try to predict them and do fireball+zap. If he uses a building, fireball it with the tower. Against a mini Pekka the best option is Skarmy, or kill him with the Megaminion, with the help of the freezing effect of the ice golem

  • Zap: You can use instead: Log

Oh zap what would I do without you? You can use log instead, but with zap you’ll be a able to kill minion hordes with the ice golem, react much faster and stun just a little. You all know how it works

  • Skarmy: You can use instead: Guards

Something to distract support troops behind a tank. It’s also great against mini Pekka if your opponent doesn’t have a spell avaliable, and it’s a really cheap card that can kill an entire hog before the zap or log kills them all. Be careful with it, try not to be predictable and don’t use it as your main defensive card

  • Cannon: You can use instead: Tesla, inferno

It’s the main defensive card. Help him with the ice wizard, ice golem, Skarmy… And he’ll destroy a giant push. It’s also great against a simple hog, or troops left alone like a wizard, a witch… And to distract. I know it’s really weak, but it’s cheap and helps the deck cycle. Sometimes I put 2 cannons on the arena hahah

  • Ice Golem: You can use instead: ice spirit

I love him, it’s like an ice spirit, but helps much more against most part of the decks. It’s not weak against log and can’t be distracted like the ice spirit, and slows down the barbs or mini Pekka enough time to twice or more the tower. It’s also great against minions with the help of a zap. It’s a really powerful weapon in defense with the cannon, and works as a zap or distraction troop (against a sparky for example)

  • Mega Minion: You can use instead: Minions, baby dragon

Every deck needs a flying unit. Megaminion helps a lot against any push that doesn’t have in account the aerial defense, like a giant bowler push, or a Hog. It’s key against lava hound decks and to defend without taking damage, so you can do a counter attack later


Mega Minion Hog Deck On Attacking

It’s a cheap cycle deck, so you shouldn’t try to build a big push, just hog+ice golem is enough.Counter attacks are also really important, specially with a mega minion, which will kill a mini Pekka or do a lot of damage to the towers if left alone.

If you see your enemy defends the hog with expensive cards or a bunch of cheap cards, fireball them. Burn them. Specially barbs. Yep. Buuuurrrrnnnnnn mwhahah. Remember to use zap as well so you kill them entirely,but don’t use it too late, take in account the fireball has a knockback effect

Mega Minion Hog Deck On Defense

Against big pushes: cannon in the middle to distract the giant and get rid of the support troops with skarmy, mm, ice wiz, ice golem…

Against small pushes: try to always have the ice wizard and the cannon in your hand. This combo will be enough to kill almost every small push, like hog ice spirit, hog ice golem, hog fire spirits, hog minions… Or miner-horde, gobs miner…

Well I don’t have too much more to say, it’s a common Mega Minion Hog Deck made against high level players. You’ll need a little of experience with it to success, but trust me, it’s amazing. If you have any doubts, tell me in the comments!