Mega Knight Spawner Deck

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Hi Guys Mega Knight Spawner Deck  utragon  This is a slow chip Mega Knight Spawner Deck that builds an elixer advantage by placing spawners and letting them kill any troop the enemy sends your way so come and see this Full  Mega Knight Spawner Deck

If your opponent does not have a high damage spell, you can easily place 2 or 3  Goblin Hut Till double elixir time so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Spawner Deck  guide Also Take a look at these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017

Mega Knight Spawner Deck

Mega Knight Spawner Deck Card Roles:

Mega knight: This is your main Tank Never play this card tunless you have 2 goblin hut down to support it. Tanks for the units you build up. It Can do alot of damage, is very hard to stop with an army of skelletons, spear goblins and fire spirits behind it. Often play with in conjunction with bats. Use it to take out support behind tanks, and its spawn damage can wreck many pushes.


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Goblin hut: Chipping away at the tower and tanks. If a tank is played you can stack many spear goblins. Good play if almost any unit is placed behind the opponents towers. Try not to use it to block enemy units from reaching the tower, let the tombstone do this or the furnace if you have no other option. Best played if you already have other spawners down.

Furnace: Played similar to the goblin hut. Can be used to take out minions behind a tank by placing it in front of them. Often times I will push one lane, and place a single furnace in the other lane that will do 800 damage if left unchecked. Can be used to counter the hog, or to pull building targetting troops.

Tombstone: This will br you main defense, and excellent opening play. You want to use this to prevent your other huts from getting hit.

Bandit: Can be placed at the bride when you have a few huts down. Useful for sniping lone units coming your way, and offers a counterpush. So much value, used to prevent smaller units from getting a hit on your huts. Can be added behind a mega knight for an extra deadly push. When you see a tank placed behind the princess tower, place it down in the opposite lane to force out elixer of your opponent.

Electro Wizard: He is extremely useful in resetting the charge of Prince, Dark Prince, and Battle Ram. Also stops Inferno Dragon and assists tanks in dealing with Inferno Tower.Useful as a support troop when you play the mega knight. Stops balloons and other air units.

Bats: General cycle card to allow you to stack huts. Blocks for inferno. If the opponent has zap, the spear goblins behind the mega knight will often bait out the zap, after this you can add them to your push.

The log: Main reason why you want this card instead of zap is because it can kill the princess, which is one card this deck struggles against.

Mega Knight Spawner Deck Starting play:

When you start, your ideal starting play is the tombstone in the spot where it pulls hog riders from both sides, but cannot be hit by archers across the river. If you do not have this card in hand, a furnace in the middle is also an excellent option, as is a bandit or the bats in behind the king tower.

The mega knight and goblin hut should not be played as a starting move, as they are too elixer intensive.

In the beginning you want to see what clearing spells the opponent has, and play accordingly. If a tank is played in the back, place the goblin hut behind your princess tower, this will chip away at it.

Cycle with the cheap cards you have until you have a few spawners on the map. If you have 3 spawners facing one lane, you can use a mega knight to tank for them/attack the princess tower.

Mega Knight Spawner Deck matchups:

Golem: This can be an easy matchup if played correctly. When you see the golem played in the back, put a bandit in the other lane to force him to play some elixer on that side. Goblin hut behind the princess tower, tombstone to draw the golem to the middle, and the mega knight + bats to take out support. Let the mega knight tank the baby dragon. Elixer collector decks suffer against this deck as they are often under so much pressure they will not have an opportunity to place down their collectors.

Lavahound: No worries, place a goblin hut behind the king tower and watch the lavahound melt. Goblin hut will be your mvp in this matchup. Rush the other lane when you see it dropped. Electro wizard for the balloon and bats if needed as well. Tombstone might be needed to distract based on the situation. Easiest matchup.

Miner Poison: More difficult matchup, as the poison will prevent you from stacking many huts. Pressure both sides by placing your huts on different sides. use the bandit/mega knight to block the miner.

logbait: Absolute counter deck, almost zero chance to win this. In my 10 and 11 run in gc, all six losses were to this archetype. Win is only possible if you have a succesful mega knight attack where the bats block the inferno. Fireball in place of the bandit gives you a chance, but the bandit is very versatile, and adds so much danger to the deck.

Hog cycle: You have many counters, the mega knight can counter this card by itself. The tombstone means he shouldnt ever get a hit on your tower.

Pekka Poison: Tough matchup, try to bait out the poison with your furnace in the back. You want your tombstone to get as much value as possible. Dont play the mega knight unless the pekka is out of cycle or played in the opposite lane.

Siege: They shouldnt ever hit the tower with all the buildings you can place down. Mega knight wrecks them.

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I hope that this Mega Knight Spawner Deck  guide helps you to Reacherd 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the Mega Knight Spawner Deck  or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing